The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


10. Chapter 10

We had to land in London before we could fly to NY, we also did it on the way to Copenhagen, but this time it feeled  like we were waiting way longer than we had done before. Maybe it was because I had a screaming baby on the seats in front of me and a tall man sitting right behind me so his knees kept digging into the back of my seat. Let’s just say that I’m not in a good mood, so it’s good that Sky isn't picking me up in the airport as we first had planned. I tried to sleep so I wouldn't have so much jet lag when I arrive, but it was impossible with the man behind behind and the baby. I could see the mom’s face from my seat, I could see in her face that she didn’t knew what to do, and she knew that everyone was tired of the screaming. I stood up and went over to her, what I wanted to do I didn’t knew but I had to do something. The mom was so panicking that she couldn’t see clear, I think she is a newborn mom. The baby doesn't look that old, and the mom is quite young. Not much older than me I think.


“Hi, can I help you in any way?” How could I help? I don’t have any experience with babies except Johanne.


“I don’t know how to get her to stop crying” She sounded panicking and on the edge of breaking down.


“It’s okay, we all get it. It’s hard to be a mom and specially in a plane” I tried to sound more understanding than I was. The man next to the woman looked at me with eyes there wasn’t understanding. He surely hated the woman and her screaming baby.


“Give me the baby, than you can find the pacifier. She is probably crying because of the air pressure, the pacifier will help her like gum helps us”


“Really? Can it be over that easy?” She looked at me with hope in her eyes, she gave me her baby. I tried to go up and down the hall in the plane to get the baby relax. I didn’t help so I stopped and started to swing her in my arms, I sang a little to her to. It seemed like she started to relax a little bit, she still cried but not as loud as before. It felt like forever before the woman found the pacifier, I took it from her hand and putted it in the baby’s mouth. She stopped crying immediately. Everybody in the plane let out a sigh, me and the woman too.

I hold the baby a little longer so the woman could relax a little bit further.


“Thank you so much! I’m so relieved!” The man next to her rolled his eyes. He probably thought that she shouldn’t have a baby if she didn’t knew this.


“Sir. Shall we swift seat so I can help with the baby?” Now he looked relieved he probably just wanted to get away from her and her now silent baby before it started screaming again.


“Where do you sit?” I pointed toward my seat a few rows behind. He stood up and grabbed all of his things, I did the same.


“Thank you, but I think she is relaxed now”


“Actually you did me a favour. The man behind me is so tall that his knees kept pushing through the back of my seat” I whispered that to her so the man couldn’t hear me.


“By the way I’m Bella”


“I’m Daisy” I wanted to shake hands with her, but she was busy holding the baby.

I found out that Bella was 2 years younger than me, she had moved to London for a man she had met a year ago. They had been so much in love, he was studying and she had been working at a supermarket when she got pregnant. It had been a shock for them because they were too young, and she didn’t have an education or anything. It had been too big of a pressure when Lola came. The relationship only held a month before Bella had found a note where he said he had left. Bella had been down for weeks and didn’t knew what to do until she had called her mother who lives in NY, so Bella had decided to move home to her with Lola and then start over. I like Bella. She is a strong independent woman, if she get beaten she just raise up again. I know that Lola will be a strong woman too. I didn’t get to sleep on the plain, instead I got to know Bella and Lola. Bella gave me her number so we could meet up in New York, we had a lot in common except the whole drama and baby stuff. But I liked Lola, she was a sweet girl when she didn’t cry.

I was so tired when we landed, I felt like a zombie. At least some of the others from the plain did too. Bella and I gave the other passengers nicknames, like the man who started sitting next to her he was Mr. Grumpy, the man who sat behind me was Sir. Lancelong and we kept on till everyone had a nickname. It helped us keeping the mood up when we were so tired. Bella got her bag fast, she wanted to wait with me until I got mine but I told her that she should go home and get some sleep and let Lola get some too. I said goodbye to Lola and hugged Bella, I promised that I would call after New Year so we could hang.

My bag was the last to come, I sighed when I finally saw it. It grabbed it and hurried out of the airport. I had to take a taxi to Campus, I still haven't learned which line I should take the subway.


I felt a sleep in the taxi so the driver woke me up so he could get his money. I had missed this place way more than I thought I would and I had only been gone for three weeks. It was hard to get out of the taxi with all the snow there was, I couldn’t roll my suitcase so I had to carriage it. It was heavy and I kept falling because it was so smooth. I had fallen for the 3 time and all I wanted was to sleep right there, I closed my eyes I was close to tears. I was miserable and frustrated, all I wanted was to get inside so I could sleep and get the warmth back in my body. But apparently the universe didn’t wanted me to do that. A hand came and pulled me up, I didn’t get to see who it was until I stood close up to his body with his arms around me, but I knew instant that it was him. It was the eyes I had been dreaming of so long. His face was as beautiful as always, his cheeks was a little red from the cold.


