Five Nights Of Freedom

Get this, a girl has offered to take over the job as night guard for the new Haunted Pizzeria (My Version) Of Freddy Fasbear.
But what she didn't realise was that it was scarier than she thought.


2. The Animatronics

Spring Trap:

I was leaning against the wall with my arms crossed and my humanoid body was trembling from the heat.

"let her speak" Goldie said, Chica and Bonnie untapped the girls mouth. "state your name and your age Human". she was shaking and terrified, I don't blame her, if I were her I would be more worried about what happens next...

"my, Sarah Tener, and I'm 16 and a half" she was shaking and crying, Goldie walked up to her and grabbed her face with one hand.

"Sarah, what an average name for a girl of such toler-" I cut Goldie off.

"Goldie, enough!" Sarah looked at me with tears racing down her red cheeks, "tell me..." I walked over to Sarah and unchained her legs and untied her hands "why would you chain up a human girl for such torture?" I smirked at him sarcastically.

"" he was cornered.

"there you go dear" I smiled at her slightly and helped her up, she stepped back against the wall and kept her distance whenever someone came closer to her.

"stay away from me!" she backed away from Goldie right into me, she jumped as I grabbed her wrist.

"h-hey l-let me go!" she squirmed.

"stop moving around" I said to her. She tried to punch me with her free hand until I grabbed that one too, "come on" I pulled her close to show her I was no threat.

"Spring Trap!!!" Goldie went to rip her from me, I quickly wrap my arms around her and held her tight.

"BACK OFF GOLDIE!!!" I groaned at him, I growled just as bad. He put his hands up in defence.

"Goldie come on" Chica grabbed his shoulder.

"Fine!!!" he looked at me then at Sarah, he moved closer to her head and I tightened my grip "we're not done with you yet!" then he walked out of the room taking Chica and Bonnie with him. Sarah looked at me with fear, I smiled slightly and wiped her tears away.

"they're not gonna come near you as long as I'm here" her eye's widened.

~ The Next Day ~

Spring Trap:

I waited for Sarah to come back for her nightshift, I watched out the window, waited for hours, the sun started to go down slowly and I see her mother drop her off out the front, a smile grew widely on my face.

"she's here isn't she?"  my smile faded as I turned to face Goldie. I filled quickly with rage, I got up and grabbed his collar with both hands.

"if you as much as touch a hair on her head you will get what's coming to you-" just at that moment I saw Sarah standing there with her gear bag. "Sarah" my smile came back, I growled at Goldie as I looked at him, I threw him away. I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back.

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