The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


2. Chapter 2

The day was meant to be “unpack your boxes” day. I didn’t feel for it. My roommate was also a freshman but she had several friends who was going here so she was busy.

I laid down for an hour more just checking the social media and stuff then I stood up. I went over to the closet and looked in the mirror, mom had named me Daisy because it is her favorite flower, and Denmark's national flower, I’m not as graceful at it but it is a small pale flower, so we have that in common. I'm a curvy girl I hate my body. I shouldn't do that, I don't think there is anything wrong with my body, but I feel that everyone else judge me. I have to stop thinking about what other people think of me, I pretend that I don't care but I do too much. I have brown hair as her, it is short so it stops at my shoulders. So I got it cut off one day, everybody was surprised. My hight is nothing special, I’m quite small. I’m only 163 cm and the smallest in the family. My skin has an olive color but when I wake up I look pale like I’m sick, so I hurry up and do my hair, it has to be straighten or else it has it own life, I put on some foundation and some clothes; now I look like a human being and not like a crazy zombie.

It’s sunday so I have the day off. There should be a lot of freshmens out and explore the campus. I should do that too but I know that I shall unpack today or else we will live with my unpacked boxes I have gotten shipped over in advance and my backpack and suitcases for months and I don’t think Simone would like that.

I take the first box up on my bed there is pictures and other personal stuff in it. I take the picture of James and his new family and put it on my desk. I don’t have so much space I only have my bed, a desk and my closet. Simone have the same but her side looks so homely with all of her personal stuff. She unpacked the day she came. The walls started to be beige but they have fainted to light grey. The room is kind of sad specially on my side. My dad said that the dorm would be small but I didn’t mind. I like it. Not that I like small rooms I’m kind of claustrophobic, I hate getting my face covered and my hands. I feel trapped when that happens and I panick. But in this case it is perfect because then I won’t stay in here too long so I have to talk with someone.

I take the rest of the pictures out. They are all of my family and one of Sarah. The one I place beside my bed is the one of my mom, I stand and look at it, it hurts. It can’t stand there. I replace it with one of James, Alex and dad. Much better. The rest of the stuff in the box is just bed sheets so they get under the bed in a bedroller. One box gone 4 more to go and my bags of course.

It goes way quicker than I had imagined. It was mostly books there was left and I put it on my shelves. I had two shelves on the wall where they stood I couldn’t take all of my books with me but I took my favorites.

Now all I needed to do is going down to the trash with the boxes. I take my shoes and a sweatshirt on before I take the boxes in my hands. I ain't quite sure where the trashcans is. I come out and see that everyone is talking with new people and smiling they look so happy. I’m not one of those types who isn't happy. I am happy. And I’m happy to be here I just don't smile of everything.

I can’t talk with strangers like that easy. I’m more of a loner with a few friends. I like to read books and I don’t mind going to the movie alone or anything.

I have travelled around in Europe alone and all I had was my train ticket and my bag. My friends back home said I was brave but I don’t see anything brave in that. I just don’t want to be limited. If I can and if I want no one should try to stop me. I don’t want to be holded back and I don’t want to hold people back.

When you travel alone you get to see much more and feel more. You get to know new people in a different way and you get surprised over how many who is travelling alone. I met so many nationalities and I mostly thought that I would meet Europeans but I got a couple of friends from Asia, Africa and South America. And now I have travelled alone to North America maybe my biggest adventure in my entire life.

I look around but I can’t see any trash cans. A guy walks past me it looks like he knows the Campus very well. There is just something about his attitude that makes me think that.
I grab his arm to get his attention, maybe not my best move as it looks like I want to yell at him. He looks surprised at my hand for a second and then looks at me.

“Yeah?” He has a deep voice there just smooth around you like a cover.

“Um.. I look after the trash cans so I can throw these out” I look at the boxes so he can see what I mean.

“Do you know where I can find them?” He must think that I’m an idiot. Not just that I grabbed his arm but my entire look. I don’t look like a zombie as when I woke up but more like a girl on 9 who ask her mom for permission to get some candy.

He points to a place in the other end of campus, he doesn’t say anything and when he sees that I look in that direction he has pointed out does he goes to his direction he had before I grabbed him.

I sight because I really don’t want to go to the other end of Campus looking like this but I don’t really want to go up and change just to do this either.
I decide that I just want to get it over. I stand up straight and goes toward the trash cans. I know that people look at me because I’m short and look like a mess. My cheeks flush and I walk a little faster to get away from the looks.
When I finally get over to the trash cans can I see that I’m not alone. There is people here sitting and smoking weed. I try to ignore them but it is hard when I can feel their eyes on me.
They must see me as an zebra walking into the lions.

“Hey there beautiful” He says with a creepy tone.

I ignore him I just want to get rid of these and then go again, it shouldn’t take long.

“You can at least answer him freshmen” It was the other guy. His body language looked quite harmless but his eyes could kill a zebra if it looked at him to long. I look away.

I open the trash can and try to throw my boxes in it but it is hard to lift the lid and put the boxes in at the same time.
The creepy guy come and help me he lift the lid while I can put the boxes in it.

“Thank you for the help” I look at him, he look harmless but stoned.

“Your welcome” He bowe for me.

“So what do you give me now, as a thanks for the help?” He lick around his lips as he want me to kiss him.

“Nothing but a thank you” I start to walk away I don't want to be here. Not with the creep and the lion. But the creep stand in my way.

“Move please” I look the creep in the eyes and at one moment he look like he was going to move.

“You has to give him something pumpkin” It is the lion talking now and the creep haven't moved yet. I'm trapped.

“Helping isn't free you know, everything has a price” He stood up now. They tried to close me in through the trash cans.

The creep took my hands and hold them. I couldn’t get them free so I panicked.

I kicked the creep on the shin so he bended down to hold on it and made room for me to run away.
The lion grab my arm.

“You can’t run from me pumpkin” I was wrong. He wasn’t a lion. He is way worse.

I didn’t knew what I did until I saw the blood run from his nose. I have punched him right in his face.
He let go of my arm and I run as fast I could, no one to stop me.

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