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3. King of kings: Thor

She was a strange midguardian. 21 years old. A drummer and backing vocalist for a power metal band from England.  She had pale skin, honey colored eyes, high cheek bones, soft lips, and slightly pointed ears (like that of an elf), she had a fringe but the rest of her hair were dreadlocks (a turquoise/teal color) that ran to the base of her back.  She stood at around 5'2, she was a little bit chunky on the bottom half but well endowed on the top half.  She was covered from chest to fingers to feet in tattoos (some were cartoon characters, lyrics, beautiful pictures). She had her nostril, septum, and both sides of her top lip pierced. What was even stranger was the fact she caught the eye of the God of Thunder, Thor.

Her band had just finished touring around America when she met the God.  They were going to stay for a couple of extra days to see the sights.
The day before the flight home was when it happened,  she had stopped in a coffee shop to grab a latte, she had come out and lit a cigarette all the while something had fallen from the sky, it crash landed into the middle of the road and left a giant creator.  She ran towards it to see what had happened, she stared wide eyed at what she saw, a huge man was lying in the center on his front. He had shoulder length blonde hair and was wearing a red cape. 'What the f**k' she thought, she placed her coffee down and stubbed out her cigarette. She slowly slid into the creator and walked towards him.  She knelt down and shook his shoulder.

"Hey there, are you alive?" she asked as she shook him a bit harder. Meanwhile a crowd had gathered round and there were gasps coming out of every other person. 
"Are they alright?" someone shouted to her from across the way.  Her head snapped up.
"I'm not sure, hold on I'll check" she shouted back.  She placed two fingers on his neck, he had a pulse, she could just about hear him breathing.
"He has a pulse and I can hear shallow breathing" she shouted to the person.
"What happened?" She heard someone behind her this time, she swiveled round on the balls of her feet.
"I just literally came out of that shop and he crash landed" she shouted back. 'God this creator is huge' she said to herself.
"Right I'll call an ambulance" the person shouted.  Just then the guy rolled over and groaned, he sat up wiping his eyes.
"Excuse me are you alright?" she asked in awe, how the hell can he fall that far and still be alive.  He turned to look at her.  Her breath hitched when she saw his face, his piercing blue eyes stared into hers, his hair was everywhere, he had heavy stubble, then he cleared his throat.
"Yes I am fine, why wouldn't I be?" His voice was deep but loud and his accent was quite thick.
"Well you just came hurtling from up there and then landed here" she scrunched her eyebrows together, what the hell was this guy playing at. "Who are you?" she spoke softly cocking her head to one side.
"Why I am Thor God of Thunder, and you are lady...?"
"Kai, my name is Kai"
"Well Lady Kai I do thank you for waking me up but I must be going now"
"You can't just get up and leave you might have injuries" she said a little harsher then she would have liked.
"Fear not I have taken a worse beating than this, I am perfectly fine" he said getting up. 'This guy is a nut job' rang her thoughts.
He started to walk to the edge of the creator when she grabbed his arm. "Where are you going to?" she asked.
"Why I am going to find the tesseract or some form of way to take me back to Asgard" he smiled.
"Would you like some help...?" she was shocked by what had just come out of her own mouth. 'This guy could be a mass murdering maniac' her subconscious came into play, 'But I would like to know more about him' she argued with herself.
"What a lovely suggestion" he boomed. "Come let us go at once" he grabbed her hand and dragged her past the crowd of people and carried on walking till they disappeared. Once out of sight he let go of her hand, Kai pulled out a cigarette, lit it and took a drag.  She blew out the smoke and sighed. 'I needed that'. Thor turned to look at her she had stopped and was holding something between her fingers.
"Lady Kai, what is that?" he sounded so confused pointing at the cigarette.
"Oh this, this is called many a thing but I call it a death stick" she laughed.
"A death stick...what does it do?" he asked as she caught up with him.
"You smoke it"
"Smoke it?" he was getting more confused by the second.
"Yes like this", she took a drag and inhaled the smoke, a couple of seconds later she blew the smoke out.
"Oh I see, but why is it called  a death stick?" he asked glancing at her from the corner of his eye.
"Well they are actually called cigarettes or where I come from fags, but that has a different meaning over here, but I call it death stick because it ruins your lungs" she chuckled.
"Why would you take part in such an activity?"
"Because I enjoy it" she snorted. Then a light bulb went off in her head. "Hey I have an idea, There is a very good friend of mine who lives not to far from here, he is big on science and could probably help you get back to wherever it was you said" she clicked her fingers.
"Oh really, well it wouldn't hurt to try Lady Kai"she laughed.

