Just a game?

An imagine of you and Michael Clifford..... And a twisted spirit on halloween.
As you and Mikey try to play the ouija board something horrible happens and Michael has disappeared.
Where did he go and will you find him?


4. the escape

//hey guys! so here is the next chapter! I hope you like it!
Goal for next update: 30 likes and favourites?
comment anything you want/ think about the book!
stell x


You started shaking in disbelief from what has just happened. There was no way that Luke was trapped inside Michael. 
You knew that you needed to get Michael back was if you spoke to your grandma, she used to always tell you about all these stories of ghosts and spirits when you were younger, you never believed her but at the moment you could really believe anything.
"hey b-babe?" you said with a big shake in your voice, you knew that you had to get on to Lukes good side if you wanted to make it out alive. "Do you know where my phone is?" you said while playing with your fingers.
"you mean this?" Luke said while holding your phone. 
"Can I p-please have it? You said while reaching out to grab it but Luke refused to give it to you. He kept looking at your wall screen, it was a photo of you and Michael on a boat when it was your birthday.
"this could of been us you know? You dumped me for that" He said while shaking the photo in my face.
"we-we can be like that again, Luke, just you and me" You said, you knew you had to go along with it "lets order some food? Maybe Pizza?" you said while sliding the phone out of his hand, he was believing it, thank god.
As soon as you grabbed the phone and picked up the knife from the floor. 
He went to grab you wrist but you sliced his hand without even thinking
"Now why would you do that?" Luke said as he looked down on his wrist which was already completely healed. You just ran  but as you got to the door all the lights blacked out and all the doors shut, Luke could control everything with his mind. This. Was. Bad.

The wind came back and all you could hear was crashing. All you could think of was holding onto my phone, that was the one way you could get  Michael back. "PLEASE STOP LUKE" you pleaded and screamed while ducking down in fear of objects getting thrown all over the house. You tried climbing back up to the door to try and get out but it was still locked. The first think you thought of was going back to the door where Michael fell through, you could get out of the house from there. You put the torch on through your phone and started crawling through the room trying to avoid all the misplaced objects. You finally made it to the broken door and climbed through all the broken glass and just kept running. You hid behind a bunch of bushes and quickly dialled you grandmas number. "please answer. come on. come on. please" you kept mumbling to yourself
"hello?" a tiered old voice said through the phone.
"grandma, grandma its me, Y/N" you said with a glimpse of joy in your voice.
"Y/N? Is everything ok?
""grandma, do you remember when I was little and you used to tell me all those stories on how to kill a spirit?well I need to know it now otherwise a lot of people will be in danger"
"Ok, I need to go and get my spell book wait one seconds"
""hurry!!!"  you said with a bit of panic regaining in your voice.

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