Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


2. Shou The Un-Super Saiyan

 Shou and the others were outside chatting and carrying on. A space ship lands and everyone looks over to it. Shou stands beside Goku, and Vegeta. All three saiyans look at the ship seriously. They are prepared to fight if they have to. The ship makes a ramp to the ground and a person like Frieza walks out. He looks at the three saiyans with disgust. The saiyans lower their power levels. 

 "Where is the one you call Goku?" Ice asks. Goku steps up. 

 "That would be me." Goku says. He seriously looks at Ice. Ice gives Goku a cold hard glare. 

 "I'm here on the behalf of Frieza and Cooler. You will be defeated and killed." Ice says. Vegeta steps up beside Goku. 

 "So you're part of that pathetic race?" Vegeta asks. "Us saiyans could easily kill you, so just leave while you still can." Vegeta says. Ice's power level rises higher than before. It is way beyond Golden Frieza's. Shou steps up.

 "You want to fight Goku, then come fight me first." Shou says.  

 "You will lose once you have fought me." Ice says. He crosses his arms. "I'm not here for you, i'm here for Goku. So stay out of this child." Ice looks at Goku. "Now you Goku. Fight me now." Ice says in pure hate.

 "Not here, lets fight somewhere that isn't filled with people and animals." Goku says. Ice nods. They both fly up. "I'll be right back guys! Don't worry about me!" Goku says. He flies off with Ice.

 "Vegeta, Goten, and Shou go follow Goku, just in case he gets injured." Bulma says. All three nod and they fly towards Goku.

 "Kakarot might need my help. This guy is more powerful than Golden Frieza." Vegeta says. Goten nods.

 "He hasn't transformed and he still has that much power." Goten says. Shou looks at Vegeta with concern. 

 "Who is this Frieza guy anyways?" Shou asks. 

 "He was the person who destroyed mine and Kakarot's home planet. He was a ruthless killer. He was defeated by Kakarot back at Planet Namek, then he came to Earth where Trunks killed him. Not the Trunks you know, a different one. Then he returned again to fight Kakarot, and he gained a new form, which was called Golden Frieza. Kakarot got injured by a lazer gun from one of Frieza's henchmen. Then I killed Frieza." Vegeta says. Shou nods. 

 "So this guy is linked to him?" Shou asks. 

 "I don't know, but he seems like he is." Vegeta says. "He looks similar to Frieza." They see where Goku and Ice are. The area is a wasteland. Goku lands on the ground and so does Ice. Goku gets into a stance. It is the stance when he fought Golden Frieza. Ice gets into a stance. His legs are spread, and his arms are on guard in front of him. 

 "So is this a good place to mark your grave?" Ice asks. He is looking at Goku seriously. Goku is looking back with a serious look.

 "This place is good, but don't think you will win easily." Goku says. They both power up and they dash toward each other with amazing speed. Shou watches in amazement.

 "They are fast!" Shou says surprised. 

 "If you can't keep up with their movements then you aren't able to fight in this battle." Vegeta says. Goku and Ice block and attack each other. They are at one place, then at the other in an instant. Goku goes to punch Ice, but Ice capitalizes and goes for a kick. Goku blocks it with his knee and they vanish again. 

 "I can keep up with their movements, but I never seen a fight this fast before." Shou says. 

 "Well this is a fight you can't make a mistake, because one wrong move, and it could cost you your life." Vegeta says. 

 "Yeah, trust me we know this." Goten says. "Fights like these are dangerous." Shou nods. Goku and Ice are vanishing and each hit they make a loud sound is made and a force comes off them. They both land on the ground. 

 "How about I knock this up a notch." Goku says. 

 "Show me your Super Saiyan form then. I'll show you my form." Ice says. Goku smirks. 

 "Alright sounds fair." Goku says. "Aaargghh!" Goku yells. His hair changes to blonde and spikes up. His eyes turn emerald green. Goku gets into his stance. "This is Super Saiyan." Goku says. "Now lettme see yours." Goku gets serious. Ice clenches his fists and he begins to yell. 

 "Ahhhhhharggghhhh!" Ice yells. He gets bigger and his spikes on his body get bigger and sharper. His head changes into like Cooler's. His transformation is like Cooler's second form. His eyes are the same. He looks at Goku. 

 "Wow just like Cooler, but you're way stronger than him and Frieza at this form." Goku says. He smirks. "This is just getting interesting." 

 "Beware saiyan I have three more transformations." Ice says. Goku smirks. 

 "I have five more." Goku says. They dash at each other and they hit each others fists. They both bring up and knee and then they bring the other knee. Goku vanishes and appears above Ice. Ice notices Goku behind him and he swings his arm behind him. Goku vanishes. Ice looks forward and Goku is coming at him at full speed. Ice gets ready to counter. Goku vanishes again and Ice is caught off guard. Goku appears in front of him and kicks Ice in the stomach. Ice slides on the ground and Goku dashes toward him at full speed. Goku goes to punch Ice, but Ice counters it and he goes to elbow him in the back. Goku vanishes and he appears in the sky. "Kamehameha!" Goku says quickly. The Kamehameha wave goes toward Ice. Ice vanishes and he appears behind Goku. He grabs Goku. Ice's tail wraps around both of their bodies. 

