Five Nights Of Freedom

Get this, a girl has offered to take over the job as night guard for the new Haunted Pizzeria (My Version) Of Freddy Fasbear.
But what she didn't realise was that it was scarier than she thought.


9. Replacement Guard


I like my new body, to be honest though, it was hard to actually get use to, but now my job has been taken over, by a chick named Phoebe, her purple hair was bright and shiny as she entered the scare house.

"She wont last long" I looked to my side and saw Bonnie.

"I know but lets make sure it wont be to short either" I replied, I turned and walked off to the animatronics spare parts on the ground. I glared at my arm, "I need a new arm" I smirked.

The door unlocked and we scattered to hide, my Bonnie had the same idea of a hiding area, it was cramped, out heads were facing each other, and our noses brushed against each other.

"Don't make a sound" I said to him.

"Don't you mean you shouldn't make a noise?" he smirked at me.

"Your so wrong!" I quietly screamed at him. He put a finger on my mouth.

"You better quiet" I pulled my head back only a centimetre and moved his hand away.

"Oh come on, I'm the one who chose your body any way" he pushed me harder against the wall.

"I didn't know that you could get turned on like this. I thought you couldn't get kinky" I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh please do you know why I chose this body for you, cause I need a soul in that body to feel the pain and pleasure" he moved his head closer to mine. Then we froze as Phoebe walked past us with the flashlight.

"That would certainly scare some kids" she smiled to herself and shook her head. She walked off down the hall.

"What did she just say?" he moved away from me and slid out from the gap we were in, he stood there in the hall grunting and growling at her.

"Oh wow you move around at night, so predictable #lame" I looked out at her, 'A hashtag really'.

"well your just a bitch, you don't deserve to be a night guard here" he yelled at her.

Her figure was skinny, I became jealous of her, her eye's were beautiful. Spring Trap would like her, I turned my head and looked away, a frown formed on my face.

"I'm leaving" I walked off down the hall.

I knew my way around the place now, I went out a door in the roof and sat on the roof, I found Spring Trap, I got up and walked over to him.

"Hey" I said to him, he didn't respond, I don't blame him. "I'm sorry"

"Don't be" he gestured to me, he wasn't looking at me, I crossed my legs and held my hands in my lap.

"But I am real-"

"Just shut up!" now he was looking at me with hate in his eye's. I looked away and kept quiet. "I'm sorry I'm just..." he paused "I'm just jealous of someone". I looked at him.



"Why?" he looked at me.

"Because I saw you guys earlier" what seriously.

"You were jealous of Bonn-" he cut me off, his lips shot onto mine, so fast and strong it pushed me back slightly.

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