Roronoa Zoro X OC

What happens when an awful day at work takes a turn for the worst.


2. Rock N Roll

A/N: Warning- Self Harm, Slight Lemon.

Standing at the door of the soon to be doctor she knocked roughly. Waiting a few moments, the door soon opened to reveal a very tired looking Tony Chopper. He was the same height as Isla 5'3, quite a small man, although being small didn't mean he wasn't a dashing young man. Disheveled brown hair sat like a mop on top of the mans head. He had a round face, bright and intriguing cerulean eyes, thin lips that always were curled at the edges giving him a permanent smile. He always looked cheerful and had a wonderful personality to match.    "Thank god you're here" he said grabbing her hand and pulling her into his house shutting the door behind her. "I feel like I've been waiting for you forever" he said laughing lightly. "That bad huh...?" Isla questioned raising an eyebrow towards the man.  "I've been doing alright but then I had a hard patch, it's seems so simple, it's about what medication treats what" he huffed rubbing a hand harshly over his face. "Okay well how about I put the kettle on, make us a cup of coffee and we'll begin" she said smiling softly. "Okay then that sounds fair" he smiled back and made his way back into the living room as Isla took off her shoes then made her way to the kitchen. Pulling out two mugs, flicking the kettle on, and popping a couple of spoonfuls of coffee in the cups with a sugar in each. When the coffee was made she retreated into the living room, placing Tony's cup on the coffee table that was littered with papers, pens, pads, books and folders.  Plonking down on the sofa opposite him, she took a sip of the coffee and sighed softly.  "Okay where do we start" she laughed pointing towards the stacks of papers. "Well there's different medications for different things, of course there is, but it's remembering what medication is needed for what condition/illness that sort of thing because some do the same as others" he said throwing his hands in the air. "It should be so simple to learn but I'm having so much trouble" he exclaimed. "It's okay, take a minute to calm down, start from where you left off" Isla smiled giving him words of encouragement.  "Okay so the last one I was on was Oramorph" he said picking up his pad and pointed to it with his pen. "Oramorph is a liquid pain killer, usually started at 5mls and upped if necessary, it is usually used if liquid paracetamol doesn't do anything to ease the pain" Isla stated, reading from a book. "Hmm" Tony said writing it down. That was how it was for the next 3 hours, many cups of coffee later and Tony had finally finished that module.  "Thank you so much for your help" he said smiling softly.  "You're welcome, anything for a friend. Now make sure you have something to eat, no more coursework just relax, get a nice hot shower and a good nights sleep" Isla said putting on her motherly tone of voice. "Okay I will do, thank you again, I don't think I could have done that without you" he blushes slightly running the back of his neck. "Again you're welcome, text me when you need me, I'll always be here" she said pulling him into a gentle hug. He hugged back just as gently. They soon parted, after saying their goodbyes Isla got into her car and made her way home.   Sorting out everything she needed for a shower, she stripped her clothes off and stared at herself in the full length mirror in the bathroom. She had put on a bit more weight, her hips were wider, bust a little bigger, stomach sagging a bit more, stretch marks started to form on her hips, under her arms, and on the back of her thighs. The people at work had noticed and started to call her out on it. It didn't bother her to start with, she just ignored it. That was until she started getting notes left on her desk in the mornings, as time went on the notes got nastier, more threatening. A majority of the notes that were left every week were telling her to commit suicide because she wasn't even work the ink that was written on the paper, that because she was getting slightly larger that she was stealing air for two.    Hanging her head in shame she stepped into the shower, closing the door behind her and sat down staring at the wall. Eventually she stood up and washed her now chubby body, grabbing the razor she shaved her body, apart from her arms, eyebrows and hair. 'Better to look like a clean fat person right?' She thought to herself. She nicked herself shaving, hissing as is started to sting, she tried to push the feeling away, tried to control it but it took her like a hurricane, looking at her arms she sighed, one more wouldn't hurt right...? One more to add to the collection, no one would notice would they...? It helped her. It always made her feel better. It took the internal pain away. Gently pressing the razor to her skin she dragged it in horizontal line, hissing again as the sting hit her, watching the Crimson liquid rise to the surface, spilling over the edges and mixing with the now cold water, she watched as the blood dropped down the drain. Pulling herself together she stepped out of the shower, dried herself off, got into another one of Zoro's shirts and headed to her room.    Putting on her bedside lamp she grabbed her hair brush and sat down on the floor in front of her full length mirror. Running the brush through her damp hair she stared at her face in the mirror, hateful of the reflection she saw. She finished brushing her hair and laid the brush gently on the ground. Looking into the mirror staring into her own dead, dull, baron eyes. Rising from the floor she made her way over to her bed, picking up the picture of herself and Zoro. Running her fingers lightly over the picture, she placed it back onto the bedside table. Crawling into her bed and resting her head on the pillow she looked at her arms, "I wear a smile on my face but there's a demon inside" she said into the empty darkness of her room. "Just like Jekyll and Hyde" she sang softly to herself. Turning to lay on her side, she fell into a deep dreamless sleep.   