Five Nights Of Freedom

Get this, a girl has offered to take over the job as night guard for the new Haunted Pizzeria (My Version) Of Freddy Fasbear.
But what she didn't realise was that it was scarier than she thought.


4. Night Two


I was looking through the camera's as Spring Trap was sitting down in a chair playing with a Freddy Doll, I looked away from the camera's for a moment and I see him staring at me.

"what?" I asked, he was smiling.

"nothing, I just didn't notice that you were so..." he looked down at the doll.

"what?" I asked, a smile started to creep on my face.

"well......your pre-" just then Goldie burst in, running at me with cords and a chain, Spring Trap jumped in front of me, the chains wrapped around his arm held up near his head, he pulled it out of Goldie's hands, as Goldie was pulled down Spring Trap punched him in the face and kneed him in the gut.

"I said stay away from her!" he looked down on Goldie.

"Spring Trap!!!" I ran up to him, his left humanoid arm was bruised and leaking blood, "your arm-" he nudged me closer to him and hugged me.

"don't worry about it" he pulled me into his chest, "I'm fine".

After a couple of hours of spending with Spring Trap, I felt better here, maybe my week here wont be so bad, I feel free.

"hey?" I said to him, he looked at me.

"yeah" he replied to me with a smile.

"about what you were saying earlier?" his eye's widened. "what were you gonna say?" I asked him, his face went red.

"um well....." just at that moment Foxy runs in with a crow bar.

" me a sec" he put up his index finger while he was taking a breath. "you have to come down to the entrance, Goldie's flipping out!" Spring Trap got up straight away and ran out down the hall, followed by Foxy, I pulled up the camera's and checked the main entrance, Goldie wasn't there.

"what the-" a hand covered my mouth.

"boo" Goldie held my throat tight, "stop struggling if you know what's good for you" he smirked at me, I was panting and gasping for air, I tried screaming but it only made his hand tighter on my throat.

"what should we do with her Goldie?" I heard a girls voice, Chika's voice, her tall slender frame, her glowing pink eye's and her bib that said 'Lets Play' covered majority of her breasts.

"we're gonna take her somewhere, where she will never be heard from again" my eye's widened.

~ A couple of hours later ~

I was layed out on a table, chained to the ends by my hands and feet, my mouth was wrapped in a clothe so I could breathe but not talk. "someone help me!" I tried screaming but only came out as a mummer.

"there's no hope in trying to escape or scream for help, no-one can hear you" Goldie hovered over my head, "you are pretty no doubt about that but your still gonna be stuffed" he circled slowly around me, until her reached to my head again, "such a shame you have to taken into something so painful and miserable for a girl with your looks" he slid a hand down my waist and back up again, I tremble with fear "but I could still have some FUN with you before all that" his fingers brushed against my breasts, I thought the Spring Trap was going to protect me I thought that he was gonna be there for me, he should have taken me with him, unless he knew it was a trap, after all he is Spring TRAP, it's in his name, in his nature and his heart, he was just toying with me, making me think I was safe, and yet he let this happen to me, I thought I was free with him, I enjoyed freedom from the shit world I live in. I was sending him a hint to take off the clothe over my mouth, he picked up the hints. "yes" he smirked.

"you know we could have even more fun...if you unchain me" he wasn't seeming to happy about that, until an evil smile crept onto his cheeks.

"why not?" he unchained my shackles, one-by-one, until I was fully unchained "com'n then my dear" he grabbed my wrists and pushed me against the wall, tugging onto my shirt, grasping at my hair, pulling on my shorts, then I went for it, I kneed him in the stomach, kicked him in the balls and punched him dead in the face, I found my opening and ran, I burst down the door with my shoulder, he got up and shook his head and looked at me, "you Son Of A BITCH" I ran at me I grabbed the nearest thing, a metal pole, I got up and hit him as hard as I could over his head, he fell to the floor, dead to the world, I wasn't taking no chances, I raised the pole and drived it right through his heart, a loud shriek surrounded the room.

"welcome to my world Bitch #FuckYou.

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