By the Nine

What will happen when factions come together for a conference. When tentions run high and all hope is lost they return to their homelands, but they will soon realise that they might need to band together to rise against evil. I do not own any characters other than Ireth.


3. Going Underground

Jareth laid the quill down on the light birch desk, sitting upright and stretching his arms above his head, bones popping back into place as he stifled a yawn. He looked toward the pile of correspondence letters and paperwork stacked upon the desk, rising from he's seat he grabbed the pile and started to file them away. He's mismatched eyes shifted towards the grand clock in the corner of his study and groaned, it was well past midnight, he had had a long a tiring day.

To start off his day the goblins in the court were raging about minor issues going on the town centre, it all started with a chicken and ended in a full on riot, damage being done to shops and houses. Then came the Royal court with issues about the surrounding kingdoms. The Northern Mining Company has stopped all shipments to the Eastern Silk Traders because of a missed payment. That took up the better part of the day. Then it was back to his study to sort out paperwork that had been sitting there well over a week. 

Jareth opened the double doors to his study and drifted onto the balcony, taking a deep breath of the fresh air and sighed. A light breeze came by sweeping his soft whispy and leaving it a little frazzled. He walked over the the edge of the balcony resting his forearms on the side, looking out over the teeming village beneath him and the once glorious labyrinth, how did things slip and come to this.

Inside his study a letter was dropped from thin air landing on his desk, the same letter that had been given to many others. Jareth heard the slight bump and came inside to investigate. He looked towards the envelope addressed to himself, picking it up and opening it. He wandered aimlessly around his study reading the letter aloud. 
"Emergency conference" he mumbled to himself, brows furrowing. Apparently the would have to attend there was no backing out of it, his gaze shifted towards the clock again when it started to strike, 1 o'clock in the morning. 
"I'll deal with this in the morning" he said to the room chucking the letter onto the desk, heading out of the door to retire to his room. 

Morning had broken, the sun peeping out over the horizon, bright light flooded into Jareth's room as he sat up and rubbed fiercely at his eyes. There was a soft knock on the door.
"enter" Jareth said loud enough for the goblin to hear. 
The latch on the door clicked, the door squeaked open as a goblin carrying a silver tray scurried through the door.
"Good morning your majesty, I took the liberty of bringing breakfast to you because of your late departures and early returns" the little female goblin named Beqeth spoke and handed him the tray.
"Thank you, you always know how to start my day" Jareth chuckled taking the tray and placing it on his lap. He lifted the lid to find an assortment of fruits , bread and cheese, on top of the food was the same letter from last night.
"If you need me I shall be in the maids quarters sire" Beqeth spoke as she hurtled herself out of the room.
Jareth opened the letter and re-read the instructions. He rolled his eyes, this meeting takes place tomorrow. He ate his breakfast in thought, once he was finished he placed the tray on the little table next to his bed. He swung his legs out of the bed and rose stiffly, after a flick of his wrist and some glitter he was ready for the day. He skulked towards the bedroom door, time to get today over with.

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