The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


16. Chapter 16

I wake up with a weird feeling. Nate is all over me, or it’s more me who is over him. Once again I have been rolling toward him, but this time ain’t we just one big pile of arms and legs, this time am I actually half on top of him. I have to get control over my body if I’m going to sleep with him. The only thing which isn’t on Nate is my legs, I lay weird and it isn’t that comfortable. Nate’s arms is around me, I could get used to this, I really could. I try to turn my head around so I can see what time it is. I can see that there is light outside, but it can just be the snow.

Just as I’m about to turn my head Nate’s arms tighten me in so I can’t get away. He mumbles something, I try to understand it but I can’t. First I think he is awake, but he doesn’t open his eyes or anything else so he must be dreaming. At least it's not like my dreams where I wake up screaming. I wonder what he is dreaming about?
I just lay here with his arms around me and think about how much my life have changed for the last 6 months. Dad have gotten a new girlfriend, which means that he have gotten an extended family. I don’t know if I’m ever going to think as them as my family, I ain’t going to have a daily life with them or anything like that. But beside that my dad have gotten a new girlfriend, James and Chloe are pregnant, I’m so happy for that but I’m sad about not being there while Johanne and my new niece or nephew is growing up. Beside that is the biggest change that I have met Nate.

This wasn’t what I had expected when I chose to move to another country. Nate makes me happy, he makes me laugh and nobody have done that since that day. Nate has gotten under my skin.

I have been caught up in my own thoughts so I haven’t even noticed that he has woken up.


“Good morning” He gives me a quick kiss and touch my back with small circles. I don’t want to get out of his arms but I feel a urge to find out what the time is.


“Good morning” I wikel out of his arms and over to the nightstand so I can find my phone and see the time.


He pulls me back into his arms after I have looked. It’s only 9AM so we can still lay here for a while, or the whole day if I could decide. I know that Nate and I can’t stay in my or his bed all day everyday. But right now that is my favorite place. It means that I get to have him all for myself without anyone disturbing us.

I touch Nate’s bare chest, I love touching him, I can feel and sense what my touching is doing to him. It make me feel wanted and desired, it’s also quite funny to see him trying to control himself.

“You have to stop” He doesn’t sound convincing, so I continue.

“I promised not to touch you Daisy, but you make it very hard” His eyes are closed.

“That reminds me about something” I have to ask him about this, but mostly so I can tease him.

“Why was you blushing when Sky came in yesterday? I mean we didn’t do anything remotely revealing or you know” My smile shows that I'm teasing him.


“I think you know what I was thinking about” Now he is the one who is teasing me.


“No I don’t. You have to tell me, and I want all the details”  He raise his eyebrows in a ‘I dare you want’.


“All the details?” Maybe my stubbornness should turn of here but it doesn’t.


“Every little bit” My hands is still touching him.


“I was thinking about you in a monkey costume”


“Yeah really? Did I look good?” I bite my lip.


“You looked smoking hot” I laughed and he kissed me. The kiss changed the mood, we had just been joking with each other but the electricity in the kiss have blown that away. Now all I could feel was my attraction to him. My hands was everywhere and so was his. Nate have laid me down under him so his whole body captured mine, he was close but not so close that I would panic. I could still get out if I wanted, but even if I wanted I couldn’t move, this kiss had so many unspoken words in it. Before I knew of it my long shirt was up over my belly and his hands was even further up, my hands was all over his body. I love touching him and it is even better when he barely has any clothes on. I have a hard time controlling my own desire when I’m near him, even when I’m asleep I can’t get close enough to him. I have to stop the kiss before the evolve to something I ain’t ready for. It is just so hard to push him away when he is so close. Nate is the one who is stopping the kiss, I don’t know if it is because of our talk about sex or because he needed air.


“You make me crazy with all your touching you know” His forehead rested toward mine.


“You do the same to me” I whisper to him.

I wish mom could have met Nate, I know she would have liked him as much as I do. Nate would have liked mom too, I’m sure of it. Mom and Nate is very similar. They both attract people without even trying, everyone liked mom. To her funeral the most of the city showed up, even my dad’s business coworkers showed up to support us, and they had only met her once or twice.
My mom was also very attractive as a person, not hot like a supermodel but hot as a supermom. She had just figured it all out, or at least it seemed that way. Everybody who knew my mom says I look just like her, I’m happy for hatt but it hurts. It’s hard to explain why it hurts it just do. I feel that when people look at me they think about her and then they get sad because she didn’t get to live as long as she had deserved.

Nate and I spend the day in bed together, we just sat and watch movies, joking with each other and just talking. None of us was up for doing anything except getting to know every little detail about each other. This must be how it’s like in the start of a relationship if that is what this is, I’m not quite sure because we haven't been on a date yet. We are acting like we were in a relationship or at least I do. It feels like Nate and I have skipped the whole dating thing and just jumped right into the relationship part.
It have been the best couple of nights, Nate have been sleeping over and I haven’t got any nightmares about him or mom. I feel fresh and ready for the new semester. The only thing I worry about these days are my grade in pottery, I’m sure that my grades in literature, history and spanish is acceptable. But pottery didn’t go as well as the others, I was bumped about Nate, so my sculpture doesn’t show love, more tragedy.

Simone came back sunday so Nate couldn’t be sleeping over anymore, so if we were going to sleep together it was at his place. But we couldn’t sleep there either, the guard they have at his dorm is so strict that he only let people in that lives there after 5PM, in the others dorm  they let people of the same gender into 21PM.

I knew that this night my nightmares would be back again. I’m not prepared for it, not when I have had 3 nights without it. The nightmares is bearable, but the unknown of who I will see die is what scares me.

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