Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


7. Shou vs Brutus

 Brutus looks at Shou, and he crosses his arms. 

 "Hmf another saiyan huh?" Brutus says. Shou is still having that killing stare. Shou's cloths are torn a ripped. The robe that was on is torn off and the pants are ripped at the sides and in the front. Yumi looks at her friend. 

 "Sh-Shou?" Yumi asks. Shou doesn't turn toward her or even look at her. His gaze is set on Brutus. 

 "Get away from here." Shou says sternly. Yumi looks shocked. 

 "What about you?" Yumi asks. Shou grits his teeth. 

 "Do as I say! Take Goku with you and leave!" Shou says with a bit of anger. Yumi nods and she runs to Goku. She tells him what Shou had said and so they fly off. Shou hasn't took his eyes off Brutus. Babidi sees Goku and Yumi flying off. 

 "Brutus! Kill those retreating saiyans!" Babidi says. Brutus nods and he dashes toward them. Shou vanishes and he appears in front of Brutus' tracks. Shou immediately punches downwards on Brutus' head. Shou brings his left leg upwards and kicks Brutus across the back sending Brutus into the ground. Brutus gets up and Shou is standing right there. Shou punches Brutus across the face and then roundhouse kicks him making his feet come from under him and he hits his face against the ground. Shou grabs Brutus' long hair and slams his face into the ground. Shou starts running at an extremely fast speed. Brutus' face is getting cuts and gashes all over it. Shou stops and he throws Brutus into the air, and he vanishes to Brutus and he brings his elbow across Brutus' throat making Brutus cough out blood. Shou then thrusts his fist into Brutus' stomach making him cough out bits of blood. Shou clenches his hands together and brings both elbows down on Brutus' back. Shou brings up his leg and knees Brutus in the stomach making him gasp for air. Brutus looks at the corner of his eye and he grits his teeth. He swings his elbow into Shou's face, but Shou catches it. Brutus looks shocked. 

 "What are you?!" Brutus asks. Shou doesn't change his expression. 

 "I am your nightmare, that you can't escape from." Shou says. Shou punches Brutus in the ribs, and Brutus yells in pain. Shou lets go of Brutus' elbow and thrusts his elbow into Brutus' back sending Brutus into the ground. 

 "What are you doing Brutus?! Finish him off!" Babidi says. Shou looks over at Babidi. 

 "Are you the one controlling him?" Shou asks. 

 "I am Lord Babidi, I created that person." Babidi says. "I won't stop until I have killed you and your relatives!" Babidi says. Shou raises his hand to Babidi. 

 "Then I'll kill the source." Shou says. Shou sends a blast to Baidi and it hits him. The blast instantly killed him. Shou looks at Brutus who is in anger. 

 "That was my master!" Brutus yells. Shou descends to the ground. Brutus clenches his fists. "You monster! You killed my master! I'll kill you then kill everyone on this disgusting planet!" Brutus yells. His eyes grow wider as his anger builds inside of him. Shou starts to walk toward Brutus. "You just act like its nothing! You disgust me! You fucking saiyan I'll kill you!" Brutus says. His power level greatly increases. Shou stops two feet from Brutus. He extends his arm and puts the joints of his fingers to Brutus' chest. He does the one inch punch and a ray of yellow comes out of Brutus' back. Brutus gasps and he falls straight down on his knees.Brutus coughs out blood and looks at Shou. "What are you really?" Brutus asks in fear.

 "I already told you." Shou says. He turns around and walks off. Brutus gets up and he runs toward Shou. He gets ready to punch Shou. 

 "I didn't hear you!" Brutus says. He goes to punch Shou, but Shou quickly turns around and catches his fist. 

 "I you want to live. I wouldn't push me any further." Shou says. Brutus brings his knee to Shou's side. Shou catches it with his arm. 

 "Damn you saiyan!" Brutus yells. Shou lets go of his fist and he brings his elbow down on Brutus' knee cap dislocating it. Brutus screams in pain. Shou releases his arm from Brutus' leg and he turns around and he starts to walk. 

 "Don't make me kill you. I won't hesitate." Shou says sternly. 

 "Why won't you fight me?!" Brutus yells leaning on a rock holding his dislocated knee. Shou turns around. 

 "I don't see the point in fighting you. You're obviously going to die if you keep going." Shou says. Brutus gets angrier. 

