The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


21. Chapter 21

It takes 12 hours to get to Dayton, Indiana. That is what it takes to Amsterdam from Copenhagen with train.
We have decided to skip our friday classes so we can drive the whole day and be there at dinner time.
I’m looking forward to it, it means that I get to see more of America, I’m doing it with Nate so that’s just a cherry on my ice. It’s thursday today so I’m going to use some of the day panicking about what I should bring and some time on packing it down. I’m afraid they won’t like me, what will happen if they don’t? Will he break up with me then? In almost all the American movies I have seen does the mother in law not like the girlfriend. If they don’t like me and Nate break up with me, then I’m happy I haven’t told James or dad about him. It would safe me from a lot of trouble and integration, but I will rather be integrated than lose Nate. I to call them soon and tell them, I also have to hear more about Chloe’s pregnancy. I haven’t talked with them in long time. James and I text sometimes, just a quick hi, how you doing, fine, goodbye. My dad have also texted me and said we needed to skype soon because he have an important thing to tell me. I should probably call him today. I chose to call him now, it’s almost to late since they are 6 hours in front of us so it’s 10PM there and my dad goes to sleep around this time.


Can I skype you now? His answer comes fast.

Yes. 5 minutes.



I find my computer and sits down on my bed, the computer is on my lap.

I can see my dad is online so I call him.





“What was it you wanted to talk about?” My dad and I are very direct, we don’t do smalltalk. Our calls doesn’t usually take more than 5 minutes.

“We can wait with that for a moment, I want to hear how you doing? Did you get good grades?” What is this? Smalltalk why?


“My grades are good. I’m doing great, what about you and Charlotte?”


“That is actually what I want to talk about. Can you get home in may?”


“It depends on when in may?”


“In the beginning”


“I can probably do that, why?”

“We are getting married that day” What?



“When did this happen?”


“A few months after we met”

“When did you meet?”


“May last year, so we are going to be married a year after the day we met” That was fast.


“But I only got to hear about her at christmas? You dated her while I still was in Denmark? You were engaged?!”
“How long have her kids known this?”


“Since the beginning”

“It’s getting late dad and I have to pack”

“Pack for what?”


“I’m meeting my boyfriend’s family tomorrow”


“Boyfri..” I cut him off, I’m mad at him not telling me any of this before. I’m angry because he get married so fast, that mom’s death doesn’t seem to have an effect on him. I just sit at my bed with my closed computer, I don’t know what to do. I’m too mad. i can’t sit still, I need to get my anger out somehow. How can he do this? Does James know? I put the computer on my bed, I stand up and start walking back and forth in the room. I’m pacing when Simone comes in.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get some of my anger away”


“Is that working?”


“Not really” I stop pacing and sits down on my bed again.


“Why are you mad?”
“Have wonderboy given you too much attention?”


“No it’s not that, I’m not sure that he can give me too much attention” She get’s me to think about something else that’s good.


“What are mad about then?”

“My dad is getting married in may”


“You are mad why? You get good food, experience a wedding, and see your dad happy what’s the problem?”


“I just think it all goes so fast”


“Fast? Fast compared to what?” I haven’t told her anything about my life before, or not any of the sad things just that my mom and dad isn’t together.


“I’m just stupid. Never mind” I’m not going to tell her, we are not so close. I love living with Simone but we don’t tell secrets or life stories.


“You know you can tell me right?” Should I trust her? Nate is the only person who knows the full story. Sky just know that my mom is dead nothing more. The others have no idea.

“My mom died 3 and a half year ago”


“Oh, that’s why you think it’s fast”


“No. But he met he fiance in may last year so when they get married have the only known each other for a year”

“Isn’t that enough? If he know she’s the one then it will be fine right? As long as he is happy”
“If he feel he knows her good enough to marry her is the time just a number, it’s more important how they have spend it together” She is right. But would she think different if she knew the whole story? Probably not, she have’s some good points so I text my dad with an apology. I’m still mad at him for not telling me sooner, but he deserves an apology.

I’m sorry I just closed the computer.

No answer. He probably at sleep now.

“I’m meeting Nate’s family tomorrow”

“That was about time”
“I mean you have been dating for 6 months right? It’s long time without meeting them”

“We have only been dating for 2 months. Why do you think we have been dating for 6?”

“I just assumed you dated since the day he kicked me out of the room” Simone have changed clothes while we have been speaking.

“I didn’t even liked him back then”

“You did” She says it when she’s on her way out of the door so I can’t come with a reply. When did she become so smart?
I have to start packing now, I have spend the whole afternoon on talking with people.


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