Portgas D Ace X OC

Kai is best friends with ASL but she has fallen for Ace and never had the guts to say anything. She has a personal little secret that she would never share. Upon learning Kai's little secret Ace uses it to his advantage to confess his feelings.


2. Little secret

A/N: Slight mature content/slight lemon and some mature swear words. Proceed with caution.
Ace shrugged at Kai, gesturing to her to follow him. They headed upstairs into his room, as he rummaged through his draws he pulled out two sets of swim trunks and a top, he handed the top and a pair of trunks to Kai. "That's the smallest t-shirt I own" he laughed lightly. "I am utterly sorry it is white though" he grimaced. "It's fine" she waved her hand in front of her. "Would you like to get changed here or in the bathroom" he asked pointing to the adjacent door to the left. "I'll go to the bathroom" she flushed. Heading over to the bathroom, she heard shuffling behind her, taking a slight glance over her shoulder Ace was stripping his top off. Blushing heavily she entered the bathroom and upon hearing the door click she let out a breath she didn't realise she was holding.  'Get a hold of yourself girl' her thoughts screamed at her. 'But he is so good looking' her muse giggled. She tried to reason with herself and finally the muse won. Telling her that he might like her. After Unclasping her bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders and letting the boned garment fall to the floor, she let out a slight sigh of relief. Pulling the white shirt on she realised it was indeed a tight shirt, you could see the strain of the material against her bust and the bars of her nipple piercings. 'Dammit' she huffed. Well now the three brothers would know her little secret. 'Would it be so bad if Ace knew eh...? He might find them rather fashionable, enticing maybe, Lish (delicious) definatly' her muse quirked.  'No maybe it wouldn't be horrific, embarrassing maybe' she grinned. Dropping her shorts and underwear she slipped on the trunks, pulling the cords tightly, tying the knot in the middle they sat low on her wide hips. Picking up her clothes in a bundle she headed for the door.   Emerging from the bathroom, Kai looked around to see the room was empty, sighing in relief for the second time in ten minutes. Crossing the room in long strides she reached for the handle of the bedroom door and pulled it open slowly, eyeing the corridor warily, keeping the bundle of clothes close to her chest.  "Hurry up guys" came Luffy's voice from the bottom of the stairs. Sabo exited his room and smiled at Kai.  "Come here let me take these and put them in a safe place" he said snatching her clothes out of her hands. His eyes widened, then the corners creased as he started snickering. "Watch out Ace" he mumbled under his breath, too low for Kai to catch. "What did you say" raising an eyebrow she placed her hands on her hips, looked down and quickly covered her chest. "Don't worry about it Doll I won't tell, but they might" Sabo winked and ran downstairs still clutching her clothes, before she could grab them back. "Shit" Kai mumbled.   Gripping the banister with one hand the other covering her chest, she slowly made her descent to her personal hell. Hearing all three brothers outside and in the pool splashing about, she made her way to the back door, took a deep breath and stepped outside.  "There you are! We were wondering where you got too" Sabo smirked causing Ace and Luffy to stop what they were doing and direct their attention towards her. Kai sent him a death glare. "What took you so lo....oh" Ace stammered as he looked between her face and piercings. "Should I find another shirt...?" He asked shyly.  "Nope" she smiled brightly extending her arms out feeling a sudden boost of courage. "Take a good look because I'm not changing, now you know my secret there's no point."   Kai sat on the edge of the pool, dipping her bare feet in first. Humming softly to herself she closed her eyes. "I'll go and fetch some refreshments, Luffy can you go and get the balls, frisbee that sort of thing" Sabo pointed his finger to the sky and proceeded to climb out of the pool, his trunks stuck to him like a second skin as he padded his way Into the kitchen. Luffy huffed and slapped his arms on the water, but did with the middle brother said.     Eyes still closed Kai was still humming, she stopped when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist, and a gasp left her lips as she was pulled into the cold water, being dragged underneath getting her hair soaked too. Coming to the surface, gasping for air, she opened her eyes and were surprised to have met the dark chocolatey eyes of Ace who was wearing one of his signature shit eating grins, while drinking in her now rather soaked, disheveled self. The t-shirt clung to her like a second skin, you could now clearly see her piercings and the nipple surrounding it. Ace bit his plump bottom lip as he stared at her, blushing a dark pink that reached his collar bone. It was turning him on, she could tell because when he looked at her face his eyes were hooded with lust. Ace shifted to get closer to her, he bent his head to her level and moved his mouth to her ear.  "I think you should stay tonight, I have got more shirts and you can share my bed" he whispered hurriedly in her ear, her breathing started to quicken, letting out short puffs of air. As Ace pulled back their lips brushed very lightly. It sent an electric shock through the both of them. Kai nodded.   "Can we play video games now" Luffy shouted waving his arms about. "Yeah come on" Ace said laughing pulling away from Kai. Pulling himself out of the pool he ran and grabbed a few towels and handed one to Kai when she got out. Wrapping the towel around her shoulders as she got out. "Come on I'll get you some more clothes" Ace laughed as they headed inside and back upstairs. Pulling out another shirt for her, he held it out for her grab, just as she was within reach he held it way above her head.  Jumping to grab it with both hands the towel dropped away from her body leaving her wet t-shirt exposed. "Ace, give it" she jumped again, fingers skimming the material. "Not until you ask nicely" a grin spread across his face. She jumped again and skimmed the material for the second time, her bust jumping with her. Ace's tongue darted out across his bottom lip. He handed her the shirt quickly and bolted out the room. 'What the hell is wrong with him' Kai raised an eyebrow. She changed quickly pulling the damp clothes off and dropped the damp clothes in the hamper in the corner of his room. Pulling the shirt on it dropped to her mid thighs. Stepping out the room she headed downstairs into the living room where Sabo was setting up the games console. "We are just about ready" he grinned like a Cheshire Cat. Kai flopped down on the sofa as Ace came in holding a tray of drinks while Luffy was bundled with the snacks. Placing the tray on the table he took a seat next to her, glancing at her.  "Hey what we going to play" Luffy said popping the snack on the table. "take turns at cod, team death match" Sabo said throwing his arms in the air. "Yes!" They all shout in unison. A few matches later and things start to get a bit heated.  "OMG what the fucking, fuck, you camping piece shit" Kai shouted at the television. Luffy laughed as he watched the woman getting redder in the face. Sabo's eyes widened, he had never heard someone get so uptight about a game. Ace checked the leaderboard. "You're still in the lead though" he chuckled. The match ended and Kai threw the controller to Luffy and huffed.  "Do you reckon we should order dinner now..?" Sabo laughed "Yeah can do" Kai huffed again.   After their order had turned up and getting settled on the couch again, Sabo pressed the play button for the movie. Halfway through Luffy got bored and headed up to his room. Sabo was drifting in and out of sleep as the movie come to the end. Looking up at the clock on the wall Kai yawned and stretched, it was 11 how did the time fly. Ace looked over towards the clock and then tried stifling a yawn.  "I think it's time for bed" he mumbled as he running a hand over his face. Standing up he gently took Kai's hand and lead her towards the door. Sabo woke up "God is it that time already, well night guys" he murmured waving a little.    Pulling Kai into the bedroom Ace turned and locked the door, flicking the bedside lamp on. Heading over to his side of the bed he pulled his shirt off and changed into a pair of pyjama bottoms and slid under the covers. Kai stood wide eyed as Ace stripped down to the nude then put on a pair of pyjama bottoms. Regaining her composure she made her way over to the bed and got in. Leaning over, flicking the lamp off, she snuggled down into the covers as Ace rolled over and place a hand on her thigh.   Gasping softly at the sudden contact, Ace chuckled as he bought his hand up under her chin and turned her head to face his.  "You know...I've dreamed of this moment forever" Ace whispered against her ear.  "Oh really" she giggled. "Yes, I really like you, and I'm going to show you tonight" Ace murmured as he leaned down to lick the shell of her ear. He made his way from her ear, kissing across her jawline up to her lips. Brushing them softly against hers. Then all of a sudden he crashed his lips against hers, the kiss was filled with love and passion, Kai was stunned to start with but slowly melted into the kiss with the help of his encouraging ministrations , moving her arm up to rest round the back of his neck and run her fingers through his soft midnight locks.   As they parted for air, Kai found Ace's eyes.  "I really like you too" she blushed.
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