The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


15. Chapter 15

Nate just looks at me, he tries to figure out what I want but he can’t. I don’t even know what I want except being near him.


“Hi handsome” Did I really just say that? It’s so cheesy.


“Hi to you too, beautiful” I could get used to this happines. Nate put his arms around me so we stand in a hug while he has his back against the wall.


“I have an idea” This sounds interesting.


“As much as I like to see you dance and have fun, would I love to show you something really American if you’ll let me”

“That is what my night is about after all. I’m sure that I will love it if you are there”


“Great! Let's grab our coats”


“Aren’t we going to tell Sky and Caleb that we are leaving?”


“No we don’t have too. Caleb is flirting with some girl and it looks like Sky is occupied” Before I get to ask my next question about what Sky is occupied with,  he points out to the dance floor where I had left her. She is dancing close and intimate with Andrew, I won’t disturb them. I think Andrew likes Sky without Sky knowing.

Nate go out and grab our coats so we can go to his surprise. I’m just happy to get away from all the noise and Emily, I have to remember that I should ask Sky why Emily doesn’t like me. It’s almost midnight, so I guess it’s close by or else Nate wouldn’t have left the party.
We walk a couple of blocks, I lose my patience and ask where we are going but he won’t tell me. This is why I hate surprises, I get impatient and I hate not to have all the informations. He tries to keep me occupied with a lot of questions about myself and my life in Denmark.


“What is the best part about Copenhagen?”


“The bikes”




“You get some fresh air, uses your body, and you are at your destination way faster than in any other way”


“Can I meet your family one day?” That question makes me speechless. I haven't even thought about him meeting my family. I know I have been caught up about him since our first kiss, but I didn’t thought this would be more than a college fling for him and since he only have one year left I didn’t think it would mean so much for him.

“Um.. Sure” I’m not sure if I mean it. I will have to reveal a lot of stuff about myself, and I don’t like that. He is just going to think that I’m weak.


“What are you favorite color?”


“Yellow… and green”


“What kind of yellow?”


“The one everybody hated when they were little because they said it looked like piss” He laughs at that, I love his laugh.


“We are here now” I have been so caught up in our conversation and Nate’s laugh that I haven’t even notices that we were at our destination. It is so beautiful. There is light everywhere, but there is always light at Times Square so that is no surprise. Tonight is the billboards not filled with promotion but with videos of  firework. There is so many people here, they all have New Year hats on or something else that is funny, Nate and I doesn’t. I get so happy to see all these happy people looking silly and they don’t even care. Nate points at the big ball which is supposed to drop at midnight. It’s just what I imagined, it looks like a big disco ball that is ready to get the party started.

Out of the blue people start to count down from 10, I get so surprised and flash a big smile to Nate, Nate looks down at me.


“Are you ready?” He takes me into his arms so we stand up close at each other. I can see that the crowed is also matching up with their partners or random people. I still can’t quite get why it is such a big deal. People lower their voices when we reach 3, then people almost whisper it to each other, or maybe it’s just Nate who whisper it to me. I wouldn’t mind die right now. Not that I want to die, but I wouldn’t mind if this was my last action or memory I had. The moment is just perfect.

Nate kisses me at 1, the ball drop and I don’t even get to see it. I’m busy with the kissing, and oh wow what a kiss. Maybe it is because I’m drunk but I catch myself thinking about his body, his body on me and all the naughty thoughts I said Nate shouldn’t have. We have been standing here some while, or at least it feels that way when we stop. Everybody have started saying Happy New Year to each other and I whisper it to Nate. Then I look up on the screens and see myself. I’m surprised, they keep replaying our kiss and under there stands Happy New Year everybody! Can the whole world see my very intimin kiss right now? I blush, way bigger than usually. And of course they ain’t finish filming us, so Nate’s big smile comes up on the screen and my face were I blush does too. People laugh because of the situation, I start laughing too and kiss Nate again. They start filming other persons now, thank God for that. I hate being in the center of attention.


“Was it a good surprise?”


“The best”
“Now I get why the kiss is such a big deal”


“Oh really and why’s that?”


“Because it get filmed” I tease him.
“It is a really good start to my movie career, now the casters can see that I don’t mind kissing on television, and I’m really good at blushing”

“You are so annoying” He says it with a smile and gives me a quick kiss.


“I get why the kiss is such a big deal. But it’s only a big deal because you were a part of it” My reward is his wry smile.


“What do you want to do now?”


“Am I’m boring if I want to sleep?”


“No, you are never boring Daisy” He takes my hand, and then we walk back to Campus together.

Nate walks me to my room, I can’t figure out if he is going to stay or leave. I hope he stays.

We stand a little awkward outside the door. I hate to ask but it doesn’t look like he is going to either. He just stands there with a smudgy smile, he knows I hate to ask but he won’t let me off the hook.

“Do you want to sleep here?”
“But we ain’t going to do anything naughty” I say it fast and start blushing big time. Why did I even say that?


“I would love that, and I promise to hold my hands for myself while I’m awake” He winks at me.


“What are you going to do while you sleep then?” I lock the door open, and Nate follows me in. He don’t answer my question but that is probably for the best.
Nate have no problem with his body, not that he should either everything on him is handsome. But he just undress himself so he only have boxers on, I can’t get my eyes of him. He look at me and catch me looking intens on him. My eyes must shaout ‘sex’ ‘cause his eyes does the same. I blush once again.


“Can’t you turn around or close your eyes so I can change?” He close his eyes and I find a long shirt in my closet. Thank God that Simone ain’t coming back before the 3 January. I change quick and hurry down into my bed. What I don’t notice in my hurry is that I overturns the book down from my nightstand, it’s the book I got from someone. Just when I’m about to put the book back on the nightstand I think about the history in it and compare it to Nate and I. I don’t know why I haven't been thinking about it before.


“Did you give me this book?” I show him the book while I cover my legs with the duvet.

He doesn’t answer, he look away from me.


“Why? I don’t have a gift for you” I touch his face with a finger down the side.


“It just reminded me of you”

“It’s sweet of you, thanks” I put the book on the nightstand and give him a quick kiss. I have to find something I can give him, but what?


“What time is it?” I have been so caught up in everything else that I don’t even know if anyone is awake in Denmark, I should write a message to dad, I didn’t do it earlier as I did with James and Alex. Nate reach over me to look at his phone.


“It’s 1:30AM why?”


“I have to write a message to my dad to wish him happy new year” I take my phone and start typing. I can feel Nate looking over my shoulder and is trying to read it out loud.

Godt nytår far.


“Got nytar fah. Does that mean happy new year?”


“Yeah. But directly translated it means good new year dad”


“That sounds weird”

“What times is it in Denmark?”


“They are 6 hours ahead of us, so it must be 6:30AM so my dad is awake”

We don’t talk more, I lays in his arms and fall asleep.


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