fairy tale? or heartbreak? |L.H.

Hi i'm Cinderella Mayson. Yes i know i'm named after a princess in a fairy tale. I'm 17 and i live in Melbourne Australia but i'm moving to Sydney. My mother mother died when I was 10 and my dad remarried. my step mum is named Meredith and she is pure evil. I have 2 step sisters Kimberley and Luna and they a horrid. I'm treated like crap and my dad doesn't even care. Will things change in Sydney? I don't know I hope they do. I cant keep living like this. Will I get a fairy tale ending or will I end up heart broken?......... I guess you could say my life is a Cinderella story.


2. Wicked!!!

 Bella's pov:


  I just want this class to end. Luke keeps putting his hand on my thigh and I keep smacking it away but he just does it again. *bell rings* Oh Thank God!!! I get up as quickly as I can and run out but to my luck, Luke follows me. As if this situation couldn't get any worse my two wicked step sisters stop right in front of me and send luke flirty looks and shoot daggers at me.


Kimberly says, "Hello cutie." as she grabbs my shoulder and shoves me to the ground. I felt a sting in my stomach....Luna just kicked me. i hear laughter from everyone sourounding me. i look up to see if any one will help me but insted i get kicked by the slut from earlier.


"That was for taking my seat b****h." I felt two more kicks before they walked off. I see someone reach down to help me up but I cower away from them.


The boy with black hair with blonde streaks says, "Dont worry I wont hurt you." As he holds out his hand for me. I slowly take his hand and he helps me up. I look down and feel a little bit of blood drip from my face. I feel a peice of cloth wipe the blood off. I see the black haird boy wipeing the blood off my head. He smiles at me and crinkles form around his eyes. Now that I take a good look at him he looks asian. 


He says, "I'm sorry about that they are jerks.....I'm calum by the way."


I then say, "its fine two of them were my step sisters im used to it...im cinderella." He smiles and nods.


"and I'm sorry about luke he can come off rough but when ya get to know him he is really a great guy i promise." I mentally scoff. yeah sure lukes a greeeaaaat guy...not. 


I walk into my house only to be meet at the door by clothes being thrown at me.


"Clean and fold these!!" my step mom said. I groan and walk to the washing room. I hear the giggles of my step sisters and then the washroom slam shut and lock. I slam my fists on the washing machine in frustration. I might as well do the washing before I try to get out. I hear the front door open as I start putting the clothes in. I hear two male voices.....luke and Calum. as I finish putting the clothes in I start trying to pick the lock but fail. I lean against the door with a slight thud and next thing I know I'm laying on the ground. when I look up I see Luke's blue eyes filled with worry looking down at me.


"Cinderella?" He says.

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