Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


4. Teaching Isn't In Our DNA

 Shou and Yumi walk toward a park and the citizen looks at her like she is crazy. She just gives them a smile. She doesn't know that they are staring at her breasts because the only thing that is covering them is the piece of gold. She looks at Shou. 

 "Everyone in this town look so peaceful." Yumi says. Shou nods. 

 "Yeah they are. Since there isn't any major villains to destroy it." Shou says. Yumi looks sad at Shou when he says destroy. 

 "Why would anyone destroy this peaceful and beautiful planet?" Yumi asks. Shou looks at her. 

 "I don't know why." Shou says. Yumi looks away from him and looks at the park. She watches as squirrels run around a tree and then run up it.  

 "Have you tried protecting the planet?" Yumi asks. Shou smiles. 

 "No, but I want to be the one to defeat a powerful enemy when it comes to the destruction of the Earth." Shou says. Yumi smiles. 

 "You seem to like this planet alot." Yumi says. "I would like to protect something so beautiful too." Yumi says. They enter the park and they sit down on a picnic table. Shou teaches her the basics of Earth. 

 "Here try this." Shou says. He offers her a bowl of ice-cream. "Its one of my favorite sweets." He gives her a spoon to eat with. Shou sits down beside her and he teaches her how to eat it. "Don't eat it fast or take a big bite because it will give you brain freeze." Shou says. Yumi smiles. 

 "So I eat it like this?" Yumi takes her spoon and puts it in the top of the scoop of ice-cream, then she picks up a small piece with the spoon and she tastes it. She looks at Shou in amazement. "This is really good!" Yumi says in excitement she starts eating it. Shou smiles. 

 "Remember not to eat fast or take big chunks." Shou says. Yumi nods. She finishes the ice-cream, and Shou gives her a soda. "This is a normal drink every drinks. Its not good to drink it all the time though." Shou gives her the drink. She takes it and she looks confused about how to open it. 

 "Where do I drink it at?" Yumi asks. She is looking around the container to find a tiny whole or something to sip out of. 

 "You see that tab on the top. Pull it back and it will open." Shou says. Yumi sees the tab and she pulls it back with her fingers. The bubbles come out as soon as its opened. She jumps a little. 

 "So now I drink it?" Yumi asks. Shou nods. She slowly takes a sip out of the opened area. She puts it down on the table, and then she smiles. "That was good!" Shou smiles. 

 "Glad you like those things." Shou says. Yumi smiles again. 

 "This planet is so great. I want to live on it." Yumi says. She looks at Shou. "Where do you people live at?" Yumi asks. 

 "We live anywhere basically. Anything that is like a home." Shou says. "I live at Capsule Corp. with my friends." Yumi smiles. 

 "Can I go meet your friends?!" Yumi says excitedly. Shou smiles. 

 "Sure!" Shou says. They walk to where Capsule Corp. is and Yumi looks at the building. 

 "So this is where you live?" Yumi asks. Shou nods. "Its very peaceful." Yumi says. They walk into the Capsule Corp. building. Shou is greeted by Mrs. Briefs. 

 "Hi Shou, you're looking adorable as always." Mrs. Briefs says. Shou smiles. 

 "Hi Mrs. Breifs. You got any cookies baked?" Shou asks. Mrs. Briefs nods. 

 "I just got done baking a pan of them." Mrs. Briefs says. Shou smacks his hands together and rubs them. 

 "Them tasty cookies are mine for the taking!" Shou says. He chuckles like a mad scientist. Yumi looks at Shou. 

 "Cookies?" Yumi asks. 

 "They are good especially when Mrs. Briefs bakes them." Shou says. Mrs. Briefs gives Shou some cookies she baked. Shou eats some of them, then gives the rest to Yumi. 

 "Who is this lady?" Mrs. Briefs asks. "Is it your girlfriend?" Shou looks dumbfounded as he eats a cookie. 

 "Eh no." Shou says. Yumi looks confused at Shou. 

 "I'm a girl, and aren't I your friend?" Yumi asks. Shou shakes his head. 

 "That's not what she meant. A girlfriend is when people are dating. Dating is for people who are in love." Shou says. Yumi smiles. 

 "Then I have lots of girlfriends!" Yumi says. Shou smiles. 

 "What do you mean lots of girlfriends?" Shou asks. 

 "I love lots of things. Like ice-cream, soda, flowers, animals, and Earth." Yumi smiles cutely. Shou giggles. 

 "No a girlfriend is a girl who a boy or a man is dating. Like for example, your mother and father dated once. Then they got married and had you." Shou says. Yumi smiles again. 

 "I have a brother too." Yumi says. Shou looks interested. 

 "Who is he?" Shou asks. 

 "Broly." Yumi says. Everyone goes silent. Shou's expression goes from smiling to pure terror. 

 "Eh, Broly?" Krillin asks. 

 "Yes." Yumi says. She sees that everyone is looking at her in shock or they are scared. "What did he try and harm anyone?" Yumi asks. 

 "Yes he tried killing my dad over countless times!" Gohan says. 

 "He thought I was my father and he attacked me!" Goten says. Trunks nod. Yumi looks sad. 

 "I'm sorry he did that. You dad must be Kakarot then." Yumi says. Gohan nods. 

 "Broly is bad news. We finally got rid of him." Goten says. Yumi looks at shou who is looking at her in terror. 

 "So I have to leave?" Yumi asks. 

 "No you don't you seem more kinder and sweeter than him." Shou says. Yumi smiles. 

 "I promise I won't harm anyone or anything." Yumi says. Shou smiles. 

 "I know you won't." Shou says. 

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