My Diary

I write about life, and some of the hardships I have to endure.


1. October 27 2016

7"00 AM

The sun was rising, I sat next to my dog Lola. She was staring after her three pups, nicole, Lulu and Margie. Maxie their father was running around the house. When I was four, my parents brought Lola home. I loved her. Then we found Maxie and decided to make him apart of the family. He wanted more than a sister, he wanted a wife and family. At the age of ten, I had three puppies to take care of. We sold them and every once in a while they surprised us with puppies. People kept asking us why we didn't have them fixed. Well, how would you feel if someone told you, you needed to be fixed so you don't have any more children?

Anyway, I was outside and the air was cold. I had to leave for a class I attended at a community college. I yawned and rubbed Lola. Did I forget to mention the breed? There bulldogs. Lola looks so beautiful. Brown fur with a streak of white that covers her belly, the middle of her face and her legs. Maxie is white with a dark patch under his eyes. My sister Ashley wanted to call him Patches but we liked Maxie. We did, however call one of their puppies Patches.

the three puppies look like their mother, it's adorable. My sister's friend Jenn wants a puppy. It's hard to sell them, but hey, we make some money. Jenn likes Lulu but loves Margie. They are now nine months old, well in human months that is. Nicole is already sold to a man from Texas. We'll be sending her in a month. We're waiting for Jenn to pick which dog she wants. My mom said we could have the dog Jenn doesn't pick. I loved Nicole, but wanted to keep Lulu.

After closing the gate, I rushed for my Toyota. I know a friend of mine's cousin, and she has a boyfriend who works at a car shop. He spray painted my car pink. I loved it. It was for my 22 birthday. Ashley was getting a ride, se's sixteen, and Ryan, 18 was going to college with his girlfriend Maddy.

My 21 year old brother Jacob was at work already. My other brother who's 21 is in Colorado with my sister in law, and 4 year old nephew. They're having another baby. We're going back and forth, I think it's going to be a girl. Everyone says it's a boy.

10 AM

I finished my first class. Oh and by the way, I'm planning on becoming a doctor. The college I go to has a great program. I'm sitting in the lobby, writing this down and doing some last minute homework. I have another class in fifteen minutes. The receptionist looks at me every once in a while. I wanted to ask her what her issue was but stopped my self. I have a bad attitude sometimes and I have to be careful. It was getting cold, I took out my jacket and slipped it on. "Oh sorry, I keep forgetting it's not July anymore." The receptionist said, turning on a heater.

1 PM

I have three more classes to do and I'm not feeling up to it. My mom just called and said that Lulu died.

5 PM

We buried Lulu and cried for her death. She ate some grass and it had some bacteria or something and it killed her. Jenn wanted to take one of the pups, but we canceled their orders and kept both both Nicole and Margie.

10 PM

Well guys, I'm tired good night.

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