The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


4. Chapter 4

The first two days of the new week went so fast bye that I didn’t feel that I noticed them.

But Wednesday was the day I had been looking forward too. Because today I should have my first class with literature. I haven’t chosen specific classes like people who knew they wanted to get into medicine school after. I had just chosen classes I thought sounded interesting. I had a little bit of everything but this was my favorite.
I came in early because I had a long break before the class but when I came there was a lot of people, I hadn’t expected that.

I took one of the seats that was on the back row, I didn’t like attention. I sat and read in my book while people came in. 2 minutes before the class should start everyone was silent. I looked up from my book in the thought of the class was starting but instead he came in.

What was he doing here? If I was lucky he wouldn’t get to see me. Once again I wasn’t lucky. He walked toward me and took the seat right next to me. The rest of the row was free so why did he want to sit that close?

I’m not afraid of saying my mind but the teacher had started talking so I moved quietly to the seat next to me so there was a seat between us. He just laughed a silent laugh at me.
For the rest of the class I didn’t notice him, I was so focused on what the teacher said and it’s not because I’m super smart or anything, it was just so interesting.

When the class was over I hurried out because I didn’t wanted to talk with Nate, all the other girls who was way hotter than I am could have him. And he probably wanted them too. A guy like him could get every girl he wanted and I have never dated, so that would just be a disaster.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I feel that I have skipped the first month. September have been over so fast and now it was October. The days I remember the best is wednesday because of litterature. Last week I got some new friends. I met them at my pottery class and they were really sweet they had invited me to a karaoke bar tonight and I was actually looking forward to it. 

I have been right about that coming away from home had been the right decision. I still miss everyone but I can feel that I have gotten some of my energy back. Even James told me that he could see that I was happier than I have been in a long time. Simone and I had gotten a routine where we went down and ate breakfast together every morning except the weekends because she liked to party hard. Nate sat with a chair between us in every literature class, I still haven't spoken with him since that day.

“Hey Daisy are you ready?” It was Sky my new friend who had invited me to that karaoke bar.

I had been waiting for her in 10 minutes and it was cold so yes I was ready to leave.

“Yes indeed, I’m about to freeze of my fingers you know”

“Haha it’s not that bad. Are you going to be drunk tonight?” Sky was 21 so she was legal to buy alcohol.

“You know I’m not old enough yet, in a year I am”

“We can get you some or else can you just sip of ours then no one can blame you”

It wasn’t my plan to get drunk, I didn’t really liked it but I missed the opportunity to buy it like I could at home.

I’m not the big drinker I haven’t been since I was 15. I didn’t like the hangovers and that I didn’t felt like I had control over my actions. But sometimes I wanted to drink because I get to be let loose. Sarah always said that I was uptight at first but when I was drunk or you get to know me I wasn't.

It is like a shield, I have made it to keep people away so they can’t hurt me.

The karaoke bar isn't far away from Campus which is good if I want to go earlier than the others. I had learn to know the city much better after I had met Sky because she dragged me to new places around the city, but it was still easy to get lost here, it wasn't like in Copenhagen. Back home I could close my eyes and still find the way to everything, you just had to tell me what the name of the road we stood on was.

I miss home. Or not home but my bike. I used to take my bike everywhere but I couldn’t take it with me to New York it would be to expensive and I wasn’t sure that I would use it.

When we came to the bar Sky’s friends was waiting for us. There was 4 others but I had only met 2 of them before. They were all weird looking. Nathalie had blue hair and a tutu skirt on and some screaming yellow shirt. She was a pretty girl but I couldn’t abstract from her look. Her boyfriend Viktor was here too, he was more low key. His clothes was black, he isn’t a guy you would notice because he just blend in. But with a girlfriend like his maybe it was best that they could match each other at that point.

