Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


5. Babidi's Most Powerful Creation

 In the deepest darkest depths of the Underworld, Babidi the person who resurrected the great and powerful Majin Buu is trying to create something to defeat Goku and the current Majin Buu.

 "Hahahaha! This will be my greatest creation yet!" Babidi says. He makes a wicked laughter. Cell looks at Babidi with annoyance. 

 "You won't create anything to defeat Goku or that Majin Buu." Cell says. He has his arms crossed. Frieza looks at them with an angry expression. 

 "All of us was defeated by saiyans! This is a disgrace!" Frieza says angrily. Cell sighs. 

 "Frieza, just calm down. We have died, and we can't return." Cell says. "But if Babidi does create something powerful then we can possibly win, and get out of this shitty prison." Cell uncrosses his arms and looks at what Babidi is creating. It is a gray skinned man with black spiky hair. He has spikes on his shoulders, lower arms, and legs. He has one spike on his chest. Cell looks impressed. 

 "His name is Brutus! He will eradicate the saiyans from the Earth, and take it!" Babidi says. He makes another wicked laugh. Brutus' eyes open. They are blacked out with yellow eye color. He looks at Babidi.

 "Hello Master Babidi." Brutus says. He sits up and his body is muscular. 

 "Hello my servant. You have a mission." Babidi says. Brutus stands up and he is naked. Babidi smiles at his creation. 

 "What is my mission Master Babidi?" Brutus asks. Babidi smirks. 

 "Kill all the saiyans on Earth, and kill Majin Buu." Babidi says. Brutus nods. 

 "It will be done." Brutus says. 


 Goku and the others are having a party at Capsule Corp, because of world peace. Goku is eating most of the foods. Yumi is sitting down below a tree and she is watching everyone either play or have a good time. She smiles because of the fun everyone is having. Shou walks up to her. 

 "So do you like this?" Shou asks. Yumi looks at Shou and she smiles. 

 "Yeah, its so peaceful. I like it." Yumi says. She stands up. 

 "Oh by the way here is a piece of cake." Shou says. He hands her a plate with a piece of cake on it. She looks at Shou with a confused look. 

 "What is this suppose to be?" Yumi asks. Shou smiles. 

 "Its cake. Its like ice-cream, but with bread, and icing. Icing is like a cream." Shou says. Yumi smiles. 

 "I don't doubt it will be good." Yumi says. Shou hands her a spoon and she takes a bite out of it. "This is better than ice-cream!" Yumi says. She devours the cake. Shou laughs, and Yumi wipes her lip. "Hey Shou. The light blue haired woman asked me if I ever experienced love, but she meant like a relationship. What does that mean?" Yumi says. Her eyes are fixed on him with concern. Shou slightly blushes.

 "It means that you love someone with everything. Like you want to have a family with them. You want to spend the rest of your life with them also." Shou says. "If you truly love someone you will protect them, and you would never harm them in any way." Shou says. Yumi soon smiles. 

 "Oh, I never felt like that." Yumi says. "You think I'd find that beautiful thing?" Yumi asks. She is smiling at him. Shou winks and does a Goku-like smile. 

 "A girl like you, there is no doubt!" Shou says. Yumi's smile grows and she winks back at him. 

 "Haha I'm sure you'd find that beautiful thing too!" Yumi says. 

 "Thanks Yumi!" Shou says. Yumi cutely giggles. Shou giggles with her. 

 "Hey you two if you want some food then come and get it! Goku is eating all of it!" Bulma yells. Shou and Yumi walk to the picnic table, and they eat. Goku looks over into the sky and the Z-Fighters do also. Yumi looks into the distance. She senses the power energy. 

 "Guys I feel four strong power levels coming this way. Stay on guard." Goku says. Vegeta stays on guard and so do the others. The four figures finally show up. Its Frieza, Cell, Babidi and his new creation Brutus. Brutus has on a dark grey muscle shirt that shows his abs. The shirt has a dark red top with sharp lines going down the chest. He has black baggy pants and red boots. He stares into the eyes of Goku. Goku looks serious and he stares back at Brutus. 

 "This is these saiyans. Kill them now!" Babidi says. Brutus doesn't hesitate and he dashes toward Goku. Brutus goes for a punch, and Goku nearly dodges the punch. 

 "Whoa, this guy is fast!" Goku says. Brutus quickly goes for a kick, and Goku blocks. The kick connects with Goku's arms and it makes Goku slide. Vegeta jumps over Goku. 

