love, Luke

Maddy and Luke are 2 high school sweethearts who are both madly in love with each other but will secrets and friends separate them? And will a Mistake change everything?
And will a drunk mistake when overseas destroys a beautiful relationship?
read to find out ;)


1. chapter 1.

// heyyy guys! so I really hope you like this new book cause I'm working really hard on it!! ill  try and update often on this!
if you haven't already, go read my other book, "just a game?" and tell me what you guys think of both of the books :)
stell XO


Love, it's such a crazy thing, wouldn't you agree? You see, I have a major crush on Luke but we have been best friends for ages, (along with Calum, Michael, Ash and Autumn) so if I tell him I like him it could completely wreck our friendship and I would really hate for that to happen. Luke will never like me anyway, he already has the perfect girlfriend, Chloe Waters, She was the IT girl of our school, perfect hair, perfect ride, rich ass family, heaps of friends and of coarse, a perfect boyfriend. 

Luke was crazy hot and cool , he had a lip ring and blond hair with the deepest, crystal blue eyes that you have ever seen. He had a little tattoo on his arm of his bands symbol, I thought it was so cute. Him, Ash, Cal and Mikey had a band but it was just for fun.

The only person that knew about my crush was Autumn, my best friend in the whole wide world, she is the most coolest punk girl you will ever meet, she has long, wavy blond hair with a streak of blue running though it, she knew everything about me and I knew everything about her, there was nothing in this whole entire world that could break our friendship.

"hey Maddy, wait up!" I could hear Aut scream trying to catch up to me in the school hall as I walked into homeroom.
"hey hey" I said as she finally caught up to me and we walked into class together. 

Cal, Luke, Aut and I were in the same homeroom, there was a seat next to Luke open so I quickly went to grab it but then Chloe came cutting right in front of me 
"hey babe"
"hi Chloe" Luke replied to her as he kissed her on the left cheek.
I just walked the other way and went and sat next to Cal.

-skip to the end of the day-

Aut was always my ride home and Michael was Lukes' ride home.
I was walking out of my last class when I got a text from Autumn,
"hey, Michael and I got a detention :( soz babe 

I replied with a simple 
"np xo"

I guess I just had to walk home by myself, I didn't live too far from the school but I didn't live too close either. As I was walking out of the school gates I heard Lukes voice come up from behind me 
"hey Maddie, are you walking home?" 
"yeah, you?"
"Mike got a detention so yeah, I'll walk you home"
I couldn't help but blush, how could a bad boy be so sweet?
Luke lived just a block down from me so it wasn't that far of a walk.

We finally reached my house and he gave me a hug goodbye. His cologne was so strong but I loved it.

As Luke walked off and I walked into the front door my mother was just standing there with her arms folded over her chest.
"who was that boy?" she asked with a tempered voice.
"That's Luke, I have been friends with him for now 3 years, if you bothered to care about my life you would know" I snapped back
I only lived with my mother but she was rarely home and didn't care about me at all.
"Maddy, he's a bad boy, he has tattoos and piercings, you can't hang around him"
"mum, your never care about me so why start now? you can't stop me from seeing Luke" I said as I stormed up to my room, slammed the door and locked it.

---next day----

Ahhhh Valentines day, even though I'm single, I still love it. I bought all my friends a little love heart balloon, I was going to buy Luke a teddy bear but didn't know if that was going to be either really weird or cute, I bought it anyway and had it hidden in my bag.
When I walked into school Mikey ran up to my and gave me a big hug and I gave him the balloon, then Ash and Aut came and I gave them both their balloons. When we walked into homeroom I spotted Cal and gave him his balloon and he gave me a card in shape of a love heart "awww thanks Cal" I said as I wrapped my arms around him into a massive hug. Cal and I have known each other since year 5 and we have been best friends ever since. 
The seat next to Luke was available again and I wasn't going to go take it but then I saw that Chloe was sitting on the other side of the room with her group of friends. Before any one else could I went and took the spot next to Luke.
"happy valentines!" we both said in sync.
He pulled out a heart box filled with chocolates and little teddy bear as i pulled out the balloon and bear. It was perfect. 
Luke looked really upset and I couldn't help but wonder what happened
"Luke, are you Ok?" I whispered just loudly enough so he could hear.
" yeah I'm fine, Chloe and I broke up" I tried to hide the smile on my face as he said this and tried to be a good friend by giving him a hug and telling him that it would be Ok.

