The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


19. Chapter 19

Valentins day

Nate and I have now been together almost two months, I’m happier than ever. Telling him the truth about my life, have been the best decision. I have now become one of those annoying people who can’t stop touching their boyfriend even when they are in public. Nathalie and Viktor is teasing us, but I think it is because they remember how it was when they had just started dating. Andre tried to make a move on Sky, but she rejected him. To our surprise had Caleb been hitting on Sky New Years eve, after that have they been dating without anyone knowledge about it. They were in the same stage as us, so we were annoying together. I now know why Emily is so mad at me. She is one of the most hot girls at Campus so she thought it was destined to be her and Nate, but he have rejected her the whole year, so when she saw that he liked me did she decide to hate me. I don’t really care about it, the most important thing is that I have Nate and my amazing friends.

Today is valentine's day and Nate says he have planned the perfect night, it’s going to be a surprise for me. Valentine's day is nothing big in Denmark, they you give a box of chocolate maybe a dinner somewhere, and that’s it. The only reason that some people celebrate it is because they have stolen the tradition from America. Either way have Nate told me to get a pretty dress on, and just be myself. I teased him about that, if I’m going to be myself will I not have a dress on so he must chose what he want’s. Pretty me, or ordinary me. Wisely did he chose the pretty me for this night, he told me that I would feel like an outsider if I didn’t took a pretty dress on.
So now do I stand here with my dress from New Year’s Eve, I feel pretty and comfortable in it. I have straightened my hair so it can embrace my face, my makeup is natural, just some foundation and mascara. Nate said he would pick me up at 7:30PM. I’m never going to understand why Americans eat so late, in Denmark do we eat dinner around 6 or 7PM and if we eat late is it at 8PM. Nate is 15 minutes late, I hate waiting, I get so impatient I text him to hear where he is, but no answer. I wait for him a little longer, I replay our last conversation where he told me that he would pick me up at my room and not just my dorm 7:30. I’m sure that I am the right place, the only thing I can do is to wait for him. But what if he doesn’t show up? He wouldn’t do that, he would have told me if he had to cancel. I look at my watch, it’s now 8:05PM where is he? I can’t wait forever, I decide that I wait for him till 8:30 and if haven’t shown up or texted then I will change into pajamas and lock the door. It’s almost 8:25 and I’m just about to lock the door when he comes in. He look surprised at me.


“Where have you been? You was suppose to be here an hour ago” I’m a little mad at him for not being here on time, but also relieved that he showed up.

“Some last minutes details I had to fix” He smile a wry smile.

“You look amazing you know, better than New Year” It takes some of my anger away. I can’t look him in the eyes, while I thanks him. He reach out for my hand so he can pull me close. He gives me a kiss as an apology. I love that kind of apologies, it’s the best kind.


“We really have to go” He pulls slowly away from me and pulls me with him out of the door. I’m lucky that I have my jacket on, or else I would freeze to death in this cold. I thought we should take the subway to somewhere, but Nate just keep walking. I havn’t realised that we walked toward the library where he found me that day before we stand in front of the door.


“It’s closed. So what are we doing here?” What is his plan? Get me to look at a closed building filled with books?

He ignores my question and walks over to a side door. A man stands there and wait since there isn’t any people near us. The man open the door for us so we can get in, there is candles every where. It’s so stunning, I can’t say a word. Nate takes me further in so we get surrounded by books. He have also putted candles in here, but in safe zone from the books. In the middle is there a table with two chairs too. I get tears in my eyes. I hadn’t expected this. My favorite guy in my favorite place. He lead me over to the table so I can sit down, he takes the other chair. Before I can ask any question does the man from the door in with two plates of food.

“I can only cook spaghetti and meat sauce” He sends me his wry smile.


“It’s perfect” I take his hand and kiss the top of it.
“How did you get us in here?”


“I know my way to find out things, or in this case places” He blinks to me, he get me to remember our conversation on the karaoke bar that night were I had locked myself out and slept at his room for the first time.


“It’s actually why I came late” He must see the confusion in my face, because he keeps explaining while we eat.

“I had planned for us to eat at this amazing restaurant, but it was fully booked so I had to call in some favors”


“I think this is the best, I will rather be here with you alone” I’m the worst flirter in the world.

