Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


9. Shou's Overwhelming Power

 The Z-Warriors are flying to a deserted area to meet with each other. Shou is flying by himself, and the others are flying together. Shou looks ahead, and then Pan flies beside him. 

 "Are you ready for this fight?" Pan asks. She smiles at him. Shou nods. 

 "Yeah. I know I won't be able to get a chance to fight. Goku and Vegeta already made the order of fighters and i'm not one of them." Shou says. Pan looks over to Vegeta and Goku, then she looks back to Shou. 

 "Its okay. You might get a chance to fight." Pan says. She smiles at him again. Then she gets curious. "What's the order?" Pan asks. 

 "First its Goku, then Vegeta, after him its Yumi, after her its Gohan, after him its Goten, after him its Trunks, then Rin, then its Trixie, then its me." Shou says. Pan frowns. 

 "So you're last huh?" Pan asks. "Don't worry maybe they will do you like they did Gohan." Pan smiles. Shou looks at her. 

 "That's if Goku changes his mind." Shou says. 

 "Oh he will." Beerus says. Shou looks above him and sees Lord Beerus above him laying down hovering in the air.

 "What do you mean?" Shou asks. 

 "Goku said he wants you to learn Super Saiyan God. So the plan actually is for the Z-Warriors to turn you into a Super Saiyan God." Beerus says. Shou smiles. 

 "Wow! That's amazing!" Shou says. Goku looks angry at Beerus. 

 "Why do you spill the beans Beerus?!" Goku asks pouting. Vegeta rolls his eyes. 

 "Because Goku, I'm a god." Beerus says. He eats a cherry. 

 "Alright Beerus just chill." Goku says. Beerus looks down at Shou. 

 "You don't need to hold back. If you do you will die. No doubt about it." Beerus says. Shou nods. They soon get to the area, and they land. 

 "Rin and Trixie. Can you show us your Super Saiyan forms?" Vegeta asks. They both nod. Trixie charges up. 

 "HA!" Trixie yells as her hair spikes up like Future Trunks' with long hair. Rin does the same and his also looks the same. 

 "This isn't out only forms either." Rin says. Lighting goes around his body and he transforms into Super Saiyan 2, and so does Trixie. Their power levels are even higher than Shou's. Everyone looks impressed. 

 "Wow you two are much stronger than Trunks in that form and you two haven't even powered up yet!" Goku says. Rin nods. 

 "Our father trained us non-stop. He wanted us to protect our world." Rin says. 

 "Plus he wanted us to be ready when we met all of you." Trixie says. Goku nods.

 "That seems like him." Goku says. He looks back at Shou. "Hey Shou! Spar with Rin and Trixie!" Goku yells Shou nods. He walks to them and he goes Super Saiyan. Rin is amazed at how high his power level quickly rose. Trixie is also amazed. 

 "This isn't my final transformation, but I'll save that if I need it." Shou says. He gets into a stance, and then both children of Future Trunks get into theirs. They both run at Shou and start attacking him. Shou blocks all of their attacks. Rin goes to bring a kick and then Trixie brings up a knee. Shou catches them both, and he pushes them back with force. Rin runs toward Shou and Trixie follows. They both get to close range and then Shou vanishes and he appears behind them. He punches them both in the kidney and they both gasp. Shou jumps back and they turn around and blast toward him. Shou charges up and both blasts bounce off the aura. Trixie jumps up in the air. 

 "Finish Buster!" Trixie sends the ball toward Shou. Rin puts his hands in front of him and then he moves them quickly in different directions. 

 "Burning Heat!" Rin pushes his hands forward and a blast goes toward Shou. Shou gets into the Kamehameha stance. A bluish ball appears between his palms. 

 "Ka!" Shou yells. Both blasts get closer to Shou. "Me!" The bluish ball gets bigger. "Ha!" The bluish ball gets twice the size of any of the others Shou made. "Me!" The blasts from both Briefs are one foot close from Shou. "HAAAA!!!!!" Shou sends the Kamehameha wave toward both blasts and it overpowers both blasts. Trixie and Rin both dodge the attack, but also they look pretty surprised. 

 "H-he just overpowered both of our blasts combined!" Trixie says in shock. 

 "Yeah, its amazing!" Rin says agreeing with his sister. Shou hasn't even broken a sweat. Shou smirks. 

 "Training the way I have gets you a little farther in your power. You might train everyday like your life depended on it, but I train everyday with over a million pounds of gravity. Doing just that makes me stronger." Shou says. He clenches his fists. "I'll show you two what real power is!" Shou starts charging and his power level increases dramatically. It even surpasses both of Rin and Trixie's power levels with him just in Super Saiyan form. 

 "That power...." Trixie says. Shou finishes yelling and everyone is shocked at the amount of power Shou now has. 

 "Shou's power level is amazing!" Gohan says. 

 "Yeah! He is really strong!" Pan says.

 "This isn't like anything I've seen before." Goten says. It even surpasses Majin Buu's.

 "That's the type of training that gets you this kind of power." Goku says smiling. 

 "He trained harder than me and Kakarot." Vegeta says also smiling. Shou returns into his normal form. Trixie looks at Rin. 

 "Maybe this guy can help us defeat Frieza Black!" Trixie says excited. Rin nods. 

 "We'll definitely need him." Rin says. He smiles. Trixie looks back at Shou, and then she flies to him.

 "Hey guy!" Trixie yells. Shou turns around. "When my grandmother gets the Time Machine's ready you want to come?" Trixie asks. 

 "Of course! That Frieza Black person seems pretty strong, and I sure as hell want to fight him!" Shou says. Trixie happily smiles.

 "Alright then, you'll be in mine." Tixie says. "Rin already said Yumi could come with him, so I need someone too." Trixie smiles again. Her smile looks exactly like Trunks'. Shou also smiles, his looks like Goku's.   

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