The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


17. Chapter 17

The first week was amazing, Nate and I saw each other everyday, Simone tried to get me to tell everything about Nate and I, but I liked teasing her by not telling her or tell her the history of a movie like Pretty woman or Bridget Jones diary. Nate and I sat together in litterature again, but this time we didn’t sit with a chair between us, everybody looked at us because we held hands and kissed. The girls was jealous and gave me the stink eyes, they probably thought about what such a hot guy wanted with the awkward pale dane. But I didn’t I was drowning in happiness. I also got my grades, I was surprised. In  literature I had gotten an A, in history and spanish I had gotten a B+ and a B. But that wasn’t what had surprised me, it was my grade and the comment my teacher have written for my pottery piece.

Good job Daisy.
Instead of thinking of all the happiness there is in love  you remembered the bad side of it and why we are so afraid of it. Your technics need some adjusting but all in all a good and original idea. B+


It was a good and happy surprise, but I was also relieved. This meant that I could stay to summer at least, it meant that I had 6 months more with Nate.
I told Sky what have happened, she had gotten a A in pottery but that was understandable. She is after all the best student in her class. We celebrated it with a dance at my room. Simone was there too but to start with she thought we was silly but she ended up dancing with us too.

We all laughed hard.


It became weekend so fast so Simone was out and partying. I hadn’t seen Nate the whole day because of classes, I finally had gotten his number so I decided to text him and hear if he wanted to stay over. I’m actually quite selfish when it comes to Nate. I don’t want to share him with anybody not even his friends, and now I take his nights so I won’t get nightmares and so I can get to touch him.


Hi handsome, do you have any plans for the night?


Well hello there gorgeous, I was planning to hold around this beautiful monkey.


That was too bad. I’ll have to occupy myself then ;-) That got to sound way more erotic than it should.


Don’t do that! I’ll be there around midnight I have some things to finish.


Okay see you later, I let the door stay open.

I look forward to see him, I miss him. I know it is silly because we get to see each other everyday, this is the only day in this week I haven’t seen him.
I take the book Nate have given me so I can stay awake till he comes. It doesn’t work. I wake up screaming, I sit up and see the book at my side. I get a shock when Nate opens the door with a big slam. He looks afraid, or is it mad?

“Daisy! What is happening? Are you okay? Answer me!” He is by my side before I get to answer, he looks at me and take me in his arms.


“I’m okay. It was just a nightmare” I try to calm him down but he just keep hugging me. I can feel my panic raising, I try to keep calm so he can see that I’m okay.


“I heard you scream and got so scared”


“I’m okay, take your clothes off and come into bed” He hesitates, he’s not sure that I’m okay yet. He hold me out in his stretch arms and look at me again. He nod as an agreement. He takes his clothes off and lays down with me in his arms.


“Do you have nightmares often?” Should I spare him the truth?

“Not when you are here”


“What about when I’m not here?” I don’t answer him.

“What about Simone? Doesn’t she hear you?”


“She have bought some earplugs”

“Why isn’t she doing anything?” I can hear the anger in his voice. He is blaming her for not doing anything.


“She can’t do anything. It’s not her fault, I told her to buy some so I wouldn’t wake her up” His breath is still heavy but under control.


“What is your dreams about?” This time I will not answer. He doesn’t need to know the darkness in me.


“Nothing important” I mumble it. Maybe he will think that I’m back to sleep.


“It’s important enough for you to wake up screaming every night” So he didn’t bought that I’m sleeping. Maybe I can get him to think about something else. I start to kiss his chest and his neck.. He sigh. It encourage me I’m working my kisses up to his lips, when I end at his lips he gives me a quick kiss and then take his head back from mine.


“We have to talk about this Daisy. You can’t just kiss it away and make me forget”

“Let me help you. Let me get to know you” This time it is me who sighs.

“It’s about my mom. Sometimes it is about you”


“What happens with us?”


“You die” He loses his breath for a moment and hold me tighter.




“My mom died right before I turned 18”

“She died in a car crash. It wasn’t the crash that killed her, but her heart”


“Did she have a heart attack?”


“No, there was something wrong with her heart but nobody knew about it” Now where I have started telling the story, I can’t stop. He’s the first outside the family I tell the story too, except the police and the doctors who interrogated me.


“Mom drove me to school that day. She was feeling bad so she had decided to stay home, but just when I was about to leave she said that she wanted to drive me to school. We were driving, we sang along to the songs in the radio, it was just one of those perfect mornings” The tears start falling from my eyes when I think back to the worst day of my life.
“But then her heart stopped. It all happened so fast, one moment we were singing and laughing, the other  I was squished between a tree and my mom. That's why I’m claustrophobic. I sat between my dead mom and a tree, I couldn’t get out for two hours. The firemen had to take my mom out first. I got away easy, I only got a concussion and a broken arm from where the tree hit me. I couldn’t do anything to help my mom even though I was right beside her, I could do CPR, it was just because of that stupid tree. If I had been strong enough I could have saved her” I blame myself for not doing anything, for being weak.

“It’s not your fault” My tears is out of control, my mind is running loose with the memory of my mom in the car. Nate is trying all he can to get me calm again, to get me to think about something else. But it ain’t working. We lay in my bed close the whole night. He tries to keep my monsters away, I try to let him but it is hard to give up control. We both fall asleep with tears in our eyes, mine for my mom his for me.

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