By the Nine

What will happen when factions come together for a conference. When tentions run high and all hope is lost they return to their homelands, but they will soon realise that they might need to band together to rise against evil. I do not own any characters other than Ireth.


5. Problems, Problems, Problems

The Emperor looked towards the underground leaders. Nyx of the Northern mining company started the debate.
"Well we did actually sort this out at our latest council meeting, it was that Afreda of the Eastern silk traders had missed a payment to us so we didn't send out the shipment" the female fae spoke. She had emerald eyes, short choppy black hair that glinted midnight blue in certain lights, neat but angled eyebrows, she was a shade darker than ivory and plump lips a soft shade of pink.
"we arranged a payment scheme to pay the bill" Afreda of the Eastern Silk Traders piped up. She was a didn't type of fae, she was a warm chestnut colour, waved ash brown coloured hair, dark chocolate brown eyes and a round face to match.
"But what about the shipment stopped to us, we still haven't received ore from you and we need it to make the products we are selling, if you don't send us ore our production line comes to a halt" Hreimdarn huffed from the other side of the hall. He was tall 6'0 on the dot, collar length pale blonde hair, Ivory skin and piercing blue eyes that could tell you a thousand stories. He was the leader of the Defence Manufacturing from the west.
"we haven't received any either and we have paid for 3 shipments and haven't received either, but I guessed it was down to ore depletion" The leader of the Southern Timber workers spoke. Fafnir was his name, he too like the rest were fae, he was shorter than Hreimdar, he was bulky in stature, short copper hair, oval eyes framed purple Iris's, strong jawline and a rough copper beard.
"Well I assure you that I have not received your payment and that if we did we would be sending out the shipments as promised" Nyx spoke with concern.
"We defiantly have paid you, I have put a lot of coin in for the last few months and now I am out of pocket" Fafnir spoke.
"But our production is halted because we rely on the ore and timber to make our defence systems" Hreimdar said waving his hands.
"Well we have to look into this issue as get it sorted as soon as" Nyx huffed tapping her fingers on the table in a rythmic manner.
"If I recall correctly there have been numerous reports from my kingdom speaking of monsters towards the northern boarder with us" Jareth said eyeing everybody in their circle. "I haven't done anything as yet, as I only thought thy were being stupid because you have the Yao Gaui guard your boarders" Jareth looked towards Nyx.
"Now you mention it my nymph's had whispered about monsters toward the North but again like you Jareth I was confused because you have the Goblins as Fafnir and Afreda have the Trolls and the wraiths" Hreimdar said furrowing his brows in confusion.
"So we are dealing with a force at the northern boarder then..?" Fafnir asked.
"Maybe this is why we haven't received shipment" Afreda tapped her thin nose in thought.
"Okay when I hold the next council we shall decide how we go about this problem" Jareth exclaimed.
"Okay I think that is us done, I don't think we have any other issues do you...?" Fafnir spoke looking to the members of his usual council.
"No" they all said in unison.
"Well that was quite simple if I do say so myself" the Emperor laughed "moving on swiftly."

Next comes the situations in middle earth. 
"You linger on the outskirts of Mirkwood, killing off my archers, slowly, methodically one by one. You think I don't notice but I do, Why are you camping there, what are your reasons you scum" Thranduil started. This was the Elven King of Mirkwood, he was a strong leader. Back length platinum blonde hair sat snuggly on his long Ivory face. Dark eyebrows sat above ice blue eyes, A long thin nose sat in the middle of his face and small pink lips. On top of his head rested a beautiful crown of woven branches and autumn leaves and berries. He was adorned in silver robes, sitting proudly looking towards the Orcs and Uruk- Hai that sat on the opposing table.
"How dare you look down on us you puny elf, we are following orders" their leader croaked out. He was broad in stature, his features didn't sit properly on his face, his head was an odd shape, his skin black and a white painted hand print sat across his face, and his teeth were pointed, rotten and an awful shade of yellow.
"Who are you odered by...?" Thranduil snapped.
None of them answered. "WHO GIVES YOU ORDERS" Thranduil shouted slamming his fist on the table and jumping up from his seat. Elrond of the Rivendale elves grabbed hold of his arm and sat his down quite quickly.
"We are not going to solve anything if you start screaming and shouting, keep yourself calm and composed, they will look for weaknesses and faults you have, assess them and they will advance further into Mirkwood, you would be seen as an insufficient leader, unfit to rule" Elrond whispered into his companions ear. Thranduil just nodded and composed himself.
"I already have the spiders inside my Forrest I do not need to tell you that they will strike when threatened and when hungry" Thranduil growled.
"Who gives you your orders" Thorin of the dwarves piped up. He was a little man with a big ambition.
"We only follow the one" the great Uruk Hai chocked out. "Everything will be made clear soon" he spat. 
"What the hell is that supposed to mean" Thorin shouted. 
"Uncle please do not lower yourself to them" Fili, Thorins eldest nephew pleaded beside him.
The Uruk-Hai leader got up and headed towards the door with his minions in tow.
"You will soon learn the greatness of the one when the time comes" he shouted pointing to everyone, and with that he opened the door with great force and lead his minions out of the room.

The Emperor sat there in complete shock glancing at everybody in the room, all sat there bewildered and confused.
"Set up every army and have them on high alert, every district, every province, god damn every isle" the emperor shouted and pointed towards the guards stationed at the exits. There were mutters amongst the people, some saying that maybe 'the one' was the one for all of their troubles and strife.
"Everyone please restrain the idle chit chat because we now have an action plan to set up" the Emperor bellowed. Now was the time to put aside their differences, now was time to group together and work things out for the greater good.

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