 "Let me have this one Kakarot!" Vegeta says. He turns into Super Saiyan and he goes to punch Brutus. Frieza jumps in and he kicks Vegeta across the face making him fly into a building. Gohan jumps into the fight and Cell is in his way. Gohan dodges Cell's kick and then Gohan goes to uppercut Cell. Gohan's fist smack Cell under the chin. Cell forces his head to look at Gohan. Gohan is shocked, and then Cell punches Gohan in the stomach and then he elbows him in the back of the head. Gohan trips under his feet and his face hits the ground. Cell goes to stomp Gohan's head, but Shou interferes and he goes to kick Cell. Cell catches Shou's leg and he counters by blasting Shou's face. Shou goes backwards. Goku and Brutus are steadily fighting. Goku is in Super Saiyan 2 form and he is dodging attacks, and Brutus is also dodging attacks. They both can't land an attack. Goku swings his leg around and Brutus blocks it and he catches it. He swings Goku toward the ground. Goku puts his hands toward the ground and then he evades Brutus' ki blast by flipping on the ground. Goku charges up. Vegeta and Frieza are fighting, and Frieza has the upper hand. Frieza kicks Vegeta across the face and then he smashes him into the ground. Yumi dashes toward Frieza and she punches him in the face. Frieza goes backwards. Shou is laying on the ground holding his stomach because Cell has punched him there. Cell walks to Shou and he kicks Shou's stomach again. Shou goes up into the air and then he falls on the ground. Shou coughs and then he gets on his hands and knees. Cell runs toward Shou and then he knees Shou in the side of the ribs and Shou gasps loudly. Yumi looks over at Shou rolling across the ground and she quickly dashes toward his aid. She is in her normal state. She lands on the ground and she runs toward her new enemy Cell. 

 "Leave Shou alone!" Yumi screams. She turns Super Saiyan and then she goes to punch Cell. Cell luckily dodges it. She then roundhouse kicks Cell. He steps back and then Yumi blasts him and he goes backwards. Gohan focuses on his new opponent Cell. Gohan knees him in the stomach and slams him into the ground. Yumi runs to Shou who is clenching his stomach and wincing in pain. She drops on her knees and she shakes Shou. "Shou! Shou!" Yumi says trying to see if her buddy is still able to move. Shou starts coughing again. He turns on his stomach and he forces himself up with his arm. He is on his arm and knees now. 

 "D-dammit." Shou says he coughs again. Yumi is relieved that her best friend is still up and kicking. She puts her hand on his back.

 "Are you okay Shou?" Yumi asks. Shou nods. He gets up. Yumi stands up and she smiles.

 "Alright. I guess going Kaioken is the only option." Shou says. Yumi steps back. "Kaioken!" Shou says. The red aura surrounds his body. He dashes toward Frieza and he kicks him further in the air. Shou dashes above Frieza and he axe-handle smashes Frieza downward. Shou dashes toward Frieza. "Kaioken x2!" Shou goes faster and he elbows Frieza in the back. Frieza goes toward the ground and Shou appears on the ground and he holds out his hand and Frieza's body falls on his hand. Shou holds him up, and then he throws him forward. Yumi smiles.

 "Way to go Shou!" Yumi says. She looks over to her side and she sees Cell running at her. She jumps up and Cell misses his attack. She kicks him across the face and then Gohan kicks him in the back. Cell goes forward and he slides on the ground. Babidi looks unimpressed. 

 "This is a disgrace! You guys are stronger!" Babidi says. Vegeta points his hand toward Babidi.

 "No. You're a disgrace." Vegeta says.

 "Vegeta!" Goku yells. Vegeta turns his head toward Goku and Brutus knees Vegeta in the face and Vegeta goes flying and he hits the ground and then he tumbles on the ground. Brutus looks at the other Z-Fighters.

 "Who is next?" Brutus asks. He gets into a stance and he taunts them.

 "Yes that's it! Brutus kill them all!" Babidi says. Gohan walks to the plate and he turns into Super Saiyan.

 "I'll be your opponent." Gohan says. He gets into a stance.

 "I know this isn't you only transformation." Brutus says. Gohan smirks.