------ a week later-------
The day went along quickly and I was walking out of the school gates when Luke grabbed my hand from behind and said " come with me" as he started running towards the school car park
"Luke, where are we going?" I said as I was trying to keep up with his fast pace.
We got to his car and he pulled me against his car and put his hands around my waist and filled the space between us with a kiss. At first I was so confused and mumbled "why are you doing this" before he pressed his lips against mine once again. Once he pulled off my lips he whispered "I've wanted to do that for so long"
"Wait, Luke, what do you mean?" I said still confused about what just happened.
"I really like you Maddison" he said to me staring into my eyes "can I drive you home?"
I got into the passenger seat of his car and texted Autumn:
"hey, catching a ride home with Luke, you'll never believed what happened!"
her reply came back fast "you go girl, Mikey already told me what Luke was planning to do, ttyl xo"
the car ride home was silent, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was perfect.
As we pulled up to my home Luke came around and opened the door for me 
"my lady," he said as he swung open the door for me.
"why thank you kind sir" I said back all giggly, trying to hide the fact that I was uncontrollably blushing.
I walked to my front door and waved good bye as I watched him drive down my street. 
When I walked inside my mum was in the kitchen and screamed out 
"Maddison, where have you been? It better not have been with that boy again"
"so what is if was mum?" I said back whilst putting my bag down against the wall. Mum had walked into the living room where I was and had her arms folded across her chest yet again
" Maddy, you are no longer able to hang around him...I ban you" she barked at me.
"you can't control who I hang out with mum" I said as I ran into my room slamming and locking the door behind me.
I texted Aut asking her to come and pick me up and she replied saying she would be there in 10. I thought it was weird why she didn't even ask why I was running away. 8 minuets later I got a text from her saying "I'm here" and as I looked outside my window I saw Lukes car and I hit my face with my hand as I remembered that I swapped Autumns and Lukes names on my contacts so I could text Luke without my mum knowing. I quickly ran downstairs and closed the door behind me trying extremely hard not to make a sound so my mum wouldn't hear me sneak out.

Luke was leaning against his car as I walked out "why are you running away?" he asked me as I got closer to his car, I don't know what came over me but I blurted out "my mum banned me to see you... b-but its ok, don't worry" 
"oh ok" he said as he leaned in for a kiss and I wrapped my fingers into his blond hair as he wrapped his around my waist. The kiss was so passionate and could of lasted forever until I was yanked away by my mother
"Maddison! what do you think you are doing!" my mother yelled as she pulled me away from Luke.
"Mum! you can't tell me who I can and can't hang around with" I snapped back at her
"of course I can, I'm your mother!"
"well you have never acted like one" I screamed back at her.
"don't do this babe" Luke whispered in my ear but I ignored him and kept on going with what I was saying 
" you haven't even met Luke mum, how could you possibly even know what he is like?" 
" Its either him or me" mum said with her arms unfolded. 
"you know what I choose?" I said as i turned around and grabbed Lukes top towards me and kissed him, I could feel him smile through the kiss.
I heard my mother gasp but I just pulled closer into him as he slid his arms around my back.
" I want all your stuff out of my house by the morning!" My mother screamed as she charged back into the house.
SHIT! what the hell did I just do?
"can I come and stay with you Luke?" I said as my eyes started to swell up with tears from what just happened
"of coarse" he whispered as he pulled me into a hug and kissed my fore head. 






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