Portgas D Ace X OC

Kai is best friends with ASL but she has fallen for Ace and never had the guts to say anything. She has a personal little secret that she would never share. Upon learning Kai's little secret Ace uses it to his advantage to confess his feelings.


1. Hottest day of the year

The scorching hot midday sun sat in the middle of the cloudless blue sky. Children were out playing in the parks, smothered in sun tan lotion that wasn't rubbed in properly. Laughter filled the humid air as people were enjoying a nice picnic's and sunbathing in the summer sun.   Smiling at the people having fun in the blistering heat, Kai headed to a shady patch underneath a big oak tree. Sipping on her salted caramel latte from the coffee shop across the road, she placed her black and white checked backpack on the grass and sat down next it it. Readjusting her headphones, turning up the volume she leant against the big tree sighing softly as a warm breeze fluttered across her skin. After taking a few more refreshing sips of her coffee she placed the cup on the ground and dove into her bag to pull out her sketch pad, pencils, erasers and sharpener.    Flipping the pad open she found a blank piece of paper and begun her sketch. Sketching from memory was always better than from an object in front of her. It was more fun from memory, you could add what you wanted to and not get judged. She loved being outside when sketching it was relaxing. Getting the outline sorted she began to start adding details, she was drawing a beautiful dog she saw the other day, it was a Rottweiler. He had the shiniest coat she's ever seen, he was very well looked after.    All of a sudden the music stopped as her phone began to ring. Unplugging the headphones and removing them from her head she pressed the answer button and brought the phone to her ear.  "Oi where you been at...?" Came the merry voice of Luffy. "Excuse me..?" Kai questioned laughing a little. "You've been avoiding me haven't you?" Luffy huffed. "Yes I have, it took you long enough to notice" Kai said sarcastically. "Oh you've hurt my feelings now, you're so mean" Kai could hear the smirk through the phone. "You asked for it " she giggled. "Are you free today...? Me and Ace are kinda bored... and...and..." He got quieter on the phone. "And Ace misses you" he said barely above a whisper. "I'm currently in the park, but other than that yes I'm free " She laughed, blushing slightly.    Kai really like Ace, hell everyone liked Ace, he had a great personality and he wasn't that bad on the eyes. Midnight coloured, shoulder length shaggy hair, very dark chocolate eyes, freckles graced his upper cheeks, he always wore a shit eating grin. He was gorgeous. Six foot tall and very muscular.    Kai felt the blush that crept up to her cheeks, Luffy said he missed her, it felt like lightening struck her. She always had a huge crush on Ace but she never acted on it, because she knew it was just a crush. "Do you want me to come over to you or are you gonna come to the park...?" She asked "Erhm... Let me think..." Luffy said laughing "Come over to us, just get here now or as quick as you can, Ace is itching to see you, he's blushing and every thing. Oh shit he's gonna kill me... KAI HELP!" Luffy laughed as Kai heard some banging and crashing on the other end of the phone followed by Ace's groans of frustration and Luffy's manic laugh, then the phone was cut off.   Packing her things away, plugging her headphones back in,she picked up her backpack, sliding the straps over her shoulders. Grabbing her coffee and rose to begin her journey. Pressing the play button on her music she walked to a song that had a good beat. Smiling widely to herself.    She arrived at the front door of the brothers house. Placing her headphones round the back of her neck she knocked on the door, fumbling with her now empty coffee cup. The door opened swiftly revealing an exhausted looking third brother, Sabo. The taller blonde male smiled at her and pulled her in for a hug. Resting his chin on her shoulder he spoke. "Thank god you're here, them two are driving me nuts" he chuckled.  Patting him on the back Kai giggled. "It's okay I'll take them off your hands now" "You live saver" he laughed as he let go and ruffled her hair. Gesturing for her to come inside Sabo made his was the the living room where there was loads of noise and mess. Stepping into the house Kai took her shoes off, plopped her bag beside them and closed the front door.   Making her way Into the living room, she ran a hand over her face and sighed. The place was an utter mess, Sabo was running round trying to tidy the place up, but just as quickly as the place was getting clean it was becoming messy again. It was an endless cycle. She laughed hard as she watched Luffy get Ace into a headlock with one arm and pick his nose with the other. My god it was a sight to see. The pair stopped and let each other go once they spotted Kai standing in the doorway, looking away sheepishly, Ace blushed and muttered his apologies as Luffy sprang to his feet and caught Kai in a bone crushing hug. "Hey Luffy" she said patting him on the back, Luffy let her go and plonked himself on the sofa. Ace rose and made his way towards her, taking in her beautiful appearance.    She was 5'2, had turquoise hair that was placed in a messy bun on the top of her head, a side fringe that sat just above her eyes. Encircling her eyes was black brown and gold make-up that made her forest green eyes stand out. She was wearing a plain black tank top that showed a slight bit of cleavage, being well endowed had a few set backs, especially as she was wearing a tank top, which should read, these are not my eyes. A black and red plaid shirt sat over her shoulders that was open with the sleeves rolled up a pair of high waisted shorts that started just under the crease of her larger bottom. She was covered with tattoos, across her chest, shoulders, arms, hands and legs. They were all beautiful tattoos, some were intricate patterns,some brightly coloured. Ace would love to just sit there all day and trace every single one but he knew that was never going to happen. He really liked her but never had the courage to say anything, believing himself not worthy of a woman like her, thinking that if he did admit his feelings that she would shoot him down in flames.   "Hey Ace" she whispered and waved a little. "Hey you" he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up spinning her in a small circle. Kai was Giggling like a giddy school girl as he placed her back on the ground and stared into her eyes. "So what do you want to do then...?" Luffy shouted ruining the moment, waving his arms in the air. Ace shook his head, hitting his younger brother over the head. Kai blushed slightly 'what in the world was that' she thought to herself. "Urghh, you two are so rude, you haven't even offered our guest a drink" Sabo said as he appeared in the door way. Turning to Kai he smiled sweetly as he asked if she would like a drink. " No I'm okay thank you Sabo, I've just finished my drink" she said kindly as she held up her coffee cup. Grabbing the empty cup Sabo walked off into the kitchen. "Sorry about that" Ace said while rubbing the back of his neck blushing.  "No worries, now what shall we do...?"Kai giggled. "Well seeing as its a very hot day, what do you say we take a dip in the pool...?" Ace offered. "Yeah I don't mind, I just need to get my swimsuit though" Kai said shrugging. "I have a spare pair of swimming trunks and a t-shirt you could borrow" Ace said smiling widely. "Yeah okay" giggles Kai. "But I don't want to go swimming it's BORRRRRIIIIIIIIING!" whined Luffy from the sofa, flailing his arms about like a child throwing a tantrum. Sabo rounded the corner again, popping out of no where. "Come on Luffy it will be fun!, think about it water balloons, volleyball" Sabo tried to reason with him. "But I wanna do something fun!" Came Luffy's voice again sounding exasperated. "Okay so what do you wanna do that will be fun." Sabo raised an eyebrow at the youngest brother. "Play video games or go out to the park or...or...or...Ouch!" Luffy rubbed the back of his head, glaring at Sabo. "That's not the proper way to talk, you took too long" he scolded. "Not fair I was still thinking" Luffy said scratching his head. "Okay I have an idea, how about we go swimming for a while, play video games after, order a takeaway for dinner and watch movies" Sabo suggested. "I think that sounds alright" Ace nodded. "Yeah I could swing with that" Kai said. "Ughh okay" Luffy huffed throwing his arms in the air. "It's settled then" Sabo smiled in triumph. Taking off up the stairs with Luffy in tow to get into their swimwear.
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