Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


8. The Mysterious Boy and Girl

 Its been some days after the defeat of Brutus, and the other villains. Lord Beerus is now training Shou to become a Super Saiyan God. Shou reached Super Saiyan 2 in no time. Shou is now training under Whis, along side Goku and Vegeta. Shou is wearing a black outfit with a Whis symbol on it. His wristbands are longer than the others he had and they are blue. Shou's belt is tied and it is blue. His pants are black, and he shoes are blue with black tips. Shou looks just like Goku did while fighting Hit. He is in Super Saiyan 2 ready to spar against Goku, who isn't in Super Saiyan. 

 "Alright Goku, you'll be facing Shou this time around, since you and Vegeta don't know what don't go Super Saiyan Blue is." Whis says. Goku smiles. 

 "Well it gets boring in our normal state!" Goku says cheerfully. Shou smiles. 

 "Well since I know Super Saiyan 2 now it would be an even match right?" Shou says. Goku nods. 

 "Alright!" Goku says. He turns Super Saiyan 2 as well. "Come at me with everything you got!" Goku says. He gets into a stance and so does Shou. 

 "Okay father." Shou says. Shou gets ready. Whis steps back a watches. Shou and Goku both dash at each other. Shou goes for a kick, and Goku vanishes. Shou quickly turns around and he blocks the attack from Goku. Shou brings his leg up and Goku blocks that attack. Goku steps back and so does Shou. Shou then runs at Goku, and he sends some blasts to Goku. Goku dodges them and Shou takes that as an advantage, so he goes to punches Goku. Goku is too experience for that so he quickly counters it and Shou's face hits the ground as Goku's foot connects with it. Goku jumps back and he gets ready to attack Shou. Shou gets up and Goku sends some blasts to him. Shou dodges them, and Goku gets behind Shou. Shou quickly senses Goku's power level and he ducks as Goku goes for a kick. Shou trips Goku and elbows him in the stomach. Goku's back hits the ground, and then Goku flips up and he slides on the ground. Shou is right in fron of Goku, and he does a roundhouse kick, but Goku disappeared and at that moment turned Super Saiyan 3 and kicked Shou in the back of the neck making Shou go back into his original form and he falls on the ground. Goku quickly goes back into Super Saiyan 2. Shou gets back up.

 "That dirty runt." Vegeta says. "He did the same thing he did to Trunks." Vegeta smiles. Whis shakes his head, and Beerus looks disappointed.

 "That's it for this match Goku wins." Whis says. Beers shakes his head. Shou scratches the back of his neck.

 "Well that was a good training Goku." Shou says. Goku nods knowing he had cheated.

 "Yeah it was." Goku says. He gives Shou a convincing smile.

 "But I know you weren't in Super Saiyan 2 the whole match. You changed into Super Saiyan 3 when you kicked me." Shou says smirking, knowing he had got Goku. 

 "Alright I did. You would have gotten me there." Goku says chuckling. Shou smiles. 

 "Then how about a rematch after we go to Capsule Corp and no cheating." Shou says. He signals with one hand "no." 

 "Okay it'll be a fair fight then." Goku says. "The limit is Super Saiyan 2, nothing beyond that." Goku says smiling. 

 "Alright." Shou says as he smiles back. 


 Goku, Vegeta, and Shou return to Capsule Corp, and Pan, Bulma, Chi-Chi, and the others greet them. 

 "So what Super Saiyan level is Shou at now?!" Chi-Chi asks. 

 "He's at Super Saiyan 2 right now." Goku says. He puts a hand on his back. "He'll become a Super Saiyan God soon though." Goku smiles. 

 "Yeah, he has gotten stronger as well. That beaten he took from that Brutus guy made him more stronger." Vegeta says. He smiles at Shou. 

 "Wow he's become that strong? I know I became Super Saiyan 2 quick, but he wasn't training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was he?" Gohan asks. 

 "During some time yes, but not during most of our training." Goku says. 

 "So that means he only has two transformations like Vegeta did." Bulma says. 

 "That's about it." Vegeta says. Shou smiles. 

 "I always wanted to become stronger than ever." Shou says. 

