The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


11. Chapter 11

I just stood there. I didn’t knew what to say, I was confused. I wanted to be with him but it would be best if we didn’t stayed together for his own sake.

“Daisy stop. This ain’t something you have to analyse, all you have to think about is if you want to see what this can be”


“No buts. What do you want to do right now? Do you want me to go or to stay? Don’t think about the consequences of the choices, just chose what you want from your heart” Can I tell him the truth? I don’t want to lie but wouldn’t that be better for him?

“Stay” I whisper the word out but he heard it, he pulls me closer into him and kiss me on the top of my head.

I tilt my head up so I can kiss him on his mouth. If he is going to stay do I deserve some reward for putting my guards down. He give me the reward I want. The kiss is different from the others, I can still feel the electricity between us but this time it feels stronger. The kiss gets deeper, I lose myself in the kiss and I think he does too. I havn’t noticed that we have moved but somehow he have closed me up toward the closet. He have captured my body with his so I can’t move, my hands is locked by his over my head. At some reason I don’t get claustrophobic even though he holds my hands so I can’t move and my entire body is captured, normal I would panic but my concentration is captured on the kiss. Nate makes me feel safe. That realisation stops the kiss. He let go of my hands but his body stills captures mine. I can feel the panic raise but I don’t know if it is the realisation or the capturing that makes me scared.

Nate can see that my panic is raising so he moves away just a little bit, he don’t move that far away so I can run but enough for my panic to stop.

“What did just happen?” I havn’t get a good look at him before now, he looks so amazing with his red cheeks and fluffy hair. Why isn’t he a supermodel or something? I blush because I remember I’m only in my pajamas which is just a long shirt and my messy hair is everywhere.

“I’m claustrophobic” I look around in the room, I don’t know where to look but I know I can’t look at him.


“Thank God. I was afraid that you would push me away again and run out of the door” That could have been an option if I had gotten enough oxygen to think.

“You should thank yourself for that. You didn’t let me get enough oxygen to think”


“I would do it again you know. That kiss is the best we have had” His body come closer to mine again.


“Is this too claustrophobic for you?” His flirty eyes and smooth voice makes my mind blurred. He is like drugs to my senses, I can’t think and all I want is to get my next fix.


I kiss him, I let him know that it ain’t too claustrophobic for me. I even try to come closer to him, this ain’t like me. I’m a shy person who barely speak and when I does I’m awkward. We move toward the bed still kissing, it is kind of awkward and clumsy but we won’t let go of each other's lips. I laugh a little bit and I can feel his smile toward my lips. I feel like I’m flying on a pink cloud. I’m just happy that Simone won’t be back before after New year. Nate’s hands is reaching under my pajamas, I remember I only have a long t-shirt on and I’m not ready for this so I push his hand away. He smiles even more, is he laughing at me? I stop the kiss, he shall not laugh at me because I push his hands away. He look at me with amuse in his eyes but when he see that I’m mad it disappear.


“Why are you mad?”


“You laugh at me”


“I’m not laughing at you”


“You laugh because I pushed your hand away”


“I laughed because I like that you did it. No one has done that before” He reach out for my hand, I let him take it.


“Are you used to get it your way with the girls?” I meant it as a joke, but after I said it out loud I remember who he is. He is probably use to that the girls do what he wants just so they can touch him. He is not just a magnet to me but to everybody. I think he can see the realisation in my face because he takes my other hand too.


“Not like that” He tries to calm me down and get my happy mood back.


“Are you jealous Daisy? You seem like that” He is making fun at me now. That just make me more angry.


“I’m not jealous” I try to sound convincing but I’m not even convinced. He grab me around my waist and lift me up, he drops me on the bed and lays down with me.


“I’m so jealous. You have no idea how much I am”

“Really? Tell me more!” He got my mood back, he should get a reward just for that. I give him a smile and lays with my upper body on his chest so I can look at him and still be in his arms.


“Did you have a good winter break?” He tries to change subject but I won’t let him. I wanna hear more about him and not talk about me.


“What do you do when you become jealous?” He sighs.


“If I tell you this you have to promise me telling about your vacation” I agrees with a silent nod but only because I know I have to sleep soon so I won’t have the time to tell him.


“When I get jealous I get mad. Not mad as I want to destroy anything but childish mad you know. I stay silent and refuse to do anything” This time he blush, finally.


“I have waited for this! I didn’t think you could do it” I kiss both his cheeks.


“Do what?”


“Blush” He just blushes more and I laugh. He attacks me so I lay on my back with him on top. My shirt has crawled up so you can see my grandma panties, worst day to wear them. I try to get one of my hands free so I can pull down my shirt, but Nate is stronger than me.


“You don’t get to laugh at me and get away with it” He kisses me on my cheeks, forehead, nose and me neck. It’s nice and I laugh even more but my panic starts slowly, Nate can feel it so he gives me some more space.


“Have you alway been claustrophobic?”


“Not always. It started a few years ago” I don’t want to come into details.


“How?” Can’t he let it go?


“What about if we talk about something else?” I try with a persuasive tone, but it doesn't look like he is going to fall for it.


“You have to tell me something about yourself Daisy. You know so much about me and my family, but I hardly know anything about you. Give me some details, please” I can’t say no when he is begging.


“Something terrible happened a few years ago, and I just can’t let it go” I have stopped looking at him, instead I look at Simones pictures on her wall.


“What happened?” He tries to calm me down.



“Let’s just say that I found something and was trapped with it too long” He looks concerned, but I don’t know what to do about it. It is my problem, not his. He rolls of me and pulls me into his chest so we just lay there. I fall asleep in his arms, it is the best place I can fall asleep because that means I won’t get any nightmares.

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