love, Luke

Maddy and Luke are 2 high school sweethearts who are both madly in love with each other but will secrets and friends separate them? And will a Mistake change everything?
And will a drunk mistake when overseas destroys a beautiful relationship?
read to find out ;)


5. chapter 5



Today Calum is having his annual 'start of summer' party. Although Cal is one of my best friends I hated his parties, everyone was always getting high and hooking up everywhere. Maddy was sleeping with her head on my chest, she was so precious. I didn't want her to go to the party, if something happened to her I don't know what I would do. 

I quietly got up and tried my hardest not to wake her from her slumber. I went downstairs where the boys were all sitting around the Tv, eyes glued to the screen. I never really got to speak to Calum about what happened with him and Maddy the other day so I decided to do it now before he said anything else to her.
"Hey Cal?" I asked as I walked over to the lounge that he was sitting on.
"whats up?"  he said while fixing up his posture so he was now sitting up straight.
"Can we have a talk?"  Michael had paused the TV and the room was dead silent as he, Ash and Cal exchanged glares at each other. I don't think it could of gotten anymore awkward. 
Calum just smirked at the other boys as he got up and walked straight past me onto the balcony. I quickly followed him and closed the sliding door behind me.
"Whats on your mind?" He said, totally chilled
"I heard what you said to Maddy yesterday" I said, my fist curled up just at the thought of him, my best friend trying to steal my girl.
He was silent.
"Mate, don't ever try and do something like that again" I said as I grabbed his shirt and pinned him against the balcony wall. 

"Luke?" I heard Maddy soft voice "what are you doing?" She was on the other side of the glass balcony door. I let go of Calum and gave him a look before walking back inside. Everyone was silent. I just walked up stairs, Maddy followed me.  I went and lied on the bed and she came next to me, giving me a peck on the cheek before saying "I love you" . She didn't ask about what happened with Calum and I outside but I could tell she already kinda knew.
Those 3 words coming from her meant the world to me. I really am in love with her and I just want to give her everything her heart desires. 


I'm so excited for tonight, its Calums 'start of summer party' I've never been to one of his parties since I would always stay with Autum and she was never allowed to go, I would always feel bad for going without her so I'd end up staying up all night with her watching Netflix and eating chunky monkey ice cream. Tonight Aut and I had a plan to sneak her out, it was going to be perfect.
Luke and I were just lying in bed when I said "hey babe, shouldn't we start getting ready?" 
"for what?" Luke said rubbing his eyes, still half asleep
"For Cals party tonight.... oh yeah is it Ok if we pick up Aut on our way?" I said while getting up and walking to the cupboard to choose an outfit for tonight. 
"Do you really want to go?" He asked with a loud sigh.
"yessss, please babe" I said while going up to him " I'll give you a surprise when we get home if we can go" I whispered into his ear. I could see him bite his lower lip, fiddling with his lip ring
"ok but promise me one thing," 
" just be careful, his parties can get wild"
"Ok, I promise I will. Love you babe!" I said while pulling him out of bed, he still looked extremely cute with bed hair.

Cal was having his party at this abandoned house in the middle of nowhere, it was going to be so cool.

I decided to wear my black ripper skinny jeans and flowy white midrift with my hair in a messy ponytail and Luke wore his black jeans with his black and white Nirvana top, he looked so hot. 
We were at Autumns house by 8 and took her to the closest Mcdonalds where she changed into her clothes for the party, she wore a tight black dress that stopped at her mid thigh, Her long blond hair was out and her teal strip was showing through her waves. She looked incredible.

We turned up to the party fashionably late, We found Ashton, Calum and Michael straight away, Autumn had a crush on Mikey but would never make the first move, I personally think that they would make an amazing couple, they went off to the dance floor and Cal and I talked while Luke and Ash went to go get us all some drinks, Cal really goes full out with his parties.

Cal was already high and tried to offer me some coke but I turned down the offer, soon Luke returned with the drinks and told us how Ashton went off with his friends from soccer. Luke and I stayed on the dance floor for pretty much the whole night until I started feeling really sick.
"Luke, I really don't feel well" 
"Theres a room upstairs, it will be quitter there, lets go" He said as he grabbed my hand and took me upstairs.
There was a little bedroom with a queen sized bed in it 
"stay here, I'll go get you some water, I'll be right back" He said as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. I decided to just lie down on the old bed, I think someone spiked my drink.


