Serena Willows has always had something unusual about her, and she is determined to learn more about it. One day, her parents die a tragic death while secretively speaking about a gift that she has.


3. Desert Quartz

It’s been a week since I learned the  truth.

Nothing seems right here anymore. I’ve still been kept locked away in this room for my “safety”. I hear more whispering as the days go by. Ruby rarely visits me anymore. And the most unsettling thing is, I think they lied to me. This “truth” that they told me doesn’t all add up. It doesn’t make sense.

I think something deeper is going on here. That it’s not just a place that keeps  jeweled people like me safe. Something is happening behind our backs that Ruby and the others aren’t telling us.

I have to get out or find out what really is going on here immediately.


It’s been a couple days since I decided that I need to escape this place, but first, I need to see something, and tonight’s the night.

I’ve seen other people like me here. I watch through the window I have, waiting for one to come around, usually being escorted by an adult. Probably with the same job as Ruby, whatever that is.

Recently, the people I usually see regularly, have been disappearing, and I need to know why I don’t see them anymore.

So, I’m going to go exploring.  


11:00 PM

I don’t hear any footsteps outside my room in the hallway. The only audible sound is the wind blowing outside. At least, I think it’s wind.

I walk over to the back left corner of my containment box, that’s what I like to call it now. Above me is an air vent. Now all I have to do is silently drag my bed over here, reach up towards the air vent, open it, climb in, and pray that I fit. No big deal, right?

I walk over to my bed, grab the ends, and try to slide it on the floor. Oh no. It’s making a dissonant creaking noise. I’ll just slide it quick and get this over with. If anyone comes in, I’ll just say I wanted a change in scenery.

I slide the bed over as fast as I can, my heart practically beating out of my chest. Please don’t walk in, please don’t walk in. I’ve only got 2 meters to go.

One meter.

A foot.

There. At last the bed is moved. Now I can sit down and have a mini panic attack.

I hop up on the bed, cautiously, as to not make a sound. I reach up towards the air vent, and as soon as I touch it, my hands become covered in hives. Oh great, now I know I have a moderate dust allergy. Hooray.

I’ll just have to bear through the pain then. I slide the air vent to the side, trying to swallow up my sneezes as I go. I pull it off and set it down on the bed.

I then reach up, grab the open sides of the air shaft and hoist myself up. Wow, all those pull-ups in P.E. actually ended up helping me in life. As I tuck my legs into the air shaft, I realize that I haven’t thought about what exactly I’m looking for, and I haven’t planned out how to get around these extensive passages without being caught.

I pray to Jesus, hoping that he will help lead me to where the other jeweled people are.

After about a half hour of crawling, my back is starting to spasm and hurt from bending over, and my allergy to the dust is getting worse. I decide to recline, and as I do so, my face comes in contact with another air vent. I peek through, hoping to find something that will please me, and what I see..

Well, let me just collect myself first.

— and what I see, is a ghastly and disturbing sight. I see rows of jeweled people, hooked up to machines on their foreheads. They look dead, as if their life, their soul, were sucked out of them. Then, I notice something. There’s a small glass vial resting on a tray just adjacent to every person. In that vial, attached to the tube on the machine, is a colored liquid.

That liquid is the same color as their jewel.

I try to take all this in, to figure out what it means. Am I next? Will they come for me too? Or am I really different, as the masked and robed woman told me over a week ago.

Right then, I sneeze. Not a silent sneeze. One that anyone in the room which I’m looking down on could hear. I scurry over the vent and curl up in a ball as I hear footsteps approaching me. Great, I didn’t think there were any people in the experimental room I was looking down on. If I move, they’re bound to hear me and know I’m up here for sure, but if I stay here, I could get caught, but maybe they didn’t really hear me after all, and just brushed it off as the sound of a rodent. I’ll just stay here.

The footsteps keep getting closer and closer.

Maybe this wasn’t such an intelligent choice. It’s a pity, I happen to pride myself in my intellectual skills.

Then, I feel a bang right under me. The vibrations go out and around me in a wave.

And the part of the passage I’m hiding in drops.

Straight to the ground.

Right into the hands of..


“Ruby?!! Um.. Well.. Fancy meeting you here!” I say.

Ruby returns my remark with a menacing glare, and abruptly injects me with a substance. I sure didn’t see that one coming.

The world is growing hazy around me.

I can’t keep my eyes open much longer.

But I have to fight against it.


I’m struggling to remem—  



I open my eyes, blinking away the veil of darkness that I was once shrouded in.

Wait, I can’t remember my name.

Oh no.

Who am I?

What am I doing here?

I start running around this room that I’m held in.

Punching the walls.



No answers follow.

Then, as if I’m in a dreamlike trance, I walk over to the wall. It’s almost like it’s calling me. I put my hands to the wall, and, just walk right through...

Straight into the desert.

“Ruby!” I shout.

The name just came to me. I don’t know who Ruby is, but she’s important. Then, a sudden sandstorm envelopes me and pushes me to the ground. It holds me here, captive. With no escape. It fills my eyes, my ears, my mouth. Darkness comes once more.   




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