The Ride

Lauren Chandler was a good girl. Never causing much trouble. Jake Pierson was the opposite, always making trouble for everyone. One day Lauren got a text from Jake asking for help on his math homework. From that day on Lauren's life was never the same.


1. Lauren

        Lauren laid on her bed staring at the ceiling above her. "Yo, Jack look what I brought!"  Tommy Hernandez yelled outside. She knew Jack Pierson was having another party next door while his parents were away in France. She sighed as she got up from her bed and looked outside her window watching the two go inside the loud house with a 24 pack of Coronas and Heinz's. "Ah, Jack is at it again with the loud music and alcohol. That boy needs to be supervised!" Lauren's mother said walking in her room with her car keys "Thank you, baby for letting me use your car!" her mom said leaving her keys on her bedside table "No,problemo mom." Lauren said walking away from the window. Her mom stepped out of her room closing the door softly.

      Lauren woke up early in the morning. She stepped out of her bed going to her closet and picking a light-gray ribbed shirt with black cropped skinny jeans and old dirty white converse. She went to her bathroom and did her makeup. She was tall and slim. She had long straight hazel hair that reached the middle of her back. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green. Her lips were an aesthetically pleasing creme color. Her skin was beautifully tanned.Lauren jumped all of a sudden she heard a buzz on the bathroom sink, it was her phone she checked to see who texted her it was her friend, Hazel,

Hazel: Want to meet up at McDonald's before school?

Lauren: Today?

Hazel: Yeah, if you come I'll pay for your order!

Lauren: Deal

     Lauren put her phone in the back pockets of her jean. She finished up her makeup, grabbed her black sweater and her keys and headed outside. “Bye, mom!” She yelled up the stairs “Bye, Honey have a good day at school.” She heard faintly before heading outside towards her car. She saw Jack sitting on the sidewalk on his phone he stood up once he saw it was her “Hey Lauren!” Jack said walking towards her “What’s up?” Lauren said going to the other side of her car “I was wondering if you could drive me to school today?” He said looking down at his shoes “Umm...I have to go to McDonald's to meet up with my friend right now but if you don’t mind waiting then sure.” She unlocked her car and opened the driver's door “Nah, I don’t mind I totally need a coffee anyway” He said, “Okay, then hop on in.” Lauren said getting in and closing the car door.

     “I’d like 2 espressos please,” Lauren said her order to the employee that seem like she would rather be smoking a cigarette outside instead of being there. “Anything else with that?” She asked her breath stinking of cigar “No, Thank you.” Lauren said waiting to hand her the money that Hazel had given her “That will be $1.50” The lady said Lauren handed her the money and took the receipt. She sat down at the table where Hazel was sitting and staring at her "What?" Lauren asked smiling "Oh, you know what's on my mind, Lauren." Hazel said grinning back at her "It's just coffee and he didn't even get out of the car so it's not that special" Lauren said looking down at her receipt "Oh, come on Lauren you know you want his ..." Hazel said but Lauren stopped her "Don't you dare say it Hazel!" Lauren said cautioning her friend "Number I was going to say number." Hazel said grinning from ear to ear "Number 51," The cashier said Hazel stood up Lauren did the same both heading for their orders. "You better get his number," Hazel whispered in her before they both got in their cars. "Hey, I'm back." Lauren said handing Jack his coffee "Thanks, Lauren!" Jack said taking a sip of his espresso. Lauren started her car and headed off to Pine Vally High.

The Car ride was filled with soft sips of coffee and silence they were a minute away from their school when Jack suddenly said something "Um, Lauren do you mind giving me your number so that I set up a date that we can study. I heard you were the best Chem. and Math tutor" Jack said getting his phone out "Uh, yeah just let me park here real quick." Lauren parked in the student parking lot and got out her phone from her backpack " Here, you can text me whenever you want I'm mostly free on Wednesdays and Fridays." Lauren said Wishing she could just kiss his perfectly chiseled face that was lightly tanned ,he was the same height as her, He was center midfielder in the school's soccer team. "Got it, thanks, Lauren better get inside before class starts," Jack said getting outside the car Lauren got her stuff too "Bye Jack!" Lauren said "Bye Lauren! Thanks for the ride!" Jack said as he bumps into his girlfriend Aspen Miller "hey,babe! I was waiting for you" Aspen said smiling at Jack. Jack put his arm around her and they headed inside Aspen turned around glaring at her. "Ugh, why is he with that witch." Lauren thought walking into school.

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