Just a game?

An imagine of you and Michael Clifford..... And a twisted spirit on halloween.
As you and Mikey try to play the ouija board something horrible happens and Michael has disappeared.
Where did he go and will you find him?


3. where are you Mikey?

//hey everyone!!!! so this chapter is rlly exciting and i hope you love it :) 
stell x

Your first instinct was to go and find Mike. You didn't know where to start looking, he could be anywhere. What if he is hurt or tied up somewhere? you start thinking to yourself. You keep trying to not think of what could of happened to him. You try to calm yourself down by thinking that this is all one big halloween joke on you that Mike and his friends had planned, but how would that explain the wind? and no one knew about you and Luke, you guys were dating in secrecy. 

You went to go find your phone to try and call Calum, your longest best friend to come over and try to help find Michael but your phone was no where to be seen. You had it right next to you when you were playing the game but it wasn't there anymore so you ran to the kitchen where you knew the home phone was, as you dialled his number, all the home phones got disconnected. You were running out of options, you decided that it was up to you to find Mikey by yourself. 

You started by checking the house back to front, every cupboard, under all the beds and  in all the rooms, he was no where to be seen. you were about to go check all the bathrooms one last time but then you heard a scream coming from outside on the front porch,


You ran downstairs as fast as you possibly could to find Michael covered in cuts and bruises and blood, standing on the other side of the glass front door of the house.

"PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR! HELP ME!" Michael screamed once more.

You went to open the door but it was locked, you had a spare key to Michaels house that you always kept on you incase of an emergency so you took it out of your back pocket and tried to open the door, it wouldn't unlock.

You had no clue what to do but you couldn't stand to see Michael in all that pain so you did the only thing that you thought of.
"stand back" you screamed as you grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and smashed the glass door. Michael fell right into your arms, he was unconscious.

"no, no, Michael, you need to wake up. please Mikey I can't lose you" you cried as you placed him on the floor.

You went to go find help, anyone. It was now 12:23am and you were running to the closest neighbours house, Michael lived out of the City on a farm. His closest neighbour wasn't for a good 2k but you were willing to do anything to save Mikey.  You were running up the lonely street until you saw 2 headlights coming towards you, a car. You jumped out to the side of the road and started jumping up and down and waving your arms hysterically
"HEYYYY OVER HERE! HELP ME PLEASE! HELPPPPPPP!" you kept screaming as the car was getting closer.
The car kept driving past you. Your feet were killing and you couldn't possibly walk anymore so you decided to go back to the house and to stay with Michael and try to get a phone working. 

When you got back to the house you started to panic as Michael was no longer on the floor.
"Michael? MICHAEL!" you screamed running though the space where the door once was.
"babe, I'm here, whats wrong?" it was Michael, holding a mug of hot chocolate in his hands, his hair was in perfect condition, he was clean, clear of all bruises and scratches.

"b-but y-you were there and I-I was and you had and you were un conscious and wh-what happened?" you were so confused and had no clue of what to think of what just happened.
"hey princess, it's ok, I'm fine, I woke up and found myself lying on the floor so I went upstairs, had a shower and cleaned myself up its ok" Michael said as he wrapped his arms around your hips. You could tell something was off, Michael was different, he knew how much you hated being called princess, this wasn't Michael.

You quickly stepped back from him

"Its me babe, don't worry" 

"I know Michael and your not him" you ran passed him into the kitchen and grabbed the sharpest knife you could find.

"woahhh, slow down princess, what are you planning to do with that?" A smirk grew along his face as  you pointed the knife at him

"wheres Michael?" you demanded moving the knife so it was in perfect line with his neck.

"oh honey, you can't kill me if I'm already dead" It was Lukes voice.

You dropped the knife in disbelief, as the knife hit the ground it made a large crashing noise that filled the room with noise, cutting off the dead silence that filled the air.

"Luke, is that really you?" 


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