The other two I didn’t know, but I could see they were close. The girl was Emily, she was blond and was on the same size as me. She was very quiet and the most of time did she only talked with Andrew. Andrew was bigger than Emily but I could see some similar traits. Later I found out that they were twins.
We was a weird group of people some of us wouldn’t you notice and some of us you couldn’t take your eyes from.

Like when Sky went up to the stage with Emily you was surprised. Everyone in the bar was looking up there, no one could take the eyes of them.

Sky danced like she haven't done anything else her entire life, and Emily that small voice I thought she had, got a big tuner when she went on the stage. They stayed up there for three songs and I stood down at our table speechless. 

Andrew pushed me gentle with his elbow to get my attention.

“They are good right?” He didn’t look at me but at Sky, I think he admired her from behind.

“They are way better than good! They have captured the audience and they could smash them right now if they wanted to without they even knew it” I was impressed big time!

Sky and Emily came down to our table again and Sky had two drinks in her hand.

“Here. I have a drink for you” She gave the drink to me and I looked down at it. I wasn’t sure that I should drink but I thought what the hell I do it for just one night. And even I was high on the performance.

“Why has nobody told me that Emily could sing like that?” I asked Sky.

The next one was already up on the stage but it was hard to come up after Sky and Emily, the audience didn’t concentrate about the new performer. Everyone talked with each other except one table, or one guy was it actually. You couldn’t see the guys face, but it looked like he was looking over here.

“She don’t like to blurred it out to everyone, but she loves to show it off” Sky blinked at me.

“Well that made sense” I smiled to Sky.

“Come lets play a drinking game while the other suckers try to do it as good as we did” Emily was a different person now. I could actually here what she said and now she wanted to play a drinking game? I knew it would end bad for me because I get drunk so fast.

“What kind of game are you thinking of?” Viktor asked while he put his glasses away as a serious gesture.

“Dare or drink” Emily was already about to think on dares.

“I dare you Nathalie to ask the bartender to swift shirt with you” Emily knew she wouldn’t do that, who would?

But of course I was wrong. Nathalie came back with a red shirt on and when I looked at the bartender she had a yellow shirt on. After every turn the other players should drink a sip if the dared did it. So I got pretty drunk quite fast.

Daisy you shall go up and sing a song on the stage” Sky knew I wouldn’t do this so why did she try?

Emily stood with a big smile on like she didn’t think I would do it. And if I did I would embarrasing myself, I would embarrass myself but she didn’t knew me at all.

“I do it” What did there just come out of my mouth? That wasn't what I was suppose to say. It must be the alcohol that makes me do stupid things.

“Great! Come” She took my hand and pulled me to the man who controls the music.

“What song do you want to sing?” He didn’t even look up at us.

I just stood there I didn’t knew what to say to him.

“Will you choose or should I?” Sky looked at me and tried to get me to speak.

“Um.. For evigt?” I said with a trembling voice.

“What? I didn’t quite get that” Of course he didn’t it was a danish song.

“Can you find the songs of the band called Volbeat?” The alcohol took over now, I could feel it in my veins and it made me brave. Or maybe Emily’s mocking smile did. I wasn't sure.

He found the band and I found the song. It is a danish band but they mostly sing in english, but in this song they sing in danish and english. I was up next so Sky walked back to the table so she could see it all from a good place.

The man who was up didn’t sing so much, he mostly laughed and sang along on the chorus.
When he was done the music man pushed me up on stage. He must have gotten orders from Sky to do it or else I would have chickened out.

I went up and took the microphone I must be more drunk than I thought because I started to sing when the music started.
When the chorus came the second time, I was way more brave than the first time. Everyone was looking at me because they didn’t understood what I was singing. The chorus in the song was in danish and it was good to speak my mother language, it has been a long time since I had done that.

People tried to sing along as good as they could, but I had heard that speaking danish felt like having a potato in the mouth.
While I was at my best I looked out over the audience and there he was. With the boy who was on the stage after Emily and Sky. Nate was the one who looked at us while his friend was singing.