They arrived at the Stark Tower, "Hey Jarvis I need to see Tony and it's urgent" Kai spoke over the intercom.
"Ahh Kai nice to see you, I shall let him know you are here, head on up" Jarvis spoke back.
"Thank you" she laughed.
"You're welcome miss".
They headed into the elevator, Kai first then Thor. She hit the top floor button and they assented. 
"Mr. Stark, Miss Rice is here to see you and she says it's urgent" Jarvis told Tony.
"Oh she's back in town is she, wonderful" Tony smiled, they hadn't seen each other since the last time her band were touring over here. It would be great to see her again. When the elevator reached the top, the doors slid open and she spotted Tony over at his window, he turned with a big grin on his face, arms wide open, she came out of the elevator and bounded over like a gazelle being chased by a lion. "TONY!" she screamed as she jumped into his open arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist kissing his cheek. "Hello little one" he chuckled as he hugged her tighter. She untangled herself from him and jumped down.
"It's so good to see you" she smiled bouncing up and down. She had totally forgot about Thor who had shuffled out of the elevator and was just standing there like a lost puppy.
"It's good to see you too but what is this urgent matter you needed to see me about" he laughed.
"Oh right yeah, Tony this is Thor" she smiled turning towards him and waving him over. "He fell from the sky and crash landed, he wants to get home but doesn't know how to or something" her eyebrows knitted together 'what was it he said earlier' she tried to rack through her brain.
"I need to find the tesseract or a portal to get me back to Asgard" He spoke to Tony.
"And as your a scientist I thought maaaaybe you could help" she smiled sweetly at Tony.
"Alright I'll see what I can do" he laughed. They got to work and a few hours later it was finished. 
"How did you know what to build?" Kai questioned.
"Well I've dabbled in making portals before" he laughed, she looked at him quizzically. 'How strange' she thought.
"Well I suppose you'll be on your way now" Tony said looking at Thor.
"Indeed I will, Thank you Son of Stark" he said shaking his hand.
"Anytime" Tony laughed. Thor stepped towards the little portal and looked at you and smiled.
"Thank you Tony" Kai said giving him a hug.
"No problem, maybe we could go and get a drink" he said winking at her.
"Of course I would love that" she laughed. Thor grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him and gave her a hug.
"And thank you Lady Kai you have been very helpful"
"Don't sweat it" she laughed. The portal began to rattle and before they knew it both Thor and Kai went shooting through a vortex.

She had passed out on the way through the mystical tunnel. This was too much for her, her body couldn't handle it. When she woke up she was in a strange place, it was a room but nothing like she had ever seen. She sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes. When she stopped rubbing them she realized there were three sets of eyes on her.  She turned paler than usual.
"Lady Kai you are awake" Thor smiled fondly.
"Yes I am, but where am I?" she croaked. God her mouth was dry.
"You are in Asgard my dear child" this time it was a woman's voice. She peered round to look at her. "I am Queen Frigga, Thor's mother and this is Odin All-Father, Thor's father" she smiled softly.
"Nice to meet you" Kai smiled.
"You must be the one my son has told us about, thank you for helping him" Odin said.
"Oh no problem" Kai laughed dryly.
"Please rest now, and you will be joining us in the dining hall later" Frigga smiled again.
"Thank you, your Majesty" Kai giggled. 'Soooo strange'. Frigga and Odin left her to rest.