If valentine’s day is like this every year could I definitely get use to it.
Nate and I have the perfect date, we flirt, we laugh, we enjoy each other's company.
Nate and I always sleep together when we can, it’s an unspoken agreement. We mostly sleeps at my place, why do I not understand. Nate haves the biggest bed and no roomie, but somehow have my room became our base. Tonight is no exception, Nate is walking toward my dorm.

“Can’t we sleep at your place tonight?”


“Why? We always sleeps at your place”


“I know. But I think Simone want’s to have her date overnight” It’s a lie. Simone always sleeps out, she won’t have people in the room except they are really good friends. Nate knows this, but he just shake his head and turn around.
I have only been in Nate’s room a couple of times, it’s like coming into a new country and get to explore it. I do this every time I’m here, I just can’t hold my fingers to myself.


“You know you have seen everything right?”


“I know. All your things is just so... capturing” I don’t know how to explain it without sounding obsessed with him. I want to know everything about him, know all the things he own and hear the story about it. He stands behind me and take the picture of his family out of my hand, and put it back on the table. I turn around so I can stand in his arms. I’m so relaxed and happy as I can be, I can’t imagine me being anywhere else than in his arms. I know what I want tonight, I feel ready for it so I kiss him deep. It’s not usually me who haves the control over our kiss, but this time is it.


My fingers is touching his jaw line, they follow the line and goes down toward the top bottom in his shirt. I unbutton the first quite fast, Nate’s breath heavier and I do to. The next button is harder but I get it opened, before I know of it have I opened his shirt. His hands has opened my dress in the back, without me noticing.


“Are you sure?” I’m afraid what will come out of my mouth if I talk, so I lift my arms in agreement so he can take my dress off. When my dress if off do he just look at me, I don’t blush I just stand there I can see that he admire my body. My hands touching his chest and slowly takes off his shirt. I’m almost naked and he just stands there in his pants and shoes. I have no idea how I’m going to get it off him sexy. I reach out for his belt so I can get it open, he let me do what I want in my own speed so I can feel safe and ready. He closed his eyes when I fumble with it. Who should have thought that it would be this hard to get a belt of another person?

“You know you kill me right?”

“I’m sorry, it’s just so hard to get open” Stupid belt, it ruining my sexyness, if that even excist. He laughs at me for a moment, then he open it way faster than I could ever do on myself. His pants is off before I know of it, than he lays me on the bed but were he is down under me. This way will I not get a panic attack and I have an opportunity to explore his body. I have explored his body before, but then there wasn’t this sexy mood in the air, this time do I notice what every touch does to him. I sit up, so I can see the whole him. He tries to lay still but I can feel his fingers around my thighs tighten and looses it’s grip. I have noticed that everytime my hands comes near his belly does it tighten, and when I move my hands near his face does they loosen up. I’m teasing him, I know that. But I’m trying to give myself some time to get calm.

I bend down and kiss him, we are both still in our underwear I feel more safe and relaxed when I know there is barrier between us even though I know how thin it is.


“I think it's my turn now”


“What do you mean?” I try to sound innocent but I do not convince him.


“You a teasing me your little wildcat” I laugh while he turn us around so he is over me, he is very careful about my panic attacks, he make sure that I have air enough so I won't panic. His fingers is now where mine was on him, I get why he kept tighten and soften his grip. My breath is almost non existent, I keep sighing when his hands touch my legs or my belly. Nate take his hands away from me, I’m confused but then his mouth replace them. His mouth have now been all over my body when it hit my mouth. I love the taste of him, it taste like home. This kiss is more intense, we both breath heavy and we know what there is about to happen. His hands is everywhere on my body and so is mine on his. I lose myself to him, I’m completely in his power.


I feel relaxed and happy when we are done. I don’t feel the word happy is strong enough to explain what I feel. I have been laying here with the stupidest smile for 15 minutes just looking at Nate sleeping. He made me look beautiful and loved this night, he does that everytime he look at me.


“I love you” I whisper it to him even though I know he can’t hear it.

Nate turns around with his head toward me,  his arm is holding around me and pulls me closer.


“I love you too” He doesn't open his eyes he just whisper the words. I give him a kiss before I go to sleep.

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