By the Nine

What will happen when factions come together for a conference. When tentions run high and all hope is lost they return to their homelands, but they will soon realise that they might need to band together to rise against evil. I do not own any characters other than Ireth.


4. Three Bannered War

25th Mayfire

  The imperial city was crammed with all the factions attending the conference, they all quickly made their way to the grand hall. Elves stood amongst men, amongst Orc, Uruk hai, Breton, nord, redguard, dwarves and gods. All gave each other weird glances and stares, some snide comments made and chatting amongst themselves, not one single person made any form contact with the others, they stayed to their own groups.   Filing into the imperial palace, following a guide in towards the citadel, they all come to a stop when a set of ornate doors blocked their path. Upon opening the doors there was a huge round conference table, but it looked like a labyrinth, there was a centre but the seating arrangement looked like a ripple, the outer ring larger, getting smaller towards the centre. The three factions to sit in the front were that of the Aldmeri Dominion, the Ebonheart pact and the Daggerfall covenant. Behind them sat the Underground faction, The goblin kingdom, the northern mining company, eastern silk traders, western defences manufacturing and the south timber workers, then behind them the elves of mirkwood, the dwarves of Erobor, the elves of rivendale, the hobbits of the shire, the men of rohan and gondor, the orcs and the Uruk hai and finally came the Nine realms of Asgard, Alfheim, jütonheim, and so on.   Once all was seated the newly appointed emperor appeared in the centre of the table. " Greetings one and all, I have called this emergency conference because of issues that have been raised inside of these factions, we are here today to try to resolve these issues as quick as possible because I would also like to get us to unite and become one, so I am going to start off with the Three bannered war, What issues do we have" It was the Jorunn the Skald King of the Ebonheart pact to begin the conference. "Well to start with the Daggerfall covenant have been pushing into Ebonheart pact territory, they have pushed through Skyrim and are starting to invade through into Morrowind, they are slaughtering innocent people from travelling caravans to tribes, we have not done anything to deserve this Emeric!" Jorunn shouted pointing towards the Daggerfall leader. "And because of this you are retreating into Dominion concentrated areas" Ayrenn spoke this time. "We are only advancing through your territory because we have belief that your 'tribe elders' and summoning these daedric demons that are appearing all over Tamriel, I believe it is a retaliation" Emeric spoke with purpose. "Retaliation to what" Jorunn sighed. "Well we believe it is because the former King killed the shadowlands tribe for insubordination" Emeric huffed. "But what does this have to do with us" Ayrenn motioned to the others accompanying her. "Well we cannot pin the soul blame on the Ebonheart pact, everyone is under suspicion"  "What, Emeric you are one paranoid little man" Jorunn shouted again. "It wouldn't surprise me if the one actually doing this is right under your nose Emeric, it wouldn't be the first time that the Daggerfall Covenant has encountered a traitor inside their walls" Ireth snapped leaning over the table to stare Emeric in the eyes.  "Well if Raz remembers correctly the covenant was built to over throw the Empire, there was no one sitting on the Ruby Throne, so Emeric wanted to rise and take the throne, this Khajit is not silly" Raz spoke. "You stupid cat you don't know anything" spat King Kurog Gro-Orsinium, another covenant leader. "Raz knows what he see's and hear's, we Khajit are training to enhance our hearing and sight" Raz laughed. "Oh just go back to Elswyr" King Fahara'jad of the Reguards shouted waving his hands over the place. "We are here to resolve these issues, by the looks of things this isn't happening" Eyes-Of-Steel spoke from the opposing table. "I suggest we get this over and done with and quickly before anything else happens" now it was General Yeveth Noramil's turn to speak. "And who do you think you are, you are both a pair of bumbling idiots" Emeric laughed. Ayrenn cleared her throat. "Can I make a suggestion, I think that Emeric, Fahara'jad and Kurog should just go back to their designated land and leave the Ebonheart pact areas alone, so then the pact can move back into their areas" she said plain and simple. "It's not that simple you stupid high elf" Fahara'jad snapped pointing at Ayrenn. Ireth leaned forward in front of Ayrenn, bearing her teeth and growling at the Covenant.  "I suggest that you hold you damn tongue before I hold it for you, all you have done is insult the dominion and the pact, you better watch yourself before I climb over this table and rip you to shreds" Ireth spat. "You better put your dog on a leash Ayrenn, or I'll put her down" "Try me you assholes" This arguing went on for about 5 minutes before King Thranduil of the Mirkwood elves spoke up. "Please just resolve this issue, I'm getting tired of this" he huffed. "This has got nothing to do with you, all you elves are the same, you should have been born with big noses instead cause you're always sticking them into someone else's business" Kurog snapped.    That was the final straw for Ireth. She launched herself over the table screaming obscenities along the way, grabbing hold of Kurog and laying into him. Emeric grabbed ahold of her but she pushed him off, spitting in his face. There were a few people pulling at her, she finally let go of him and sat back in her seat. Kugro wiped at his face, she had done some damage. "Okay okay we'll pull out of the Ebonheart areas" Emeric shouted wiping the spit from his eye. "Now that's settled let's proceed to the underground quarrels" the Emperor said smugly.        
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