I lost some of my confidence and blushed. I hated that he saw me like this. Drunk, like a mess and singing at my worst. But why did I even care? I had seen how the girls was around him, he could chose a new one for every day and it would never be a problem for him.

I sang the last words of the song and the audience clapped of me like they did with Sky and Emily. I bowed for them and people clapped even higher. The alcohol made me brave.

When I went down to our table, everyone was thrilled except Emily she looked mad.

“I think this was the end of the night, nothing can beat that!” Nathalie said it on a way that made me smile. She had shifted shirt with the bartender again.

“Who knew you could get a crowd to sing with you like that? I didn’t!” Sky hugged me.

I knew I didn’t had the best voice but Sky was right. I had gotten the audience attention and it felt fantastic!

Andrew and Emily was about to go home, Andrew said that Emily didn't’ feel well, she had been drinking too much but I think she didn’t liked that I had done it well up there and haven’t embarrassed myself as we thought I would. I compared us with two football teams who was playing against each other, and one of them never lost a battle while the other had never won, but they just scored touchdown. I was the team who just had a touchdown while Emily still had zero points. My inner cheerleader team was dancing a little victory dance or me.

“Earth calling Daisy” Sky waved her hand infront of my eyes.

“We are going back to Campus now do you wanna come?” All of them had the jackets on already and was about to go. Emily and Andrew had already left.

“Yeah I just need to find my jacket”

“Okay, we’ll wait for you outside” Nathalie, Viktor and Sky went outside.

On my way over to my jacket in the other end of the bar a hand grabbed me. I knew it was him before I even looked up.

“Hi Daisy”

“How do you know my name?” That was rude of me, I have to control myself a little better.

“I have my ways to find out things. Great song bye the way” He let go of my arm.

I walked over to get my jacket but he followed me.

“What are you doing here Nate?” I asked while I took my jacket on.

“How do you know MY name?” He looked amused and that pissed me of.

“I have my way to find out things” Why not just tell him I heard the lion say his name out loud?

“So you have thought of me?” He tilt his head a little bit to the side and he had this annoying  glint in his eyes.

“No I haven’t” I denied but I blushed so that must have given me away. I tried to walk away, I didn’t wanted him to see me blush every time he saw me.

He followed me to the door, and what I hadn't noticed was that he had his jacket in his hand.

“Are you going now?” Please say no.

“Yes I am Daisy” Damn.

“Don’t you have to say goodbye to your friend?” Please say yes so I can disappear while you are doing that.

“No, he left right before your song”

“Shit” Did that just came out loud?


“Nothing, well bye” I started to walk through my friends but he just walk beside me.

“Why are you following me?”

“I’m not. I just have to get back to Campus like you” I walked faster.

“Are you ready Daisy? Who is that?” Sky didn’t look at me, she only looked at Nate. But who could blame her, he was so hot that even the birds stopped singing when he walked by so they could look at him.

“Hi I’m Nate, is it okay if I take Daisy back to Campus?”

“Yeah sure” Sky hugged me, she didn’t even asked or looked at me to see what I wanted, but who wanted to say no to Nate? They left before I got time to protest against it.

“So you are not following me? But now you want to walk me home?”

“Yes that is correct”


“I want to know more about you”

“And why’s that?” I put my hands in my pockets. It was way colder than I had thought it would be.

“You are interesting”

“I’m not interesting and I’m sure you can find another girl who wants to be walked home by you”

“I don’t want to walk them home, just you” He looked me right in the eyes but I had to look away before I blushed once again.

“Let’s walk I can see that you are freezing” He started to walk and he probably knew that I had to follow him or else I would get lost between all these buildings and roads. I made a note that I should buy me a card so I still could find my way when my phone was dead. Once again didn’t we say anything on our walk back. I was stubborn because he had dragged me away from my friends, and once again I felt like a little child.


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