Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


3. Yumi The Gentle Legendary Super Saiyan

 Shou is training in the Gravity Chamber with Vegeta. Vegeta isn't in Super Saiyan form, and Shou is dashing toward Vegeta. Shou goes for a side kick and Vegeta dodges it. Shou ducks as Vegeta swings his arm at his head. Shou then lands on the ground. 

 "HA!" Shou yells as he powers up. Vegeta smirks. 

 "Your power level is increasing, you're powerful for your form, but like Beerus said you might encounter someone who is powerful and he might kill you." Vegeta says. Shou smirks. 

 "That's not all. Goku taught me a very rare technique." Shou says. He clenches his hands and he charges up. "Kaioken!" Vegeta looks surprised. 

 "So Kakarot taught you this as well." Vegeta says. "Did he tell you the catch?" Vegeta asks. Shou smirks.

 "I'm well aware of that. I can't go over Kaioken x3." Shou says. "But I'm not in need to go over two." Shou gets into a stance. Vegeta does as well. Shou dashes toward Vegeta, and he gets ready for a kick. Vegeta is on guard, and Shou tricks him and he punches Vegeta across the face. Vegeta slides on the floor and he dodges Shou's kick. Shou looks to the left of him and Vegeta is charging up for a ki blast. 

 "Energy Volley!" Vegeta yells. He makes a bunch of ki blasts go toward Shou. Shou leaps over some, and then he ducks, and then he leans to the side. He doges all of them, and Vegeta comes at him. Shou leans backwards to prevent Vegeta's punch from connecting. Shou flips up and kicks Vegeta under the chin. Vegeta steps back, and then Vegeta goes to punch Shou. Shou vanishes and the appears behind Vegeta. Vegeta is more experience than Shou, so he leans forward making Shou's attack fail. Vegeta trips Shou and then elbows him in the stomach. Shou gasps and then Vegeta knees him in the back. Shou flies to the roof of the room. Shou flips out of mid air and he lands in front of Vegeta. 

 "Damn you knew exactly where I'd be." Shou says. Vegeta smirks.

 "I fought many times, and I know alot with experience." Vegeta says. 

 "I bet. I mean you're as old as Goku, and he is pretty old." Shou says. Vegeta smiles and he crosses his arms.

 "Well me and Kakarot are pretty old, but we aren't aging fast as these humans. We age slower so we can fight more." Vegeta says. Shou nods.

 "That's fair." Shou says. Vegeta walks to Shou.

 "Our training is done, so lets go to where Beerus and Whis are. They've been waiting." Vegeta says. Shou and Vegeta walk out of the Gravity Chamber. 


 They arrive to where Beerus and Whis are, and Goku is standing in front of them. Goku turns around and he smiles. 

 "Hiya guys!" Goku says greeting them

 "Hi Goku." Shou says. He waves at Goku 

 "Hey Kakarot." Vegeta says. Goku waves at Vegeta. Beerus starts coughing. 

 "I think its time we try to make Shou a Super Saiyan, he really needs it." Beerus says. "So here it goes." Beerus walks to Goku and he punches him in the stomach really hard. Goku gasps and he falls on the ground. "Think as if Goku is dead. Try to imagine that someone killed him right in front of you." Beerus says. Shou clenches his fists and he powers up. He tries to get angry. 

 "Arrarrarragghhh!" Shou yells. He heavily breaths. "COME ON!!!" Shou yells, his hair changes to blonde and then to black again. His eyes also turned emerald green, then go back to its normal color which is black. Shou tries again and the same thing happens. Beerus and Whis spectate Shou's transformation. 

 "What is he doing wrong?" Beerus asks. 

 "He isn't angry enough. He has potential, but his anger isn't enough." Whis says. "The only two ways to unlock Super Saiyan for a half saiyan or a full-blooded saiyan is profound sadness or intense anger." Whis says. He smiles. Beerus looks at Shou. 

 "Do it again." Beerus says. Shou nods and he gets into a charging position. "This time imagine that everyone you know is dead and you're all alone." Beerus says. Shou clenches his fists tightly and he starts changing energy. 

 "DAMMIT!!!!" Shou yells. Energy surrounds him, and it does the same thing as before. Shou is heavily breathing. 

 "Try again." Beerus says. Shou clenches his fists and he tries to go Super Saiyan again, but again he fails. 

 "I can't." Shou says. Vegeta looks away in disgust.

 "This is pointless. If he can't transform into Super Saiyan then whats the deal?" Vegeta says. "He doesn't have enough pride." Vegeta looks at Shou.

 "Pride?" Shou asks. 

 "Our pride is what makes us such great warriors! We don't back down from a fight, and we don't give up!" Vegeta says. Shou nods. 

 "Then i'll try again." Shou says. He gets into position. He yells and energy flows around him. 