 "I am equal to you! I defeated the one you call Goku!" Brutus says. 

 "Goku made a mistake. He could have finished you off if he truly wanted to." Shou says. Brutus slams his fists into the rock making it crack. 

 "I am Babidi's most powerful creation! I won't lose to you!" Brutus gets off the rock and he limps toward Shou. Shou quickly vanishes to Brutus and he punches Brutus across the face and Brutus tumbles on the ground. Brutus is laying on his back. Goku and Yumi come back. 

 "Hey! We got a senzu bean!" Goku says. He throws it toward Shou. Shou catches it and he opens his hand. Brutus looks up at Shou. 

 "Here take this." Shou says. He throws Brutus a senzu bean. Brutus catches it and he looks at it in disgust. 

 "Why should I take it?" Brutus asks. 

 "It will heal you completely. No matter how beat up you are." Shou says. Brutus chews up the senzu bean and he already feels healed. Shou chews his up also, and he heals. Brutus smirks and he gets up and he runs toward Shou. Shou notices Brutus coming his way and he dodges the attack. Shou thrusts his knee into Brutus' stomach and Brutus coughs, Shou steps back and roundhouse kicks Brutus. Brutus steps to the side and Shou punches Brutus in the ribs and Brutus stumbles to the other side a bit. Shou knees Brutus in the stomach and then he brings a punch to the stomach as well. Brutus is off his feet and then Shou starts punching Brutus in the stomach with rapid blows. Shou stops and then he brings and roundhouse kick and Brutus goes into the air. Shou vanishes behind Brutus and he blasts him into the ground. Shou descends to the ground. Pan flies over to Goku. 

 "We heard about Shou turning Super Saiyan. How is he doing?" Pan asks. Goku smiles. 

 "He's doing fine. He's winning the fight." Goku says. Pan smiles. 

 "Well he does have alot of you in him, and he isn't even your child." Pan says. Yumi looks confused at them. 

 "Wait who is the father and mother of Shou?" Yumi asks. 

 "We don't know. Shou came to us as a baby and I raised him." Goku says. 

 "So you basically adopted him?" Yumi asks. Pan and Goku nod. 

 "Shou isn't really my uncle. He doesn't know that he isn't Goku and Chi-Chi's child. We don't want him to know because it might hurt him in a very bad way." Pan says. "I was three years old when he came to Earth." Pan says. 

 "Oh. That's sweet of you to do that for him." Yumi says. She smiles. Shou walks toward Brutus. 

 "You're just another weakling like the others." Brutus says. 

 "Then why are you the one getting knocked around like a dog toy?" Shou asks. Brutus grits his teeth. 

 "Shut up!" Brutus sends a blast to Shou's chest. It hits his chest and tears the chest part of the shirt off. The blast has no effect on Shou. Brutus looks in fear. 

 "Now will you stop this non-sense before you get yourself killed?" Shou asks. Brutus grits his teeth and he goes to punch Shou. Shou dodges it and grabs his arm. "One last chance  before I break this arm like I did your leg." Shou says. Brutus brings up a kick, and Shou grabs it with his hand. He keeps hold of Brutus' fist. Brutus brings another kick and Shou steps back and blasts Brutus in the chest and Brutus goes rolling on the ground. Shou walks toward Brutus. Brutus gets up on his hands and knees. 

 "I won't lose to you!" Brutus says. "I will kill you!" Brutus gets up and goes to punch Shou. Shou catches his fist. 

 "I giving you one more chance before I finally kill you." Shou says. Brutus grits his teeth again and he charges a blast. Shou ducks and the blast goes above Shou. Shou punches Brutus in the stomach and thrusts in further. Shou's fist comes out of Brutus' back. Brutus gasps and then he coughs out blood. Shou pulls his fist out and Brutus holds his stomach. "I gave you a chance to live." Shou says. He turns around. Brutus falls on his knees. Shou looks up at Goku, Pan, and Yumi. He smiles and his hair changes back to normal and his eyes do as well. He flies to them. Brutus falls on the ground and his eyes are white out signaling he is dead. 

 "So is he dead?" Pan asks. Shou smiles and salutes. 

 "Yup!" Shou says. Pan hugs Shou. Yumi smiles and so does Goku. 

 "I'm glad you're okay Shou." Pan says. Shou smiles again and he hugs her back. 


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