 "When you were little you said you would kill any enemy that showed up."Bulma says "And now you've killed two." 

 "Yeah I remember." Shou says. Yumi was sitting down under a tree watching the leaves fall. Shou walks over to her. "How are you Yumi?" Shou asks. Yumi smiles and she looks at him. 

 "I'm doing alright, what about you?" Yumi asks. Shou smiles. 

 "I'm doing fine." Shou says. 

 "Blue really looks good on you." Yumi says. "Black and blue suits you." Shou smiles again. 

 "Thanks." Shou says. He sits down beside her. 

 "I missed you by the way." Yumi says. Shou nearly blushes. 

 "I, did too." Shou says. Yumi smiles at him. 

 "You're a good friend." Yumi says. "I hope you future wife is happy with you." Shou crosses his arms. 

 "I'm not looking for love right now." Shou says. Yumi nods. 

 "Same here." Yumi says. Shou looks at the sky. Suddenly a light appears and an object appears after the light was shown. The object looks like Trunks' time machine. A young boy with black shoulder length hair, and a purple capsule corp jacket with a black shirt and grey pants, with red shoe walks out. He looks at everyone, but he seems to be looking for someone. 

 "Trunks?" Bulma asks. The boy doesn't respond. 

 "Guys you might want to back off." Goku says. He gets serious. Shou and Yumi walk over to the teen. 

 "Is there a Trunks Briefs here?" The teen asks. Trunks walks up. The teen immediately noticed Trunks.

 "Why are you calling for me?" Trunks asks.

 "I am you son from the other timeline. My name is Rin Briefs." Rin says. Trunks looks in pure shock.

 "N-no way!" Trunks says. "So where is the other me?" Trunks asks.

 "He died." Rin says sadly. Bulma, and the others are in shock to here this news. "He died some minutes ago. He was killed by someone called Frieza Black." Rin says. I have a sister along the way. "She should be here any moment." Rin says.

 "So Trunks had two children?" Bulma asks. "What was your mother's name?" Bulma smirks.

 "Tamera. I don't know her last name." Rin says. Yumi steps up.

 "So you aren't here to hurt us?" Yumi asks. Rin looks at her.

 "No. I'm not here to hurt anyone." Rin says. "My father told me to come here to gather Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Goten." Rin says.

 "Goten isn't here, but we have the others." Goku says. "I'm Goku." Rin nods.

 "My father gave me a picture to find y'all." Rin says. He hands it to Goku. Goku takes a look at it. Another beam of light comes a another time machine appears. A young girl about 19 comes out of the machine. She has long purple hair like Trunks, with blue eyes. She is wearing a purple Capsule Corp jacket with the sleeves rolled up. She is wearing a black shirt, and a black skirt. His is wearing grey long socks that go up to her thigh, and some yellow shoes like Trunks'. She has Trunks' sword on her back. She stumbles out of the machine, but Shou quickly catches her. Yumi looks at Rin. 

 "So did you sister get badly hurt?" Yumi asks.

 "Yes. She tried to hold him off while I got the time machines ready to go." Rin says.

 "I-i'm alright Rin. I just need some rest." The girl says. She is badly beaten, and have severe wounds on her arms and legs and also some on her body and face. Shou carries her to a tent and sets her on the bed.

 "Be right back i'll go get some senzu beans." Shou says. He runs off and he flies into the air and he dashes to Kami's Lookout. The girl closes her eyes and rests.

 "So you did mention a Frieza Black?" Goku asks. Rin nods.

 "My sister who is Trixie Breifs encountered him, and they fought. Trixie couldn't hold her own against that powerful monster. He killed Trunks as we left. Dad told me to look for you guys that y'all will help us." Rin says.  Goku smiles. 

 "Any friend of Trunks is a friend of ours." Goku says. 

 "Thank you." Rin says. Goku and the others go to check on Trixie. Yumi stays behind. Rin turns around to check the fuel to see if they can get back to the other timeline. 

 "So how does this thing work?" Yumi asks. 

"It works by sending you through a timeline, and if you alter anything in the past it creates an alter world which that timeline is different." Rin says. 

