love, Luke

Maddy and Luke are 2 high school sweethearts who are both madly in love with each other but will secrets and friends separate them? And will a Mistake change everything?
And will a drunk mistake when overseas destroys a beautiful relationship?
read to find out ;)


7. the sequel begins....


//hey everyone! Im back with part 2 of 'Love, Luke' !
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"Luke, Hurry I'm going to be late for collage and your going to be late to work" I yell from the kitchen of our small apartment in London. Luke and I have been living here for 2 years now and I have to say, at first it was hard to say goodbye to everyone and start a new life but Ashton comes up once a year with Michael and Autumn (who finally got together) for Christmas and Luke goes to collage and studies music while I work at a little cafe down the road from his University.

Luke told me about going to London only a week before my birthday and I said yes without a doubt in my mind, I needed to get away from my home town, from school, from my mum, from Calum. We left the day after my birthday so everything was rushed but all I knew was that I needed to get out.

After 10 minuets of waiting at the kitchen table, Luke appears out from our bedroom in his ripped black skinny jeans and a Nirvana shirt. He still looked so adorable even though he had bed hair. He scuffed his hair around with his hand and gave me little wink.

"You ready?" I ask grabbing the keys to our car and started to head to the door.
"yep" he replied popping the 'p' sound following behind me through the door.

He dropped me off at the cafe and I watched him drive off while waving and giving a little smile as he honked the horn of our little black car.


After everything that happened with Calum I needed to take Maddy out of town so we moved to London in my parents apartment. It was perfect. I study music at college and also teach little kids how to play guitar while Maddy works at a little cafe called 'Conor's corner', after Uni I always meet her there to share an iced mocha, her favourite drink. 

Ashton, Autumn and Michael come to visit at christmas which is great but I miss Calum, he was my best friend but I could never forgive him for what he did to Maddy. I haven't spoken to him since that night, I can't bear to hear his voice let alone see his face.

After Maddy and I's mocha at the end of the day we started to head home to get ready for a party tonight, It was for Jackies, Maddy's friend from work, she was super cool, had long blond hair and glasses that looked amazing on her. She was only 21, the same age as Maddy. It was her 'start of holidays bash', a party she has every time a holiday starts at her house with a Dj, dance floor and booze. Her parties were absolutely crazy but were amazing.

Maddy looked amazing when she walked out of the apartment entrance in her outfit for the night. I stared in awe of her beauty while leaning against the car door waiting for her, she had her long hair out and was wearing a skin tight black dress that was strapless and stopped at her mid-theigh with these nude heels that weren't too high but just right. 

"stop staring" She softly said while blushing and putting her arms around my neck and pulling me into a kiss.
"I can't help it" I mumble through the kiss before pulling away with a smirk on my face while opening the car door for her before getting into the drivers seat myself.

We were fashionably late to the part by only 10 minuets but as soon as we walked in Maddy saw some of her friends from the cafe and went over to them as I headed towards the bar. Jackie was there, a beer in hand, when she saw me she gestured for me to come and have drink with her, I could tell she was already completely drunk and it made me let out a little laugh. The night carried on and the drinks kept coming.

It was around 11pm when the 12th beer was in my hands and I decided to wonder around to find Maddy. I spent a few minuets looking for her until I caught Jackie out of the corner of my eye on the dance floor and decided to join her. I went up behind her and called out her name loud enough for her to hear and she quickly turned around with her blond hair flicking me in the face and in that moment our eyes made contact and everything was still, silent. We slowly leaned in closer to each other until our lips were locked together, my hands going up her top while hers going though my hair.
Next thing I know she is holding my arm and pulling me up to her room and locked the door behind her. My hands touching her bare skin with only her bra and underwear on while I kissed her neck and unbuckled her bra strap while she pulled off my boxers and lied flat down on her bed, me lying on top of her. 
She pulled the sheets over the both of us while letting out a drunk giggle as I pressed my lips against hers as she gripped my blonde hair through her fingers. 

"Theres always that one stupid mistake that changes everything" -unknown.


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