Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


6. A Super Saiyan is born

 Goku and the others look in disbelief as Brutus stands in the distance without a single scratch on him. Shou clenches his fists and lighting goes around them. He looks at Brutus and his anger flows. 

 "All of this....for fucking nothing?!" Shou says with a stern tone. Shou's hair turns blonde and spikes up, then it goes back to its original shape and color. His eyes change into emerald green, then turns back into black. Shou's anger is rising. Goku looks over at his adoptive son. He notices the anger inside of him. Shou dashes at Brutus. "You son of a bitch!" Shou punches Brutus across the face and Brutus didn't seem phased. Brutus looks at Shou. Shou steps back and then he goes to kick Brutus. Brutus ducks and then he trips Shou and grabs his foot. Brutus jumps in the air and throws Shou into the ground. Shou luckily catches himself and he slides on the ground. Brutus appears right in front of him and he kicks him to the side. Shou tumbles on the ground. Shou gets up on one knee and he looks at Brutus. "This isn't how i'm going to die." Shou says. He fists clench with lighting. He looks at Yumi and Goku. Goku is on one knee and Yumi is covering her mouth. He looks back at Brutus and he gives him a glare. Shou stands up and Brutus walks toward him. Babidi is smirking. 

 "You ruthless saiyan will die! My ultimate creation will kill you!" Babidi says. He snickers. Brutus dashes toward Shou and he knees him in the stomach. Shou coughs. Brutus picks up Shou by his hair and Yumi screams. 

 "Don't put another finger on him!" Yumi yells. She automatically turns Super Saiyan and she kicks Brutus across the face. He drops Shou and Yumi catches him. Brutus goes into a mountain and Babidi pouts. Yumi lands on the ground and she looks at Shou's face. She sits down and she puts her hand on his cheek. Shou looks a her. Yumi smiles. "You're okay." Yumi says. Shou nods. She stands up and so does Shou. Shou's Kaioken has worn off. Yumi looks toward where Brutus is and she sees him in the air. 

 "Kaioken!" Shou yells. The red aura goes around his body and he gets into a Goku-like stance. Yumi gets into her stance. 

 "You ready?" Yumi asks Shou. 

 "Yeah." Shou says. They both dash toward Brutus. Shou goes for a kick to his face and Yumi goes to punch him. Brutus gets ready to guard. Yumi vanishes and Brutus focuses on Shou. Shou goes to kick Brutus, but he blocks the attack. Yumi brings down a kick and Brutus luckily hovers backward and evades the attack. Shou and Yumi go toward Brutus. They both attack him and he dodges or blocks them. Shou dashes backwards. "Kaioken x2!" Shou yells as his strength, agility, and defense increase. Shou dashes toward Brutus and he brings more power. He starts rapidly attacking Brutus with all he's got. Yumi does the same. They finally overwhelm Brutus and they both knee him in the stomach. Brutus coughs and then Shou and Yumi bring down their elbows and it makes Brutus fall to the ground. Dust goes around the area Brutus fell. Shou and Yumi both look down as Brutus gets up again. Brutus' shirt is a bit torn at the shoulder and the stomach. His pants have rips on the sides and knees. He looks up at both saiyans. 

 "Brutus quit playing around and finish these saiyans!" Babidi yells. Brutus looks at Babidi. 

"Yes master." Brutus says. He looks over to the two saiyans. He gets into a charging position. He starts yelling and his hair starts to grow longer like a Super Saiyan 3. His power level increases dramatically. A force of power emits off him. Lighting goes around his body. Shou and Yumi look in shock. They notices his power level is greater than both of theirs. 

 "I might need to go to my next level." Yumi says. Shou looks at her. 

 "You have another transformation?!" Shou asks shockingly. Yumi looks at him. 

