A mash of one shots Avengers, WWE, Impractical Jokers, I also take requests. I do not own anyone.


1. This Fire Burns: Iron Man

Where to start.... Well it all started when you went to work on the construction of the Stark Tower.  You were the interior design consultant, you were chosen for this job because of the creativeness you possessed.  You admired Mr. Stark's work and you found it quite thrilling you were chosen for this job.

When you arrived on the site, you saw that the tower was nearly completed.  You wandered round wondering where he was, you had never met him before and you were rather nervous, you clutched onto the folder full of designs and fabrics. Your sweaty palms got the better of you and you dropped the folder onto the floor, pieces of paper scattering everywhere.  'Why am I so clumsy' you thought.  You bent down and shuffled all the paper into your hands.  All the while a figure was looming over you, you had noticed it was there till you stood up and slid the paper back into the folder.  "Hi there you must be Anna, I'm Pepper Pots" she stuck her hand out and you took it to shake it, but your grip slipped. 'Damn sweaty hands' you thought. "Please follow me Mr. Stark has been waiting your arrival" Pepper smiled at you and entered the building.  You followed on hot pursuit, straight into the elevator. 
" I'm very sorry, please excuse my ignorance I am Anna Marshall" you said chuckling slightly.
"So what have you got planned for the tower" she asked smiling.
" Well I have an assortment of deigns and fabrics in this folder, but if he does not like any then I will be obliged to create more" you stated.
" Well I do hope Tony can find something that is not horrendous" she laughed.

The ding of the elevator was enough to tell you that this was your chance, 'Don't mess it up' your conscious repeatedly rang through your head.
The doors slid open and there he was, standing by the window, with a glass of what looked like a strong liquor sitting inside it.  He turned round and your heart stopped. This was him, really him, the one and only Tony Stark, Iron Man.  He looked at you and smiled, you stepped out of the elevator being  careful, trying not to be a giant oaf. You safely made it out the elevator and followed Pepper with scuffling steps.  "Mr. Stark, this is Miss Marshall".
" Hi" he said winking at you. " Would you like a drink?" he asked.
" Thank you for your offer Mr. Stark, but this time I would have to refuse, because of work and stuff" you mumbled.
"Ok then, let's get to work" he smiled.
" I have some designs right here" you said pulling them out of the folder and laying them on the table.
Everything flew from then on, and before you knew it you were saying goodbye.

Two weeks later you got a call.  " Hello?" you spoke into the phone.
"Hello this is Anna yes?" spoke the other voice.
"Yes this is.... Wait who is this?" you asked confused, you didn't recognize the number.
"It's Tony" he chuckled.
"Oh yes I should have been able to tell via the voice" you said laughing more at yourself then in general. "What can I do you for?" you asked.
"Well I would like to invite you to my party on Saturday, loads of people are going and I wanted to show of the new interior and the wonderful Lady that had helped that along."
"Why yes I will be coming" you giggled.
"Alright then, Saturday at 8, be there, or I will just redecorate this place myself"
You giggled again. "Alright then, I'll see you then, bye". You hung up and did a little jig. 'Ok so I've been invited to like one of the biggest events ever', your brain couldn't even comprehend what it was going to be like.

The day approached faster than expected.  You had worked yourself up and was getting ready. You put on a ruby colored sun dress, and golden heels. ' Iron Lady' you laughed to yourself. You did your eyeshadow, a dark red in the outer corners, getting lighter towards the inside of your eye, with a soft golden eyeliner on the top, just above your lashes, and black mascara. You put on your coat and looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked beautiful and you couldn't believe it. For the first time you found yourself attractive. "Right let's get going" you said to yourself. You grabbed your hand bag and taking a deep breath for confidence then strode out the door.

When you reached the Stark Tower you shuffled towards the elevator and pressed the button. 'One more breath' you said to yourself. You slid into the elevator, then doors closed and you waited.

"Mr. Stark, Miss Marshall has arrived" Jarvis reported.
"Thank you Jarvis" Tony said waltzing over to the bar and grabbing another drink and talking to a few people.
The door cranked open and you were reveled. "Anna how wonderful, you made it" Tony said walking towards you with open arms.
"Yes I did make it" you laughed walking towards him.
"Would you like drink?" he smirked at you.
"This time I will accept your offer and I will have a vodka and coke" you smiled.
"You're my kinda girl". He grabbed a glass and poured your drink, you took it gratefully and took a lovely long gulp.
"Here let me take your coat and bag for you" he said.
You handed him your bag and shrugged off your coat and handed him that. He shuffled away and came back, grabbed your arm and pulled you towards a group of people.
" Everyone this is Anna" he grinned like a cheshirecat and draped his arm over your shoulder. He pointed out everyone from left to right.
"Anna this is, Reindeer games, Capsickle, Thunderhead, Hawkeye, Green Guy, and Black Widow", you laughed at the nicknames.
"Hi" you said waving slightly. Thor came towards you and gave you a bear crushing hug.
"Lady Anna, I am Thor God Of Thunder"
"Nice to meet you" you choked out. Next came Loki.
"I am very sorry for the brashness in which my brother treats you" he gently held your hand and kissed you knuckles softly "I am Loki" he whispered. Then the rest took their turn in greeting you.

"Come we must play a game" Thor exclaimed.
"Yes what should we play" Bruce piped in.
"Charades...?" Steve suggested
"Too old fashioned" Tony snickered.
"Must we play a game" sighed Loki.
"Yes" Clint argued.
"How about the pick the names from the hat thing then go into a room" Natasha laughed.
"Yes a perfect game" Tony laughed and looked at you.
Everyone threw something into a hat, and because you were the new girl of course you had to go first.
"Alright Lady Anna pick something" Thor shouted clapping his hands. You shot him a weird look. I need another drink you said to yourself.
You stuck your hand in and picked out a mini arc reactor. "SHE GOT TONY" Natasha screamed. Tony walked over and grabbed your hand and pulled you into a tiny room with no light.

You started to get a bit nervous, you heard his footsteps coming closer to you. "I've liked you ever since I met you" his voice was right next to your ear, his beard slightly tickled your neck and a shiver ran down your spine. "And I would like to see you wear one of my shirts and nothing else", this time he growled and was standing in front of you. The light of his reactor was the only light in the room. Suddenly his lips were on yours, light and soft, you relaxed a bit and kissed back, the door was flung open and you heard the screams of "TIME'S UP!" You blushed as he pulled you out and got you another drink.

He looked at you with a  wicked gleam in his eyes as he said "Care to stay the night".

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