Carry On My Wayward Son 4


6. Outside

I walked to the car, I had stolen. I had a knife in my boot, and a gun under my shirt. I was prepared this time for anything. I opened the car door, and got in, before anything came after me. 

  When I got to the diner, I went inside, and ordered two burgers, fries, and pie. I knew Dean loved pie. I waited for my order, and someone walked in. Crowley... 

    "Ah, Bambi, I found you again," he said. I instantly reached for the knife. I pulled it from my boot, and looked at Crowley. 

   "Why are you here?" I asked. 

   "Check up on you and Dean of course," Crowley smiled. "I'll have you know, that you won't be talking to Kevin or Sam anytime soon." I grabbed my phone. 

   "What did you do?" I asked. Crowley smiled grew dark, and he disappeared. "Damn it." I called Sam. No one answered. I got to get them back. I have to get Dean, before Crowley got to him too. I ran out leaving the food there. 

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