The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


12. Chapter 12

When I wake up, it’s  morning, Nate isn’t here and that confuses me. Has it all been a dream or am I missing something? I don’t have his number so I can’t call him, I decide that I take some clothes on and goes to his room. Sky will be back on Campus at 4PM so I still have some hours before I have to meet up with her. We have planned that she chose my clothes and put makeup on me because she think I don’t have any sense for fashion, and she won’t be seen with a fashion mess on New Year's eve. I’m out of the door way faster than I’m use to. I walk over toward Nate’s dorm and reach his room fast. I can’t figure out if I’m just eager to see him or to get away from the cold. I knock on his door but no one answers, I knock a little harder and wait 10 minutes continue knocking but still no answer. So he ain’t home but where can he be? I don’t know where Nate would go so I decided just to go back, I wasn’t feeling for going around Campus to look for him especially not when he could be out in the city or something. I went up to my room again, I could clean up and unpack so it was ready for the new year. I also remembered that I had to Skype James and Alex I had to say happy new year to them before Johanne was going to bed and Alex was fired fireworks. Alex always go crazy when he can set fire to something like that, he always spend way too many money than he should.


I called Alex first that would be the conversations there would be the longest, so it was better to have that over with. I love Alex I really do, we have just always had this intense relationship because I’m his little sister so I irritates him and he irritates me with his annoying and stupid comments, he doesn't know what he is saying all the time and he don’t know the consequences of his words and actions. When we were kids he scared me a lot. I remember one time where he and dad got into a fight about Alex should clean the kitchen or something like that. Alex got so mad and took a knife from the table and said he would report our dad to the police if he came any closer, dad has a hard time keeping his head cold so he started laughing this cold laugh, and that just pissed Alex even more. Dad is good at self defense so he got the knife from Alex, but what we didn’t knew was that alex had an extra. Dad told Alex to put the knife on the table and go for a walk so he could relax. Alex didn’t wanted to do that, I had started crying at this point and started yelling at Alex. Alex hates when I cries so he stopped and walked over to me, I didn’t wanted to talk with him but I didn’t really had any choice. I asked him with my 10 year old voice if he could put the knife away and just go for a walk because he really scared me and I hated when they was arguing. Alex walked and came back later that night. The worst fight were those where mom couldn’t be there because she had to work.


I call Alex, he answers quite fast so he must have been at the computer.


“Hi Daisy”


“Hi Alex”


Alex doesn’t look like he is related to James and I, Alex has an elongated face while James and I have round one. Alex’ hair is blond. The only thing we have in common is our eyes, we all have blue eyes, but in mine there is some green.


“Happy New Year” He already had his hat on, but they were also six hours in front of us so it was around 6PM there, he looked ready.


“Happy New Year to you too” I smile.


“Are you looking forward for tonight?” I have to ask the questions or else, there won’t be a conversation.


“Yes very much! The educators has planned a lot of games for us to play and we have cooked all day! I have made the smashed potatoes and it’s going to be the best dinner we ever had!”


“That sounds nice, have you bought some firework for tonight?” I sounded patient but I wasn’t.


“Yes but not as much as I would like to, they have sat a limit this year to how much we could buy, so that sucks”


“Maybe it is for the best don’t you think?”


“Nahh, I saw this big firework bomb where there was 50 fireworks in but they said I couldn’t buy it”


“That is too bad”


“Daisy I have to go so goodbye”


“Goodb..” He cut me off before I could get to say goodbye to him. That is typical, he found something more exciting than talking with me, but it’s okay that means that I can call James and Chloe. I write a text to James first, so he can find his computer and get Chloe and Johanne settle.


James is the one who calls me.


“Hey sis what are you doing?” He smile his biggest smile, Johanne does too.


“Just cleaning and unpacking my suitcase” I smile back to them.


“Did you have a good flight?”


“Yeah, did you have a good christmas?”


“Yes very much, Chloe's family have given the perfect present”


“What have you gotten?”


“A horse”




“Yeah, you know I have wanted one since we moved from Copenhagen” Chloe looks so happy now she have gotten a horse, they have made a small family over there, and even though I just have seen them, do I miss them.

We talk a little more and I tell them about the woman on the plane and the baby, they tell me more about the plans they have for tonight and the thoughts about dad and his new girlfriend. James agrees with me that she seems sweet and have good influence on dad but the whole situation is weird because we didn’t knew anything.

Just while we are talking about dad and Charlotte, Nate comes into my room. He just looks at me and I look at him, I say goodbye to James and Chloe.


“Who were you speaking with?” Nate comes closer to me.


“My brother, his girlfriend and my niece”


“Was that danish you were speaking?”




“It sounds weird” This conversation is weird.


“Chinese sound weird too. It’s only because you don’t understand it”


“Teach me some”


“Where have you been? I woke up and you were gone” I need an answer to this, or else my mind will go in different directions with a bad happening.


“I had to do some errands for my friend Caleb” He tilt his head on the side like he does when he tries to figure out what I want from him.


“What do you want to learn?”


“What about ‘I have missed you’?”


“Jeg har savnet dig”

“What? say that again”


“Jeg. Har. Savnet. Dig” I tried to spell it out for him.


“Yeg ar sawet de. It sounds so harsh. Are you sure that is how you say it?” His vision of it sounds sweet so I give him a kiss on his cheek.


“Is it you or me who speaks danish?”


“Okay tell me how to say ‘come closer’”


“Gå væk”


“Go vak. Does that really mean that? That sounds like you are going to puke” I laugh so hard while I’m going away from him.


“I wanted you to get close not further away” He takes a step closer toward me.


“Actually you said I should go away”


“Is that what it means?”


“Yeah” I smile a big smile toward him, and he gives me my punish with kisses everywhere except at my lips.


“Kom tættere”




“Kom. Tættere. It means, come closer”


“Come tetere” I laugh again, this time he pushes me down on the bed, but it ain’t my bed this time.

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