I was walking back up the stairs with a bottle of water in my hand for Maddy until I heard her scream,
"LUKE! HELP ME!" I straight away dropped the bottle of water and ran right up to the room, my mind filled with every possible bad scenario that could be happening. As I walked into the room I saw Maddy lying on the bed with her top off, Calum was sitting on top of her shirtless trying to unbutton her pants as she cried trying to get him off her.
"Shut up" He said as he slapped her across the face. I ran in and before even thinking, punched him in the face, the punch was enough force to get him off Maddy. I quickly helped Maddy sit up and put her top back on, She was shaking so much, tears running down her face "It hurts" she softly said putting her hand up to her face where Calum slapped her. "go down, find Ashton and get him to take you back to the apartment, I'll meet you there" I said as I helped her stand up.
I looked back at Calum, he was lying on the bed, his hand rubbing just under his eye where a bruise was already starting to form from the punch. 
"You really shouldn't of done that" he said while slowing getting up off the bed, he started charging towards me, he was angry and ready to fight, he pushed me right down onto the floor. As he turned around to grab his shirt thinking that he won the fight I jumped back up and punched him right up the back of head, he crashed onto the floor and looked up at me, his nose was now bleeding immensely
" Don't you ever fucking touch her again" I screamed at him in anger before walking out of the room, leaving him on the cold, hard floor.
I straight away ran down and saw Mikey and Autumn,
"have you guys seen Ash or Maddy?" 
"yeah, I saw them leave like 5 minuets ago, whats going on?" Autumn replied with a look of concern on her face and her brows furrowed.
"I'll explain on the way home but we really need to leave now" I said already making my way to the exit with Michael and Autumn following me.


I was near the DJ dancing with some of my friends when Maddy came up to me, She looked like the biggest mess, her hair was out of her ponytail and all over her face, the top button of her pants was undone and her left cheek had a red hand mark on it.
"Maddy! what happened?" I asked as I pulled her off the dance floor so we were away from the crowd.
"Can you take me home, please, I'll explain in the car" She said while trying to pull me to the exit so weakly.
She was so weak and could barely walk so I quickly picked her up bride style and headed straight for the exit.

The car ride home she told me everything that happened with Calum , I was ready to kill him.
 As soon as we got into the car park of the apartment, I carried her upstairs and straight to her room. I laid her down onto the bed and went downstairs to get her some ice for her cheek and a  bottle of water. She asked me to stay with her until Luke got home, she was so stunned from everything and could barely speak, tears still rolling down her eyes. Poor Maddy.


As soon as we got to the apartment I ran to our room to see that Maddy was just lying on the bed, hugging her pillow, she was hyperventilating. I quickly went and started to run a hot shower for her and then went into the room, I helped her up and held her for my arms and played with her hair for a while  to calm her down, she was so shaken up, I didn't want to ever let her go. She went into the shower, I told her to take all the time she needed and that I would wait just outside the door for her.
I kept pacing up and down the room until I heard the shower stop, a few minuets later she came out, towel wrapped around her with her wet hair just hanging down off her shoulder. I went out of the room while she got changed into her pajamas and just waited outside the door.
a few minuets later I heard her sweet voice,
"Luke?" she whispered just loud enough that I could hear,
I went into the room and sat next to her on the bed, I did'nt say anything.
"what did you do to Calum?" She asked as she looked up with her glossy eyes.
"It's going to be OK, I don't think he will bother us anymore" I said as I wrapped my arms around her "Why don't you try and get some sleep" I said as I opened up the blankets for her to get in.
I kissed her on the cheek before getting in to bed next to her.
In the first 2 minuets she was fast asleep but I couldn't sleep for ages, I couldn't help but think of the events that just happened.  I just needed to sleep, I'll deal with everything the next day.
I'm going to take Maddy away for a bit. Maybe London, I have an apartment over there that my parents always rent out, I've been planning it for a while and was going to tell her birthday but I think I'm going to tell her tomorrow, we have both been through so much and we just need some time away to escape from our small town, everything will be just fine.
'We just gotta get out'







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