7 months later she had still not gone back home. She was enjoying the fruits of life in Asgard, in all honesty she didn't want to go home. In the time she had been here she had met many people and had attend many balls. She had become good friends with Sif and the warriors three and had become extremely close with both Thor and Loki.  But after being here so long she had fallen in love with Thor. The only problem was she didn't want to say anything to ruin their friendship. She spent many days with Loki watching him practice magic, she said he was like Harry Potter but of course he did not understand what she meant. One day he had found out her interests and conjured her a drum kit. His explanation was he had searched Midgard for one but could not find a spell for it some he made his own. From then on she practiced her last set list over and over again. She missed her friends but she didn't want to leave.  Some times she would be the nights entertainment, she would drunk quite heavily and then she would play her old set list and sing, maybe throw in a few other songs she knew, all while her new friends got drunk, and enjoyed every minute of it. As much as she was drunk her friends kept telling her it was wonderful and that she had a voice of an angel. A few times she tired to teach Thor to play he would hit the bass pedal too hard and break through the skin, on many occasions he broke her drum sticks, only to be repaired by Loki the next day.

"Kai may I speak with you please" Queen Frigga asked one morning just after breakfast.
"Yes of course". They got up and left the table. Once outside in the corridor Frigga turned to Kai.
"Will you walk with me" she asked.
"Of course" Kai smile. Frigga linked arms with her.
"Now as you may know tomorrow is Thor's coronation, and I wanted to ask what are your feelings for him?"
"I love him, but I do not want to ruin our friendship" Kai blushed and hung her head.
"Oh my dear this is wonderful, he was telling me the same thing just the other day" Frigga said excitedly. "I have told him to tell you of his feelings, but he refused saying he wishes not to ruin your friendship, now he must as I wanted for him to propose to you after the coronation, oh how exciting" she giggled like a giddy school girl. 
"But what about Odin... What does he make of this?" Kai asked nervously, to her it always seemed he really didn't like her.
"He is fine with it, he was a bit reluctant to like you at first, you were a nice girl to start with but he thought you might have belonged to a tribe or a cult all because of the ink on your skin, the metal on your face and the strange colored hair in these dread...locks as I believe you call them " Frigga laughed. "But he does like you".
They had come to a stop and Frigga tapped Kai's hand. "Tomorrow morning I will come to your room, bring your dress, and make you up to look like an angel" again she giggled. 'Oh no I had enough of that at school, and look how I turned out' Kai laughed to herself.

The next day approached quicker than expected, Kai was already having her make-up done by Frigga.  When Frigga was finished, she brought Kai a mirror.  Her eyes were beautiful, Frigga had started with a dark shimmery brown color on the outside of her eyes that lifted to just under her eyebrow, it got lighter towards the front of her eyes and turned gold right round by her tear ducts. Her lashes were darker than usual and she looked like she had a black eyeliner on, it really brought the color of her eyes out. 'I did not know they had make-up here' she thought.  She was wearing a teal ball gown, it was strapless (the first strapless/sleeveless one she had ever worn), it was a corset all the way down to her waist and from there it was slightly puffy. The corset had given her a big amount of cleavage, (which she was not happy about) but hey ho she had to deal  with it. Across her chest was an owl carrying a 13 hour clock, to the right side it read 'It's Only Forever' and on the left side it read 'not long at all'.
She had two sleeves of random stuff, a rose the the top of one hand and a sugar skull on the other, she had animal faces tattooed on her fingers.
Her hair was folded and fastened with a band. She looked beautiful in a strange way.
"Ready?" Frigga asked.
"Ready" Kai nodded.

The coronation was a success and now it was time for the celebration to begin. "My dear friends and family I have a special thing to do and I hope you will be gracious enough in taking your time to watch and listen" Thor boomed over the hoard of people.  He grabbed Kai's hand and pulled her up with him. "Lady Kai, I have known you for a very long time, and during this time I had started to fall for you, but I did not want to ruin our friendship, so when I heard that you had fallen for me too I had become the most happiest man in the nine realms, and I hope you will do me the honor of becoming my Queen" he got down on one knee and got out a little box. She started to cry, she nodded.  Everybody cheered. He slif the ring onto her finger and kissed her softly. "I love you" he whispered in her ear. "I love you too" she whispered back.

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