Just a game?

An imagine of you and Michael Clifford..... And a twisted spirit on halloween.
As you and Mikey try to play the ouija board something horrible happens and Michael has disappeared.
Where did he go and will you find him?



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love you all!
enjoy! :)
stell xo


" hello....is anyone there?" Michael asked, you could hear the fright in his voice
the planchette moved straight to yes, you thought it was Mikey trying to scare you.
"Michael! don't move it, its freaking me out" you yelped as you took your hands off the planchette.
"I swear I didn't do it babe, I wouldn't  do that to you"

"well than who did...the ghost?" you sarcastically said with a bit of temper in your voice
..... Michael was silent.
"ask it another question" you whispered as you placed your hands back onto the little piece of wood.
" whats your name? Michael whispered. The planchette started moving 
" how did you die?" Michael continues to say and before he could even finish his sentence, the planchette started moving slowly towards the left lower corner and spelt out

"when and how?"
2... Y.E.A.RS.....A.G.O

"how?" Michael repeated.


it cant be...you start thinking to yourself....theres no way. 

"Mike, there is something I need to tell you, back before I meet you, I was only in year 10 and I had a boyfriend called Luke Hemmings. We only dated for 6 months, it was nothing serious until he...." you started to stutter over your words as a tear dropped down your face " he.... he ..um.. died. The police never found the body..... what if this spirit is my old dead boyfriend?" you were shaking at the thought of him being back.
At first Michael was silent but then he muttered " but we were together in year 10"

"I know babe, when I met you I dumped him for you the day before he went missing, when he left me that night he.... he...he left really angry. I didn't realise he would kill him self over it" your face now had tears running down it and landing on your new top that you just loved.

"this is bullshit, this is just a stupid piece of cardboard, there is no way in hell that your dead boy friend is here talking to us as a spirit. Complete BULLSHIT" Michael said in disbelief from what he has just heard . The planchette started moving around the board rapidly, too fast to read, Michael and you both let go but it kept moving around the board. A strong wind picked up in the living room, the candles blew out, your hair was flying all over the place and then the lights blacked out.
"I think we made the spirit angry Michael, what do we do?" you scream, your voice filled with terror as your eyes are still full of tears and trying to adjust to this new darkness that surrounds you.
Michael doesn't reply.
"Michael Gorden Clifford, answer me....please? I'm scared" you whimper as you try to get up to make your way to where Michael was.
still nothing from Michael and  you can't seem to feel him anywhere.
"Luke, if this is you, please, I'm sorry.. I..I never meant to hurt you, just let Michael go PLEASE!" you scream while still  crying at the same time.
The lights turned back on, the whole living room was a mess and there were things in different places from where they were before, there was shattered glass everywhere and as you turned around you saw a message written on the wall in blood, the message was 
Lukey... thats what you used to always call him. At first you didn't know what to think, you still couldn't believe that the ouija board was real. You quickly snapped back out of your shock and realised that Michael was no where to be seen...




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