 "Yeah, this transformation is stronger than his." Yumi says. Shou looks forward and then she starts charging. She yells and enormous power emits off her. Her hair turns greenish and her eyes turn white. She finishes the transformation with a large amount of force emitting off her making Shou go backwards. Shou keeps himself from going any further. She looks at Brutus. "You're ready to meet the Legendary Super Saiyan?" Yumi asks. Brutus doesn't respond. Shou knows he is no match for Brutus now even if he does go onto the next Kaioken it won't be enough to defeat such a monster. Yumi stares at Brutus. They soon dash toward each other and they start fighting. Yumi throws a punch to Brutus' face, but he dodges it and he goes for a kick, which Yumi leans backward to dodge the attack. Yumi sends a blast toward his face, and he reflects it and it goes toward the ground. Shou watches in amazement. Brutus goes to roundhouse kick Yumi, but he misses and Yumi counters by punching him. Brutus leans back and a cut appears on his cheek. Blood runs down the cut. He looks at Yumi and she axe-handle smashes him into the ground. Brutus slides on the ground and Yumi looks at Brutus. 

"You're much stronger now." Brutus says. He stands straight up and then dashes toward her. Yumi gets ready for an attack. Brutus vanishes and Yumi does also. Forces appear shortly after, showing where they are attacking. Yumi hits Brutus and he hits her. The forces in the air are getting stronger, and faster. Shou can barely keep up. Yumi and Brutus hit their fists together and a huge impact goes around them. They vanish again and they appear by hitting fists again. 

 "Wow Yumi is more powerful than ever!" Shou says. Goku smiles. 

 "Its because she is also a Legendary Super Saiyan. Her power level greatly increases with anger." Goku says. He is behind Shou. 

 "That's amazing! That means at this rate when she gets the slightest bit frustrated she will become stronger." Shou says. Goku nods. Yumi dashes toward Brutus and she kicks him across the face. Brutus steps back and he counters one of Yumi's attacks and he elbows her in the stomach. She gasps, and then Brutus goes to kick he which she caught his foot. She swings her arms up and it sends Brutus into the air. She jumps up and grabs onto his foot. She swings him around four times and then lets go. Brutus flies into a mountain. Yumi holds up both her hands to her side. 

 "Eraser Cannon!" Yumi yells as she throws the Eraser Cannons toward the mountain. Brutus escapes the attack, and the Eraser Cannons hit the mountain and they explode. The mountain collapses. Yumi sees Brutus above the collapsed mountain, she gets ready to fight. She dashes toward him, and Babidi uses his magic energy to stop her. She suddenly can't move, and Brutus dashes toward her. Shou is shocked, and he dashes toward her aid. He kicks Brutus in the face. The attack had no effect on Brutus. He looks at Shou, then he grabs Shou's foot and sling him downwards into the ground. Shou gets up and he dashes toward Brutus again.

 "I won't let you hurt any of my friends again!" Shou yells. He goes to punch Brutus, but he misses the attack and Brutus punches him in the stomach. Shou gasps and Brutus elbows him in the back sending him back down. Yumi watches as her best friend doesn't stand a chance against this monster of Babidi. A tear escapes her eye and Shou felt a drop hit his hand as he is laying on the ground. The tear drop immediately opens Shou's eyes. Another tear drop falls and it splatters on the rocky terrain. Shou looks up thinking it is raining, but in reality he sees Yumi crying. Babidi's magic wears off and Yumi falls to the ground. She falls on her knees with her hands covering her eyes. Shou crawls toward her. Shou puts his hand on her leg and she looks at him. Her face full of tears unleashes something inside of him. He stands up with the amount of power he has left. He clenches his fists and blood runs from his palms Yumi looks at Shou, and she is worried about what is going to happen next. Lighting goes around Shou's fists. He grits his teeth. "Why are you crying?" Shou asks. His tone is a bit harsh, but Yumi knows that it wasn't intended for her. Shou's hair starts to spike up and turn to blonde, then it turns back to black and turns to its original shape. Shou's eyes turn emerald green and then back to black. Intense rage is inside of him, and there is one way to let it out. It is to go Super Saiyan. Shou yells and his hair changes into blonde and it spikes up. His eyes change to green and it doesn't fade. Shou has become the legend of Frieza's nightmares. A Super Saiyan. Shou stands like Goku did when he first turned Super Saiyan. "If I were you. I'd run." Shou says threatening Brutus. "You made her cry. You disgust me." Shou says sternly. Brutus has noticed that his power level also just increased dramatically. Babidi kicks a rock. 

 "These saiyans! I hate them!" Babidi yells. This fight is between Shou and Brutus now. Who will emerge victorious? A Super Saiyan or a Super Saiyan Slayer?

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