By the Nine

What will happen when factions come together for a conference. When tentions run high and all hope is lost they return to their homelands, but they will soon realise that they might need to band together to rise against evil. I do not own any characters other than Ireth.


1. Imperial Buisness

Dear Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri

   The newly appointed Emperor of Cyrodiil as hereby invited you to attend an emergency conference at the Imperial City Palace, in the Green Emperor Way district of the Imperial City of Cyrodiil.

Thank you for your co-operation.


(Emperor's scribe)


Her eyes swept the invite, the Italic intertwining lettering, the intricate gold ribbon woven round the edges on the soft blue background of the card. Yes this was an invite from the Imperial City that was obvious. But it was a call for an emergency.

The queen looked to her scribe " Scribe Halen, will you please find Battlereeve Ireth and tell her to report to me here, and tell her to make haste as it is very important.
"Yes your majesty" Halen said while leaving the hall.
A few moments later Halen returned with the Battlereeve. This woman was 6ft 5in and very muscular. She wasn't the prettiest of the bunch, she had long dirty blonde, shaggy looking hair, her pointed ears poked out from underneath, a roundish face with high cheekbones, a sharp defined nose and thinnish chapped and broken lips. Her eyes were almond shape but they were different, her right eye was a beautiful honey colour like the bright sun setting on a warm summers eve, with flecks of green like the spring grass and brown like the soft earth, but her left eye was a completely different story, white like the harsh snow storms of northern skyrim, with a slight tint of grey. She was blind in one eye, the burns and scarring on that side of her face were the culprit. She could have easily covered it with magic but she was proud to show it, to show her struggle in battle and the fact she came out alive. The complete opposite to the woman standing in front of her. Queen Ayrenn Aldmeri was a beautiful woman, tall, slender, collar length white hair, sharp nose, full lips and wonderful blue eyes like that of a vast ocean, and of course the High Queen of the Aldmeri Dominion. 

Ayrenn and Ireth grew up together as children. Ireth's father was a body guard for the High King. Ireth's father fell in battle protecting him and her mother died during childbirth so the King took and raised her as one of his own. Thus blossomed the friendship of the young princess Ayrenn, her brother prince Naemon and her current Battlereeve. As they grew Ireth found herself falling in love with the prince and he with her, they began courting once they were of age but that wasn't to last. Ayrenn, Naemon and Ireth travelled all over Tamriel but when the high king died they returned for the Summerset Isles. Ayrenn being the oldest of the two was the heir to his throne, but in order for the heir to take the throne they have to go through an ancient ritual to appease the ancestors and discover if they are pure at heart. Naemon didn't believe that this ritual would work and sabotaged it just to see if he was pure of heart to take the throne but alas he was not, he turned into a monster and was slain by his lover. Yet after all of this Ireth and Ayrenn's bond is stronger than ever. 

"You requested me your majesty" the Battlereeve spoke up.
"Yes my dear friend,I have recieved a letter it seems that an emergency council meeting has been set by the newly appointed emperor and is being held in the Imperial City a week from now, I am too attend but I would like you and Razum-Dar to accompany me there" Ayrenn said.
"Ah yes I have heard reports that High King Emeric and Joruun the Sklad King have also recieved this letter."
"Very curious, very well I shall send for Razum-Dar and have him meet us here at once, we shall prepare to leave over the next couple of days, I would also like you to tell Urcelmo that while you accompany me he shall be put in charge of the troops"
" Of course your majesty, I shall start preparing at once, I bid you farewell for now" Ireth bowed. She took and left the hall, armour clinks echoing down the corridors. Ayrenn sunk back into her chair and sighed, might as well start preparing.

The Aldmeri Dominion consists of 3 races of Tamriel, Altmer, Bosmer and Khajit. Valenwood and Elsweyr are neighbouring countries with the Summerset Isle just underneath the two.

A/N-  Sorry to be a pain but could you possibly leave reviews just so I know if people are actually enjoying it, And I'm sorry if this chapter is crappy it will get better I promise  :D this story does not follow any of the elder scrolls lore, it is something that pops up in my head and I write it down :p sorry if I dissappoint anyone.

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