Five Nights Of Freedom

Get this, a girl has offered to take over the job as night guard for the new Haunted Pizzeria (My Version) Of Freddy Fasbear.
But what she didn't realise was that it was scarier than she thought.


6. Night Of The Dead Night Guard

Sarah: I looked at my hands, they were transparent, and I couldn't walk without going through the floor, a white gown covered me, it floated like your hair was under water and you were just sitting there, it was tight but I couldn't feel the pain, my hair was no longer ginger, it was white, and soulless, my skin was like a white rose, and not the good kind. "Sarah?" I looked down to find Spring Trap, "what happened to you?" he stared at me with sad eye's.

"stay away from me!" I floated down to him, "if you hadn't of left me alone where I was vulnerable to Goldie, this wouldn't of ever happened to me, after I stabbed him, I ran off down the halls, with the wires and poles everywhere, I couldn't get through them properly, I tripped and was impaled by a metal bar, you probably passed my corpse and not noticed or another animatronic moved my body to a remote area of the haunted house" he looked at me with his jaw dropped.

"Sarah, I...-"


"Sarah, what can I do to help?" he tried to calm me down.

"THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO NOW, NOTHING THAT CAN MAKE ME FORGIVE YOU!!!" I turned into demon, his reaction was nothing like I had ever seen, my emotions were getting the better of me, I didn't know what was going on.

"Sarah-" I couldn't hold back no longer, my heart was pounding, my head was thrashing, my form that I was in had made me go insane I had no control of my body. I swooped down at him, he dodged every time, Chika and Bonnie showed up

"Oh thank Satan you guys are here, Help!" Chika nodded and ran at me, she tried to kick me down, she went right through me.

"you can't touch me Bitch, but I can touch you" I grew bigger and stronger, I picked up Chika and threw her across the room.

"That's it! I'm taking her down" Bonnie yelled out and he ran at me. I stared at him with a snarl

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