A mash of one shots Avengers, WWE, Impractical Jokers, I also take requests. I do not own anyone.


4. Real American: Captain America

"Mandy, where are you? We have a customer and I'm out back" called her friend from the stock room.
" Coming" Mandy called back. She came out to the counter, smoothing her apron out. "What can I get you?" she asked with her head down.
"Errrmm I think I'll take a cappuccino and a slice of that cheery and cinnamon pie please" The smooth voice wafted over the counter and in her ears. 
"Coming right up" she said. She never actually looked up at the man, until she placed the pie on the counter. What she saw when she looked up was a real shock, Steve Rogers, Captain America. He was very tall and muscular, his tight white shirt didn't do his muscles any justice. Dirty blonde hair sat in a cow's lick on his head. His sky blue eyes seemed like they held wisdom. For being frozen for 70 odd years he was looking good. Mandy stammered over her words asking the next question.
"H-How would y-o-u like you-r co-ff-fee?" she flushed. 'great going idiot' she thought.
"Are you okay miss?" Steve asked.
"Yes sorry my brain clouded" Mandy chuckled. "So how you like your coffee?" she asked a bit more confident.
" White, frothy and two sugars" he responded smiling softly. She slide the cup under the machine and started it. She turned round and started to make a small conversation. 
"The weather's nice today" she smiled, blushing.
"Indeed it is, a lovely day, I might take a walk in the park" he leaned in a little bit towards her. What she didn't notice was the over flowing coffee cup behind her. She heard some splashing behind her, she quickly turned round. "Oh god no" she sighed. She started to clean up the mess she had made when she heard Steve's throat clear from behind her.
"Allow me" he said as he came round the counter and started to clean up.
"Oh please no it's my job to clean up"
"I insist" he laughs at her. Mandy became incredibly frustrated with herself and stood back to watch the sight that was bestowed upon her. Steve Rogers on his hands and knees cleaning the floor with a napkin. Once he was finished he stood up and walked back round the counter chucking the damp napkin into the bin.
"I'll get you another coffee" she said looking at her feet.  She placed another cup under the machine and this time kept a close eye on it.  She added milk and made it frothy with her own tricks and added two sugars.  She placed the cup on the counter and smiled at him. "I am so sorry for what happened just then, I...." Steve interrupted her.
"Don't worry we all make a mess from time to time" he chuckled. "How much do I owe you?"
"It's on the house"
"Oh thank you" he said taking his coffee and pie and sitting down in a booth in the far corner of the cafe.  Mandy sighed and shuffled her way to the stock room to talk to Emma. "Hey what's up" Emma asked with a beautiful smile on her face. Emma was tall and slim. There really was nothing to her, just skin and bone really but you looked at her face and she was beautiful. Her eyes were like pools of chocolate, swirling and inviting you in for a taste, she had plump lips and a little button nose. Her hair was blonde but looked like warm sand on a beach of the Caribbean. She had a wonderful personality and was the nicest person you could ever talk to. Mandy always felt inferior to Emma because she was, as she called herself...plain.  According to her she had plain hair, plain features, she was at a plain height, according to her nothing about her stood out, but something must of stood out to Steve because what Mandy didn't know was that Steve Rogers would fall in love with her very soon.
Emma saw the look on Mandy's face and rushed to her side. "Hey what's wrong?" 
"Well I just made a fool of myself" she said sighing.
"What did you do that is so horrendous that, that bubbly personality of yours has just disappeared like a puff of smoke?" Emma asked concerned.
"Well, A man came up to the counter, first off I didn't even look up when asking him what he wanted, then when I did it was none other than Steve Rogers, Captain America, second off when I asked him how he would like his coffee I stammered through the whole question, and lastly while I was making the coffee I turned round to make small talk with him and forgot about the cup so when I did turn back round it was everywhere and when I went to clean it up he stopped me and done it himself" Mandy sighed, she must have looked like a right fool.
"Well first off don't worry about the not looking up, secondly you only stammered because you were in shock and lastly you know Cap anything to help the citizens" Emma laughed. Mandy giggled she was feeling a bit better, when she had returned to the counter he was gone, but he had brought his plate and cup over to the counter and had written a little note and left some change.

Dear Mandy (I looked at the name tag)

That was the most enjoyable cup of coffee I have had in a long time and the pie was out of this world. I am sure that I will be back tomorrow for some more. I can't wait.


The next day Mandy was excited when she got to work she couldn't wait for the time he came in. Would he be in the same time as yesterday or earlier or later or not at all. The waiting game was horrible.  Time was ticking on and it was time to close up in an hour or so, Mandy decided that she would start to clean tables, just as she finished the last table the door opened and in walked Steve.
"Hey Mandy" he called to her waving.
"Hey Steve" she called back also waving.
"How do you know my name" he asked puzzled while she scuttled round the counter.
"How can I not know Cap" she laughed saluting him. "Same as yesterday"
"Yes please". She handed him the pie and the coffee. "Are you busy at the moment?" he asked sitting down into one of the booth's.
"I don't think so" she smiled.
"Please will you join me?" he asked shyly.
"Of course". She slid into the booth opposite him.  They started to talk and then exchanged phone numbers. He had promised to take her out Friday night after work.  He came in everyday at the same time and after she left work he would text her asking how her day had been, he was so sweet.

Friday rolled round slowly and Mandy was shutting up the cafe when she felt a tap on her shoulder. "Hey" he whispered to her.
"Hey back" she said turning round.
"Are you ready?" he asked smiling.
"Why yes I am" she giggled. They walked towards his car and he opened the passenger door for her. "Why thank you, such a gentlemen, you don't get many of them round nowadays I tell you" she laughed as she slid in.
"That is because most of the 'guys' nowadays aren't as old as me" he laughed with her.
After 10 minutes driving he pulled up at a fancy restaurant, he got out and walked round and opened the door for Mandy. When they got in they were seated in a lovely quiet area. They ordered their food and started talking.
"Mandy I want to tell you this but I don't want to put you off" he said fumbling with his hands under the table.
"Oh what's that" she asked as the drinks were brought over. Steve sat there fidgeting and then took a gulp of his drink.
"Well ermm... hmmm.... I like you Mandy" he whispered blushing and then proceeded to push his napkin around in front of him.
"I like you too Steve" she smiled at him.
"No I mean to put it.... I like, like you Mandy as in I love you" he whispered even quieter than before. Mandy reached over and grabbed his hand.
"No I mean I like, like you too Steve" Mandy giggled.
"The last week has been really nice and I have enjoyed it and I was sort of wondering that maybe, possibly that you and me could be a couple, because I would love to know more about you, already I know you are beautiful, sweet, funny, kind, caring and a million other things, when we first met you made a fool of yourself but I thought it was very cute and since then I have been thinking about you and I really do like you"
"Oh of course Steve, yes we can be a couple" Mandy giggled, her face turning bright red.

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