By the Nine

What will happen when factions come together for a conference. When tentions run high and all hope is lost they return to their homelands, but they will soon realise that they might need to band together to rise against evil. I do not own any characters other than Ireth.


2. The nine realms

Meanwhile in Asgard

He went thundering through the halls, coming face to face with the All-Fathers office door and smashing through it. "Why are you bringing Loki with us father" Thor the God of Thunder exclaimed throwing his arms up.  Odin the All-Father raised his head from the response to the invitation he was currently writing.  Locking eyes with Thor, Odin placed his hands on the ornate soft wood desk  and lifted himself up from his seat. 

"Is there a problem my son?" Odin raised his eyebrows.
"Father Loki is a menace who knows what kind of tricks he will play at this conference and you must know that Lady Sif detests him"  Thor pointed out his concern, Loki was the God of Mischief and always causing trouble, Why would Odin have Loki accompany him to the conference . He knows what Loki is like.  Unless there is some form of dark magic that has been set on Odin.
"Well if you took the time to notice, your brother is very in depth with magic and he could help with setting up a protection ward on us for the time we are there" Odin explained calmly. 
" Father do you not trust Lady Sif and I to protect you?" Thor asked cocking his head to the side in confusion, jealousy and anger.
" Its not that son but we do not know what lurks in this Imperial City, it might be more dangerous than we anticipate, this is why I have decided to bring your brother" Odin answered. Something was defiantly odd about this situation Odin was acting strange.
Thor scoffed at his reasoning.
"Now Thor I would be grateful if you were to go and get Loki and Lady Sif ready as we will be leaving shortly"
Thor softly rolled his eyes, unnoticed by Odin and nodded.  He thundered back to the broken door now falling of its hinges. He stopped when Odin had called him just before he left the room.
"Yes father"  Thor looked over his shoulder to look at him.
"When you are all ready we will meet in the gardens"  Odin said.

Thor gave another slight nod and thundered out of the room, taking one last glance at his father who had sat back down. Thor knew exactly where to find Lady Sif but finding Loki would be a challenge. To find Loki you need to think like Loki, Thor's thoughts rang. He thought for a while before striding to the library and sure enough Loki was sat on one of the arm chairs with his head in a book. Thor shook his head, this is why Loki would never find a woman, being cooped up in the library with his head in a book. Loki's eyes were scanning the page word for word. Thor smacked the book out of his hands. Loki's head snapped up so quick you could of sworn he would have broken his neck or at least sustained whiplash. "Come on brother get your head out of this thing and get ready, father says we will be leaving shortly, and once you are ready meet him in the gardens" Thor said smacking his brother on the back. Loki rose out of the seat and growled at Thor before sulking off to get ready.  As Loki left the library and drifted down the hallways to his room, a sinister smile played across Loki's lips. Yes the plan was working, of course Loki had set magic on the All-Father, how else he would be going. Of course Thor would have gone and complained that was obvious... not getting his way would have caused an uproar but it was time for Thor to learn he wasn't always going to get his own way. This magic was very complex,  and worked well to Loki's advantage.

Thor shook his head as his brother left the library, now to head off to recruit the Goddess of War, the invincible Lady Sif.  He headed straight to the training grounds and low and behold there she was. Clasping her sword in one hand and gripping her shield in the other.  A hungry, wild glint flashed across her sapphire eyes as a predatory smirk tugged at the side of her mouth. Stalking her opponent like a cougar, ready to spring like a coiled snake. Her dark hair tied into a low ponytail but stray strands still finding their way to cling to her sweat drenched face. She was beautiful. She lunged forward and struck her sparring partner. She had struck him in the face with her shield breaking his nose. Blood ran down this poor mans face as he chocked, spat blood and clutched his face. She laughed lightly as the man was crying out in pain, " and that is the reason why you should always be on guard" She chuckled, although she did feel bad she was trying to teach him a lesson.

Thor had smirked as she had struck the man. This woman was strong, agile, muscular and had enough stamina to run round all Nine realms and come back. Thor had taken a very strong affection to this woman, she was different from the other woman, she was good willed, she was down to Midgard , had the best intentions for everything she done, she took pride in her work and achievements, always trying to be the best, to prove that women could be warriors to. Now Thor's choice of women where the tall, sleek, long blonde hair, busty women that would swoon over him at every little thing, wear the prettiest dresses and had no inkling of intelligence anywhere, but Sif, Sif was a whole different matter, something had attracted Thor to her like a moth to a flame. Lady Sif was the only exception in Thor's mind. Sif was the best female warrior in all of Asgard and Thor took to her like a moth to a flame.
"Lady Sif" Thor rumbled opening his arms. "I am very sorry to be interrupting but we must get ready as father has said we will be leaving soon"
Sif walked over to Thor and placed her weapons back on the rack.
"Did you talk with Odin, is Loki still accompanying us?" Sif whispered just in case Loki was lurking around the training grounds.
"Indeed I did m'lady and indeed Loki will still be accompanying us" Thor answered.
"I do not like this one bit" she growled "But no time for complaining let us go" and with that they silently strode in time with each other.

Just before they parted ways Thor had told her to meet them at the gardens to which she nodded. By this time Loki was ready and waiting in the gardens with the All-Father. Not long after parting ways they met in the gardens with Loki and Odin. Thor glared at his brother as did Sif and they headed to the Bifrost to make their way to Nirn, then to the Imperial City

A/N- I'm sorry if this seems very slow and boring, I just hope you are enjoying it. I promise it will get better.

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