Carry On My Wayward Son 4


7. Back to the motel

"Dean!" I yelled as I pushed on the door. It was locked. I touched the handle, and it opened. Crowley was standing there with two hellhounds by his side. How could I see them? They were huge black beasts, that would strike fear in me for a very long time. Dean was passed out on the bed. 

   "Ah, Bambi," Crowley smiled. 

   "Get away from him," I felt like death was upon me. I was defying a force to be reckoned with, but what was I supposed to do? Let them die? Kevin, I felt sick, he would die, if I didn't end this here. 

   "Make me. I mean you have all that power locked inside of you, and you just haven't reached you're full potential," Crowley smiled. "You see them, don't you? Only the damned can see them, not one human. You're not human anymore, can't you see that? If you come with me now, Dean, Kevin, and Sam will return as I found them. I know that is stupid, you'll escape somehow, and make it back to them." There was a catch, I thought.

   "What's the catch?" I asked. 

   "No catch, just you coming with me," Crowley told me. 

   "Fine," I said. "I'll go with you." A hole opened up in front of Crowley, screams, and fire reigned inside the whole. Crowley grabbed me, and pushed me. I fell... slipping from the world completely. 

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