“Do you need some help?” He smiled his wry smile at me.


“Yes please” I couldn’t move or I wouldn’t move. It was so good to have his arms around me again, I have missed those.

He took my suitcase and put his arm around me so I wouldn’t fall again. He got me safe to the entrance which was a hard mission, because I was about to fall two times and I would have if he didn’t had a arm around me. He was my savior.


“Where have you been? I saw you in the airport the day I left” I had to know if he had started seeing somebody else. I had seen the girls who had been dreaming about him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had fallen in love with one of them.


“Home” I broke out into a smile.


“Why are you smiling? Is it because you got home safe?” He smiled too. Once again I did some spontaneous. I don’t know where it comes from, it must be something he does to me. In front of the door to the building I stopped and got out of his arm, so instead of being on the side of him I now stood with the front to him. I stood up on my toes so I could reach his lips with mine. It all went so fast that he didn’t get to suspect what I was about to. My kiss was fast too, it was one of those you give your grandma, but I wanted it to be more but I slipped before it could be deeper. I falled down on my but with a big slam, Nate couldn’t stop it because I had just surprised him with my spontaneous kiss and embarrassing fall. He looked at me, he looked surprised and hurt. He didn’t say a word to me, he just helped me up and gently pushed me through the door, he made sure that I came inside secure with my suitcase. No more snow or ice I could fall in, but he hadn’t spoken to me yet and it seemed like he wouldn’t do either. He closed the door after him. What had just happened? Nate must be furious at me. How can I reject him and then kiss him? It is so wrong of me and I know it, I just couldn’t stop it. I’m attracted to him so badly, it feels like there is a string between us and I keep pulling him closer just so I can push him away again. I have to either cut the string or stop my confusing about myself. The last option isn’t realistic.


I took my suitcase up to my room, I had to sleep before I unpacked. So I took my clothes off and jumped in my pajamas. I had been looking forward to this since I left Copenhagen.


I wake up abruptly. I sat up, I couldn’t understand what have woken me up, my alarm hasn’t set of yet. Was it a nightmare I couldn’t remember? It knocked on my door, hard. It must have been that which had woken me up. I stood up and walked to the door, I felt like a zombie. I still havn’t got enough sleep to work probably, it knocked again. The person on the outside must be impatience or something with all that knocking.

I opened the door, I was prepared to yell at the person outside because they had woken me up from my sleep. I didn’t got the time to yell at him, as soon as I opened the door did he walk past me. I wasn't expecting to see him, especially not when he hadn’t spoken to me after my grandma kiss and embarrassing fall. I looked like a lightning had went through me with my hair everywhere and drool on my chin. I tried to get the drool away and get my hair a little bit less messy before he would look at me. He just walked back and forth in the small room, he looked upset but I wouldn’t be the first to speak, he had entered my room without any explanation, my stubbornness made no sense.


“What was you thinking?” He had stopped walking back and forth and stood still in the middle of the room.


“About what?” I was confused, I wasn’t thinking right now.


“The kiss” He looked me in the eyes and I blushed about the memory, mostly about that goddamn fall. Why should that even happen at that time?


“I don’t know. I had just missed you that’s all” I said the last in a whisper, I didn’t think he had heard me.


“You missed me? You could have thought of that before you rejected me” I knew he was right. But why did the right thing feel so wrong?


“I know. It’s not fair of me, I know that Nate. I don’t know how to explain it without sounding like an idiot”


“Try” Now he was stubborn. I wanted to get out of this in the least painful way, first I thought about lying and tell I was drunk or something, but I have always been a bad liar so I decided to tell the truth, even though I will sound crazy.


“You have captivated me Nate. You came with your rescue and your smile, I knew the first time you smiled at me that I had to get away. I won’t be your goose, but I get attracted to all of your shine” I couldn’t look at him, it was too embarrassing. If we haven't been in my room, I would have ran, far far away from him.


“My goose? What are you talking about? You are not a goose” It sounded weird in my head, so of course it sounded weird in his ears.


“You know that gooses fly as high as the plains and they get attracted to them because they shine, so they fly into the engine and then the plain crashes”


“You are not my goose Daisy” He took a step toward me, I didn’t move. Once again his shine captivated me.


“Don’t you get it? You are not my goose, you are my GPS. You give me a direction” He hold around me now, I didn’t want to move so i didn’t. He thought I was his GPS instead of a goose. It was the sweetest thing anybody had ever said to me.

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