Carry On My Wayward Son 4


4. Motel

I got to the motel, in a stolen car. I was hyped, and I do mean hyped, because I had to tell Dean. When I touched the car, it became unlocked. This whole psychic thing was awesome, although it kind of scared me. Dean walked into the room, and I told him. 

   "We should add that to the list for research, I mean we have no idea what you could do," Dean told me. "Could you try again? Here wait a second." He left, and came back with a lock. 

   "A padlock?" I asked. 

   "Yeah," Dean said. 

   "Fine," I told him. I focused my energy onto the lock, and I watched it as it slowly turned.

   "Whoa." It stopped, and then clicked open. I looked back up at Dean who was in ah, smiled. Yeah, he liked this. 

   "No more having to pick locks," I told him, and he loved the sound of that. 

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