The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


14. Chapter 14

Sky has taken a dress for me as I had to wear. It’s beautiful, just my style so that is good. It’s midnight blue, low key with sleeves to the elbows, it feels more like having a long shirt on but with elegance. On the dress there is small flowers, but you don’t notice them at first because the thread is only a little darker than the dress. I think the dress is a little short but it is okay because I can have tights under it. My shoes is actually boots with a little heel so I would get taller but still be prepared for the snow. I know that the most of my hair is sat but there is still a little hair down at my face, but that is on purpose. I have no idea about how my makeup looks like except that I have red lipstick on. I feel beautiful even though I haven’t seen myself.


It’s almost 20PM så Nate and Caleb must be here soon. Sky had bought some white wine we could drink while we got ready so I’m a little tipsy when it knocks on my door. Sky walks out and open the door while I try to stop laughing. Sky said something funny about her family and because I’m a little tipsy I thought it was way funnier than I normally would. Nate walks in while Caleb and Sky says hello to each other, I just laugh even harder when I see Nate’s face, he looks so surprised but I don’t know why. He starts smiling when he can see that I ain’t gonna stop laughing real soon.  Sky tries to explain to them why I’m laughing but then she starts laughing too before she can explain it further. Caleb must think that I’m a freak. It’s the first time he meet me and all he can see is a small tipsy girl who can’t stop laughing.

I stop laughing after 5 minutes but only because I go outside the room with Nate, I have to get away from Sky or else we won’t stop laughing. I stand with my back against the wall so I can look at Nate. He looks so handsome in his black pants and white shirt, his hair has that messy ‘fuck hair’ look. But that is just his hair I hope. I push my jealousy back in my head, there is no reason to be jealous, Nate and I have just spend the whole day together except the last couple of hours where we both dressed up for the night.

Nate looks at me too with something I can’t quite place, is it admiring or maybe love?
It can’t be love, not already, I have to stop daydreaming. I take a step closer to Nate and put my hands on his collar, my fingers is running up and down his neck, I have missed him. I missed the opportunity to touch him, smell him, just him. Nate says a weird sound, it sound like a pleasing sight.


“You have to stop doing that you know” His eyes are closed while he says it.


“Why?” I don’t want to stop, not right now.


“I think you know why” His eyes are open now and stares right into mine. His eyes are filled with a warm fire, the electricity is heating up between us. I stop my touching and my hands fall down at my side. He doesn’t kiss me as I want him too, he just stands close enough to me so I can feel him warmth. We stand like this when Sky comes out. This time it isn’t Nate who is blushing but me. She takes us inside so I can get my jacket on and we can leave. I have no idea about how we are getteing to the party but Caleb and Sky have already discussed that. They have agreed on that we should just walk because the subway is filled with drunk idiots and it’s not that far away. I don’t hold hands with Nate, instead I take under his arm like people did back in the old days. I only do that because then I get to be closer to him. I found out that Caleb is the school's quarterback, he is on a scholarship like I am, but his is different, he got his because of his football skills, I got mine because of my writing skills. I had to write an essay to apply for the scholarship, my essay was about my mom and my childhood. It must have been good since they gave me 3 years of school free, I still have to pay for the last one but that is okay. There is just one hatch with my scholarship, I have to pass all of my classes with at least a B and I’m not sure if I have passed pottery yet. I won’t think of that right now it just makes me sad to think about that I might leave soon because of my failure.  


We arrive to the party fast, Sky and Caleb was right. It wasn’t far away from the school.
I looked up at the apartment building. I knew they were rich but not that rich. The building reminds me of a hotel in Denmark, it is one of the finest in Copenhagen, it is called D’angleterre. The surface on the building is white as snow, it looks old with the big windows and the details on the building is just amazing. The doorman greets us and open the door, the receptionist ask what we are doing here and Sky tells him that we are going for the Flagg party. It must be Andrew and Emily’s last name. The man calls up to the apartment to confirm that they are expecting guests. The receptionist accept it and sends us toward the elevator. Of course they live at the top of the building, I stand close to Nate so I can focus on something else than my claustrophobic, I think he can sense it because he gives me a little sques at every floor. I thought that when we walked out of the elevator we needed to go down a hall to get to the apartment door, but I was wrong. The elevator was the door. We stepped right into the living room where people is partying like people from highschool except this time it’s legal for most of the people. Not for me of course. That dumb legislation.


I’m glad that Sky have dressed me or else I wouldn’t have fitted in. If I could have chosen my own clothes I would have taken some old pants on and a t-shirt were there would have been an old joke on or something.
Sky drags us over to the wardrobe where there is a man who is hired to take our jackets and give us a number then she drags us to the bar so we can get something to drink, I’m not sure if I should take anything because it illegal to do it here and I won’t cause problems for Andrew and Emily. Sky sees my hesitation and shuffs a drink into my hands.


“It’s okay, don’t think about it” So Sky can read minds now, great. As long as she don’t know what I think about Nate I should be safe.

Nate and Caleb takes a drink too, I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know anybody so it’s all a little awkward. I can see that the girls who is walking by us looks at Nate and Caleb, I get why, they are both super hot, but I take Nate’s hand so they can see that he already has a girl in his life and don’t need more.
We walk around a little bit so Sky can say hi to everyone, there goes a wild before we find Andrew and Emily. They stand together, not that it’s a surprise but the look Emily gives me is a surprise. What have I ever done to her? She gives the stink eye to me and flirty eyes to Nate, it is scary how quick she can change her look. Andrew is nice I really like him, he is so open and funny, but maybe it’s because he is drunk. I notice that  Andrew looks at Sky a little longer than he looks at us. Sky doesn’t notice. We walk a little further but I’m tired of walking around and say hi to strangers I won’t remember or see again. It’s just waste of my time. I’m on my 3 drink now and I can feel the alcohol in my veins, it keeps running through me and I let go of all my stiffness, tonight is going to be fun. When we finally get to some people I like I make the most embarrassing outburst.


“Nathalie!” I run the last steps toward just when she turns around and get to catch me. Then I see Viktor and run toward him, he is more prepared to catch me than Nathalie was.
Nate come to me quick to get me out of Viktors grip just because he can see that he is surprised and I’m too drunk for my own sake.


“It’s water for you the rest of the night young lady” He smiles to me. Maybe it’s for the best, I hate hangovers. I just sent him a drunk smile in return, goddamn I’m hammered. Nathalie and Sky drags me out on the dancefloor, usually I won’t dance but I’m drunk and have let go of my stiffness and it’s only New Year once. I dance and I laugh, I love this maybe I should be drunk more often. I’m actually fun to be around and I’m happy it’s long time since I last was this happy. I get eye contact with Nate while I’m dancing, I can see that he stands alone like a creep watching girls from the corner, but as long as he just looks at me and is my creep is it okay.


“I’ll go out and get some water” I say it to Sky’s ear but I don’t think she cares, she have found a guy she can dance with but I don’t get to see who it is, Nathalie dances with Viktor so I’m alone anyway. I go over to Nate and smile my most mysterious smile I can manage.

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