 "You want that one? Then fine!" Gohan charges up and then he turns into Super Saiyan 2. Brutus doesn't seem impressed. Gohan dashes toward Brutus and he goes to punch Brutus. Brutus leans to the side and he grabs Gohan's wrist. He puts his hand on Gohan's elbow and he pushes Gohan backwards. Gohan slides on the ground. Brutus rushes at Gohan and he goes to punch him. Gohan blocks and then Brutus punches his arms. Gohan slides back and then Brutus kicks Gohan and he slides backwards. Gohan looks up and Brutus blasts Gohan in the face and he goes backwards. Gohan hits a building and he falls on the ground unconscious. Brutus looks at the rest of the Z-Fighters. 

 "Now who is next?" Brutus asks. Goku steps up.

 "We won't continue this fight here. There are to many civilians here. Lets take this fight somewhere else." Goku says. Brutus nods. Goku, and the others fly to a new area. They find a wasteland and they fly down there. It has a rocky terrain. It is similar to the one Vegeta and Goku fought at when Vegeta was under Babidi's control. 

 "This is the right place." Goku says. Brutus lands on the ground and he looks around. Babidi hovers above them. Shou and Yumi watch Goku's fight about to begin. Brutus gets into a stance and Goku turns Super Saiyan 3. Brutus looks at Goku. 

 "Show me your Super Saiyan Blue." Brutus says. Goku smirks.

 "Fine its you funeral." Goku says. He charges up and he goes into Super Saiyan Blue. Shou watches in amazement. Brutus smirks.

 "That's it." Brutus says. Goku and Brutus dashes at each other and Brutus dodges Goku's attack without effort. Goku looks impressed, and then Goku dodges Brutus' kick. Goku goes for a kick to Brutus' chest, but Brutus leans back and he flips and kicks Goku under the chin. Goku goes up into the air. Brutus lands on the ground and he dashes toward Goku. He punches Goku across the face, and then he kicks Goku in the stomach making him go toward the ground. Brutus grabs Goku's face and he slams into into the ground. He picks up Goku and he uppercuts him into the air. 

 "Red Violet Ball!" Brutus says. He points two fingers at Goku. A violet ball appears and it goes toward Goku. Goku guards and it hits him. It explodes and Goku goes flying. Brutus vanishes and appears behind Goku. He swings his arm into Goku's side making Goku go to the right. Brutus appears behind Goku again. Brutus kicks Goku in the back and Goku goes forward. Brutus dashes toward Goku and punches him in the back and he keeps dashing. Brutus turns toward the ground and then he kicks Goku to the ground. Goku hits the ground and a crater is made. Brutus stands in the air with his arms crossed. "You call yourself a saiyan? This is child's play." Brutus says. Goku gets up and his cloths are torn and ripped. His orange vest is almost coming off his shoulders and the blue undershirt is ripped. His pants are torn and ripped. Goku looks up at Brutus. 

 "Damn this guy is tough." Goku says. He charges up. "Shou, and Yumi! Come help me!" Goku yells. Shou dashes to Goku's side and he starts charging up. Yumi goes to the side of Shou and she starts charging up. "Lets do an all out Kamehameha!" Goku says. Shou and Goku get ready for the Kamehameha. Yumi holds her hand up to Brutus. She is going to attack with the Eraser Cannon. 

 "Ka....me...ha...me...." Goku says. The ball gets huge. "HA!!!" Goku yells. He sends his toward Brutus. 

 "Kaioken x3 Kamehameha!" Shou sends a huge Kamehameha wave toward Brutus and it collides with Goku's making a bigger one. A green ball appears in front of Yumi's hand. 

 "Eraser Cannon!" Yumi says. She holds her hand to the side and it gets bigger. She holds it up in the air and she throws it at the Kamehameha waves going toward Brutus. It collides with the Kamehameha waves and it mixes with it making it greenish. 

 "HAAAA!!!!" All three yells as their attacks get stronger. Brutus guards and it consumes him. It explodes creating a huge explosion. Goku, Shou and Yumi are all tired. Shou's body aches all over. Goku turns back to his normal state. Yumi turns back into her normal state as well. The dust clears and Goku senses Brutus' power level. Everyone looks up and sees Brutus still hovering in the air not even scratched. They all are in disbelief. 

 "Hahahaha! You saiyans are pathetic! You thought you could defeat Brutus? He is immortal!" Babidi says. Shou clenches his fists, and Goku still looks in disbelief. Yumi is shocked that he survived that attack. This guy isn't a joke. 

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