 "I don't get it." Yumi says. Rin smiles. 

 "Okay lets say you went into the past to give you mother some ramen noodles. Went she took a bite out of it it was poisoned, and she died. So that means in your timeline you won't be alive, but a different one states that you are. So that mistake made one huge cut in time." Rin says. Yumi nods. 

 "So your father created this thing?" Yumi asks. 

 "No my grandmother did. Bulma. Not this Bulma, but the other one in my timeline. She is already dead." Rin says. Yumi looks sad. 

 "So what happened then. Did she change something in time?" Yumi asks. Rin shakes his head. He starts messing with some loose wires. 

 "No my father did, and it was a big one. In his timeline the people you know now, are dead." Rin says. My father's timeline was a horrible one. These creations called Androids showed up and killed most of the Z-Warriors except for my father, Gohan, Bulma, Chi-Chi, and some others. So my dad used his mother's time machine, and he came back to here, and saved everyone." Rin says. Yumi looks confused. 

 "They killed Goku?" Yumi asks. Rin shakes his head, then he lifts up the glass window and he climbs in and starts messing with the control pad. 

 "Goku died because of a heart disease." Rin says. Yumi nods. 

 "I bet if Goku was alive in that timeline he'd defeated them." Yumi says. Rin smiles. 

 "My father said great things about Goku, and Gohan." Rin says. 

 "Can I have a look inside?" Yumi asks. 

 "Sure." Rin says. Yumi climbs up to where Rin is sitting. She sits down beside him. 

 "So traveling through time is a dangerous thing." Yumi says. Rin nods. 

 "Yes it is." He stops messing with the control pad and he starts putting old useless wires in the pocket. He gets out and he looks up as he lands on the ground. "Need help getting down?" Rin asks. Yumi nods. Rin holds his hands up and Yumi climbs down. Rin makes sure she doesn't trip or fall. 

 "Maybe when this is all over, you could take me to your timeline." Yumi says. She smiles at Rin. 

 "Sure I'd show you." Rin says. He smiles back at her. They walk toward Trixie. Shou soon comes back with a senzu bean. Shou walks over to Trixie, and he taps her gently. Trixie slowly opens her eyes, and she looks at Shou. He gives her the senzu bean and she chews it up. She feels much better and she leans up. 

 "Rin, have you told them what father had said?" Trixie asks. Rin nods. 

 "I told them everything." Rin says. Trixie nods. 

 "As you all know now the Trunks you knew which is our father is dead. I'm the youngest, and Rin is the oldest." Trixie says. 

 "Trixie has more of our father, and I have more of my mother." Rin says. 

 "I can't believe Trunks is dead." Bulma says. 

 "I can't believe i'm even dead." Trunks says. 

 "That boy was strong though. After we defeated Goku Black, i'm sure that would end it." Vegeta says. 

 "That Goku Black is linked to him. They are like partners or something. Frieza Black was just laying low, and until now he just emerged from his shell, and started attacking us." Rin says. "He killed father...." Trixie clenches her fists and a tear comes down her cheek. Shou sees that and he looks at Rin. 

 "We don't have time. We need to start training or something." Shou says. Goku nods. 

 "If this guy is stronger than Golden Frieza and Goku Black then we better." Goku says. Trixie gets off the table, and she grabs onto Shou's robe, just in case she missed her step. 

 "Trixie, you can go to the wardrobe In Bulla's room to change your cloths." Bulma says. 

 "Thanks grandma." Trixie says. 

 "That makes me feel old." Bulma says. Shou looks over to Rin and Yumi talking. He looks away with his eyes closed. 

 "So Shou when are you going to make your move on the ladies?" Bulma asks. 

 "I don't know." Shou says. Bulma smiles. 

 "You better choose fast before their all taken." Bulma says. She walks into the building. Shou looks ahead and he doesn't see Rin or Yumi. 


 Meanwhile in the alternate world Friza Black is walking into the lab of Bulma's. He walks toward a computer with a time machine pixel. He smirks. 

 "Them dirty saiyans. They won't get away from me this time." Frieza Black says. 

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