A mash of one shots Avengers, WWE, Impractical Jokers, I also take requests. I do not own anyone.


2. Voices: Loki

She was in her room, sitting on a chair in the far right hand corner of the room, knees tucked up to her chest engrossed one of the spell tome's  she had snuck out of the library.  She turned her head to look out of the window, it was raining and heavily.  She smiled as she listened to the beautiful sound of the rain bounce off every surface it landed on.  She stood up and walked her way to the balcony window, the feeling of pure happiness swept over head as she gently padded her way outside. It seemed as if the rain was beckoning her to come outside, singing a graceful lullaby, drawing her closer.  She took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of this fresh liquid happiness, swiftly spreading her arms and spinning in circles, laughing.  She had come to a stop and looked over the ledge to seem the teaming lights of the village below sparkle and create mystical shadows on many surfaces.  Humming a tune to herself, she started to sway as the rain pelted down onto her face.  The droplets were causing cold stings to rattle through her body but she did not care.  Strands of her black wavy hair clung to her face and arms, gusts of wind swirled around her causing shivers up and down her spine.  She sighed softly, spun on her heel and softly scuffled her way back inside. She waved a hand over her clothes and they were now a satin soft night gown. Her hand flourished over the table and a wonderful hot, steaming cup of tea appeared, she sunk back onto her chair, grabbed the cup and start to drink. 

'Rae' The voice echoed through her head. "Rae, Rae" the voice was Loki's there was no mistaking that.
'What' she thought back.  No answer.
'Rae.. Rae... Rae' his voice came through again
'What do you want Loki' she asked, again no answer.
'Rae help me please' Loki's voice seemed pained, yet soft, anguished and calm.
'Where are you, what's wrong?' she pushed for an answer, yet again nothing.
'Help me I need you' his voice sounded as if it started to fade.

Rae got up and run straight out the door, turning down corridors trying to find him.  She checked the library, no one. She had just realized it was very dark, midnight almost. 'Where are his chambers?' she asks herself.
'Please Rae save me' his voice was weak.
'Don't worry I'm coming'. She thought back to the time she went to Loki's chambers with him because he promised to lend her a book, she turned on her heel and started to run the way she knew led to him chambers.  She stopped outside and rapped her fist on the door. Nothing.  She slowly, carefully, unlatched the door and gently pushed it open.  Loki was on the floor, back against the wall, head in his hands, shaking violently.  She quickly made her way over to him.  She gently knelt beside him and laid her hand on his back, he tensed underneath her.
"Loki what's the matter?" she asked softly, wanting to calm him down and not work him up again.  He looked up at her with a tear stained face, then turned his head sharply away from hers.  She eyed him with great suspicion.
"I'm a monster" he chocked out and buried his face in his hands again.
"Why are you a monster, I see no monster I only see you" she smiled softly at him, hoping her words were the ticket to calming him down and getting a decent answer out of him.
"Take a look around" he mumbled.  Her eyes scanned through the room, analyzing everything in front of her. Painting ripped to shreds, scattered round the room, broken glass, vases and cups lay in shards decorating the floor, a busted table in the corner of the room, pages of books shredded into the tiniest pieces. 
"What happened in here Loki?" this time she was more forceful.
"I HAPPENED THAT'S WHAT" he looked up and yelled.
"Because I am a monster" he whimpers. After a while of contemplating what to say she spoke up.
"Show me" she whispered to him.
"No" he growled, she got closer to him
"Show me" she said forcefully
"I said no" he hissed
"And why not...?" she asked cocking her head to the side and raising her eyebrow.
"Because you will scream, run, cower from me, as much as I would like to do that to certain people, you are not one,I could not bare to hurt you , under any circumstances" he sighed.
" I swear on my life I will not run nor scream nor cower" she gently stoked his hair.
" Fine" he sighed standing up. He breathed heavily, then relaxed. His body started to turn to an ice blue colour, his usually emerald eyes turned to a dark crimson, lines and marks started to appear on his face and body and horns grew from his head.  Rae stared in total amazement. She stood up and glided towards him, they locked eyes, his crimson ones showing despair, fear, relief. Her jade and vermillion eyes showing shock, amazement, and something he couldn't quite place.  She got to an inch away from him and lifted her hand to caress his cheek. "You are beautiful" she whispered, gently running her hand over his horns then to markings on his face. A slight discoloration gracefully marked it's place on his cheeks, he was blushing. "You genuinely the most amazing thing I have ever laid my eyes on" she grinned.  He leaned down and gently pushed his cold blue lips to hers. Rae stiffened slightly, then relaxed and started kissing him back. They pulled away for air.  He leaned in close next to her ear and grazed his teeth against her jawline "I should have told you this a long time ago Rae, I..I....I love you".
"I love you too Loki" she gently kissed the tip of his nose.  Grabbing her by her waist he rammed her into the wall kissing her harshly, she wrapped her arms round his neck and started walking him over to the bed. Rae pushed him down on to the bed and got on top of him "Lets see what this 'monster' can do" she growled.

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