Five Nights Of Freedom

Get this, a girl has offered to take over the job as night guard for the new Haunted Pizzeria (My Version) Of Freddy Fasbear.
But what she didn't realise was that it was scarier than she thought.


8. Be The Animatronic

Sarah: My chest felt heavy, my arms weighed a tone and my body was stiff and hard, like metal. I rose up 'about time I got up' I thought to myself. "Sarah" I looked to my left and found Spring Trap sitting there in a chair. "You okay?" he came up to me fast and hugged me. "No-" I pushed him back and slapped him, my hand...."what?". I hesitated and stared at my hands and my arms, twisting and moving them around. "Spring Trap what-" He hugged my again, I felt tears dripping down from him. "I'm sorry I left you alone, but it's okay now" I stared at me all over, I kicked off the sheets, I was in an animatronic body, a humanoid animatronic. "What did you do to me?" I stared at him and then glared at my body. "You honestly think it was easy?" I looked behind Spring Trap, it was Goldie. "But" he smirked at me. "I have spare parts, we may be humanoids but we still cant die" I stared everywhere. "We put your lost soul into this humanoid, when I kissed you, you blacked out, making your powers drained, so we could grab you." He did make sense but I still cant understand.

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