 Meanwhile on another planet far away from Earth, there is a girl who is a average girl's height. She looks similar to Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan, but her hair is longer, and she has feminine features. She is sitting in a flower patch peacefully enjoying the sun and picking flowers. When she was a baby Paragus had her sent to this planet so he could focus on controlling Broly. She knew that her brother was a monster and wanted to kill someone named Kakarot. She did not know of the name and did not know who he was. She just simply assumed he done something horrible to her brother and he wanted to get revenge. She didn't know her family well, she knew what had happened to them, she knew they died. She doesn't let depressing things get to her, she mostly tries to enjoy life, which she isn't well educated. She just likes everyone gets the same love. She is really childish and she loves to play with other creatures. She knows that she has power to destroy planets or even solar systems, but she doesn't want to destroy things so peaceful and beautiful. She loves everything unlike her brother Broly. She senses a powerful energy from a distant planet. 

 "That must be Broly. He must have came back to life again." The girl says. She stands up and she holds onto a little flower. "He should just forgive that Kakarot man and become friends with him. I bet they'd be best friends." The girl looks at the flower and she smiles. She looks up to the sky and she starts to fly upwards. She drops the flower and she goes into space. She dashes toward the planet. She goes at a high speed. She is kinda excited that she will finally be able to meet her brother. She was born when Broly was almost accounted as an adult, so she didn't know her brother or father that much. Her mother died when she was only three years old, but she doesn't like to think of sadness or get angry at things. She already knows her saiyan powers and transformations, because once a big bear that was mutated to get bigger than most of the biggest bears tries to harm a little rabbit, but she got angry and turned into Super Saiyan and she defeated the bear and she saved the rabbit. The second time she knew that she could transform into Super Saiyan 2, she was looking at little fish in the water and a shark ate a baby fish and she got even madder than ever so she transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and she accidentally killed the shark which made her sad. She doesn't want to harm anything, but when she goes Super Saiyan she is ready to fight. She turned into the Legendary Super Saiyan because a monster tried harming a village and it killed many people, so she transformed into the Legendary Super Saiyan and fought it which she came out victorious. She looks at all the beautiful planets and she thought when she met new friends she'd take them there and let them see the beauty of the solar system. She dashes toward Earth. She stops and looks in amazement at the beautiful planet. The greenish lands and the bluish oceans attracted her. She then thought about the power she felt, and she wanted to protect the planet if her brother was destroying it. She dashes toward the power level. 


 Shou is trying again and again to go Super Saiyan again. He fails. 

 "I can't get angry or sad for some reason!" Shou says irritated at himself. Vegeta crosses his arms and sighs. 

 "Well this is pointless like I said." Vegeta says. Goku notices a powerful energy coming this way. 

 "Guys do you feel that?! Its like Broly's power level." Goku says. He looks at the direction the energy is coming from. 

 "You mean that Legendary Super Saiyan?! What if he knows Super Saiyan Blue?" Vegeta says. Shou notices how much Vegeta is trembling, and how Goku is tensed. 

 "Guys how is the Broly guy?" Shou asks. 

 "Broly is a Legendary Super Saiyan who destroyed many solar systems and killed many people." Goku says. "We fought him twice. Once me, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, and Piccolo had to fight this guy, which he defeated us all. This happened when Gohan was a teenager. Everyone gave me energy and I defeated him. Then when Gohan was an adult and Goten was a youngster Broly came back. Goten looked exactly like me when he was young so Broly wanted to kill him. Trunks was there, but we'll explain about two different Trunks' later he is really close. Goku says. He gets ready to fight. The girl stops and she lands on the ground. She senses the energy coming from Shou. 

 "What is the enormous energy coming from?" The girl asks. Goku and Vegeta looked shocked. 

 "What?! Its a girl?!" Vegeta and Goku both say. They both faint and so does Beerus. Whis giggles and Shou quickly picks up that this isn't Broly. 

 "I don't know. I was just trying to turn Super Saiyan." Shou says. The girl's eyes widen. She never met another saiyan like her. 

 "I'm a saiyan too!" The girl says. She smiles happily. 

 "I wouldn't doubt it since your power level is so strong." Shou says. He smiles. He walks toward her and he holds out his hand for a handshake. She looks confused at his hand. 

 "What do you want me to do?" The girl asks. Shou smiles happily. 

 "You probably don't know this. Its called a handshake." Shou says. "Lettme see your hand." He grabs her hand and he shakes her hand. "That's a handshake." She smiles. 

 "Oh, that's how you greet each other on this planet huh?" The girl says. She shakes Shou's hand without his help. 

 "I'm Shou by the way." Shou says. The girl smiles. 

 "I'm Yumi." Yumi says. She is still smiling. She looks over at Goku and Vegeta. "Are those people okay?" Yumi asks. 

 "Yeah they just fainted." Shou says. Yumi looks worriedly at them.

 "Fainted?" Yumi asks. Shou smiles again.

 "There still breathing, they are like sleeping." Shou says. Yumi nods in understanding. "You don't know much do you?"  Shou asks. Yumi shakes her head. "Alright I'll teach you the things I know." Shou says. Yumi smiles. 

 "Okay." Yumi says. They walk toward the city. 

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