 "Say goodbye saiyan!" Ice says. He flies further into the air and he stops. He turns toward the ground and Goku looks shocked. 

 "Dammit!" Goku yells. Ice dashes toward the ground. Goku struggles and then he notices how close they are getting to the ground. Ice slams Goku into the ground and Shou is in shock. 

 "Goku!" Shou yells. The dust clears and Goku is laying on the ground. Ice is standing above him. 

 "You're through." Ice says. He raises his hand toward Goku. Goku isn't in his Super Saiyan form. A red ball appears from his palm. Shou powers up and he dashes toward Ice. 

 "Fight someone who is actually awake!" Shou says. He sends a blast toward Ice. It hits Ice and he steps back. Shou lands in front of Goku. Goku looks up and sees Shou. Goku gets up and he flies toward Vegeta and Goten. 

 "Lets see how his training has been." Goku says. 

 "Kakarot you know damn well Shou hasn't had a real fight yet." Vegeta says. Goku smiles. 

 "This guy is tough, but you know Shou's power level is high?" Goku says. Vegeta nods. 

 "I suppose he can beat this guy." Vegeta says. Shou looks at Ice with a serious look. 

 "You're suppose to be related to Frieza right?" Shou asks. Ice nods. 

 "I'm his son." Ice says. Shou gets into a stance. 

 "Hmf. Doesn't mean anything." Shou says. Ice's eyes widen. 

 "You don't know Frieza do you?! He his the Lord Frieza!" Ice says. He goes to punch Shou. Shou leans back and he grabs his arm and he swings him into a rocky mountain. 

 "I don't know him, but you're about to know me." Shou says. He gets into a Kamehameha stance. "Ka....Me....Ha....Me...." The bluish ball gets bigger. "HA!!!!" Shou sends the Kamehameha wave toward the rocky mountain. The mountain explodes and Shou smiles. "Now I know that didn't hurt you that badly." Shou says. Ice appears behind Shou. Shou ducks and he jumps forward. Shou turns around and he slides on the ground. "Ha!" Shou yells as he sends a blast toward Ice. Ice blocks it, and then Shou appears in front of Ice. He punches him in the face, and then Shou kicks him in the stomach Ice steps backwards. 

 "You're not even a Super Saiyan, and you're standing a chance!" Ice yells. He holds his stomach. Shou smiles again. 

 "I don't need a form to defeat you. You aren't even that tough. I bet Goku was holding back." Shou says. He puts his hands to his side and gets ready for the Kamehameha. Ice looks at Shou. 

 "You are bluffing!" Ice yells. Goku scratches the back of his head. 

 "Well I was holding back. I just wanted to see how Shou's training has been. Yeah this guy is strong, but he isn't as strong as Frieza and Cooler. He was bluffing when he said he's stronger than Cooler and Frieza." Goku says. Vegeta rolls his eyes and Goten chuckles. 

 "Well if he dies its not my fault." Vegeta says. 

 "I'm sure Shou won't die." Goten says. Shou smirks at Ice as the blue ball appears in between his palms. 

 "This is one word i'm sure you will remember." Shou says. "Ka....me....ha....me...." The ball gets bigger than before. "HA!!!!" Shou sends the Kamehameha wave toward Ice. It hits Ice's stomach sending him off his feet. It then goes right through him. Ice gasps and blood comes from his mouth and the Kamehameha passes through his stomach. Ice falls on the ground and his eyes are pure white. Shou smirks. "See, I came out on top." Shou says. Goku smiles. 

 "Well that's over." Goku says. Goku turns around and sees Beerus and Whis. He smiles at them. "Hiya guys!" Goku says. 

 "Hey Goku." Whis says. 

 "Hey Goku." Beerus says. "That saiyan has gotten stronger. He just beat that Frieza like guy right?" Beerus asks. Goku nods. 

 "Sure did!" Goku says. Shou flies up to them and he sees Beerus and Whis. 

 "Hey guys!" Shou says. He walks up to them and greets them. 

 "So have you learned Super Saiyan yet?" Beerus asks. 

 "No, I haven't gotten angry yet." Shou says. Beerus rolls his eyes. 

 "Well you better learn quick, because you might have to fight a person who has many other forms, and they could kill you." Beerus says. Shou nods. 

 "I understand." Shou says. He bows to Beerus. 

 "Just remember to train harder if you don't have Super Saiyan." Beerus says. Whis and Beerus vanish. 

 "Shou, you are weaker than most of us, because you don't know Super Saiyan, but you are strong." Goku says. Shou nods. 

 "I will train harder." Shou says. 

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