My Diary

I write about life, and some of the hardships I have to endure.


2. October 28 2016

7'00 AM

I'm glad, I have no classes today. I'm going to sleep now.

10'00 AM

I'm at Charidu's house, she's pretty with blond hair, brown eyes and a warm smile. She is the second child born in their family. Her older sister is five years older than her. She's 27 and has a baby girl. The baby's name is Charlotte, and Charidy's sister's name is Aubrey. She also has a little sister that eight years younger than her. She just started high schoo. We both didn't have class that day so we hung out. There was still breakfast out, Lucille, Charidy's youngest sister was already at school. Their parents worked at school and a plantation. "My sister said we can raid her makeup stash." I heard Charidy call as I made my self a plate of the leftovers. "I'm good." I said, sitting down and digging in. The news was on, my phone buzzed. I looked at it. "Ugh, really?" I grunted. "What's going on?" Char asked. "My sister is sick. Mom wants me to check her out and watch her." I said. Cherry made a face. I have several nicknames for Charidy. Cherry is one of them. "Can I come/" she asked. 'Sure. I'd hoped you'd ask." I said, grabbing my keys.

11'12 AM

"I'm going to get some Miley D's want anything?" I asked my sister. She looked up from her phone.. "Oh um can I come?" She asked. "Nope, you gotta stay here. Cherry and Carla are staying t watch you." I said. "I'm not a kid anymore. I'm almost an adult." She snapped. "I know. I'm just following mom's orders." I said, spheres boulder. Sighing, she gave me her request.

1'33 PM

There was a big acident near MCDonald's. Great. I waited two hours to get my lunch. By the time I got home, there was a pizza box at the table. 'Sorry, we ordered pizza. We heard that there was a traffic jam. So yeah..." Carla, an annoying girl with a lisp and fat little fingers. I'm sorry, but dang that girl is ugly. I never told her to her face, but gosh, she really needs Aubrey's makeup. I'm still her friend. I'm not that shallow. Anyway, I ate my burger and watched Netflix with Charidy. Carla was asked to leave by Ashley, ha. She doesn't like her either. I'm going to explain why I don't like her, before I get hate mail. She is a lying, cheating, stealing, girl who sells her body for rude jerks and already has four kids by four men. One man had a rare disease, and God bless her, she or the child caught it. She steals things and sells it for a huge amount of money and then acts like she didn't steal it. She also is a stalker, she spied on Lucille for an hour, add was almost arrested.

6 PM

Well guys, I got homework to do. And Carla's sister Anna is staying the night. Now Anna, I like.

8'30 PM

Anna and Charidy are getting tired, so I'm ending the diary for today.

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