Sunlight poured into the room the next morning, feeling stiff Isla stretched her body from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes. A soft grunt of appreciation left her lips as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, pulling back her covers she swung her legs over the bed and stood up. She made her way downstairs, made herself a cup of coffee, grabbed her pack of cigarettes from the counter and stepped outside into her back garden. Settling herself down on a chair next to the door she sipped at her coffee and pulled out a cigarette from the pack and a lighter from her pocket. Placing the cigarette between her lips, she sighed lightly as she lit her tobacco and inhaled one long drag. Parting her lips slightly she exhaled slowly, blowing the excess smoke into the air around her. She giggled to herself as she watched the smoke curl into strange shapes before being carried away on the slight and warm breeze.   'Another unhealthy habit for my unhealthy body' she thought grimly to herself. After a few more long drags she stubbed out the now finished cigarette, popping it into the ashtray on the little table next to her. She had started smoking before the scarification, it had become a nasty habit, it was addictive just like the cutting. Picking up her coffee from the table she took a few more swigs whilst heading back inside. Dropping her cup into the sink, she plugged her phone onto her little sound system, picked some music, grabbed her cleaning supplies. She was dancing round to abit of Skrillex, Rock 'n' Roll (will take you to the mountains) singing loudly, feeling carefree, whilst she cleaned her house from top to bottom, it was something to destress her, the nasty thoughts never lingered long enough to bring her down.    Once Isla got the cleaning done she smiled at her handy work, the house smelt like fresh linen. Opening the fridge she pulled out a bottle of Coca Cola (the glass ones with the bottle caps). What she failed to notice was the figure that had stepped through her front door silently, making their way towards the back of the house, towards the sound of curses coming from the kitchen as she slammed another draw shut.   Eventually finding the bottle opener she popped off the lid and took a long hard swig from the cola. The figure moved into the doorway and chuckled softly. Frightened she dropped the bottle onto the floor shards of glass scattering across the titles. She spun slowly on her heels holding her breath, eyes wide with fear. The sound that left her lips would make the heavens weep. Sprinting towards Zoro she jumped at him and nearly knocked him down although he caught her with ease as she buried her face into his neck, long heavy sobs wracked through her body as she clung to him for dear life, frightened that if she were to loosen her grip he would disappear again. One hand wrapped around her lower back as the other found its way to her hair holding her just as close and gripping just as tight. He nuzzled his face into her neck as soft silent tears trickled down his cheeks, inhaling her scent deeply and hugging her tighter to him. After a few moments she moved slightly so she could look at his face, the one that vanished from her life. Carrying her into the living room he sat down on the sofa with her now straddling his waist.   Hitting him firmly on the chest a few times she cried harder, body shaking violently, she dropped her head as her hair covered her face. "Why?" She managed to choke out. "Because I had to" he whispered. "Two years, two fucking years Zoro, when I got home from work I panicked, I called everyone and no one else had seen you, you worried us all, we sent out search parties and everything. For about 6 months I didn't eat properly, didn't sleep properly, I cried myself to sleep so many nights, hoping you would come home. Nothing, it hurt so much, oh god did it hurt. After about 7 months I just assumed you were dead and that hurt more than you walking away. You've put me through fucking hell and you expect to just waltz back in here like you're coming home from work, my god I fucking hate you right now" she whimpered smacking his chest again. "I am so sorry," he grabbed her chin to make her look up at him. He wiped the tears away from her cheeks with his thumb as tears breamed in his eye.    This time she got a good look at him, his forest green coloured hair had grown slightly, his viridian eye shone softly in the dim slight of the living room, he was sporting a long scar over his left eye. He still wore his signature three golden earrings, he had bulked up in muscle and was slightly tanned compared to the usual Ivory colour of his skin. He was still a beautiful specimen.    He looked back at her gazing over her face and body, her hair was now bordering a white colour from the platinum it used to be, where her hair had grown it sat the the base of her back, her hazel eyes still held the same ferocity they usually did but the dark bags under her eyes told a very different story. She had put on a bit of weight defiantly in her legs, bottom, arms, stomach and bust but still had the same curvy waist. His gaze shifted to her bare forearms, scars littered and marred her skin, some deeper than others, the one towards the crook of her elbow longer than those towards her wrists, straight lines, some crisscrossing.   "What are these" he asked chocking up, pulling her arms up to his face for closer inspection. "When you first left I was so worried, I was barely sleeping, maybe getting 2 hours of sleep a night tops, so in them hours that I was awake I ate, I found comfort in food, so I started to eat and eat and eat until I was having 2 dinners and a dessert and not feel full at all. As I starting gaining weight work life got harder, everybody started staring and saying horrible things, it didn't phase me to start with, I just ignored it. As time went on it got worse, I was getting e-mails, phone calls, texts, notes left on my desk, things chucked at me across the office, walking down the street things were shouted across the road to me, the more insults I received the nastier they got, the first note I had was 'you've gained a bit of weight haven't you' and that last one I got was 'maybe you should put down them chocolate bars and cakes and do something worth while, like hanging yourself, you fat piece of unwanted shit, then again you would probably break the beam instead. You are a useless waste of space, you're not even worth the same air I breathe. Go fuck yourself'. So every time I looked in the mirror I saw a fat, piece of useless shit, the voices in my head used to tell me to do this, so I did, it made life bearable, eased the pain, sedated the voices for a time" she whimpered.  "I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you do this, this shouldn't have happened" he managed to force out the words as a soft sob left him. Bringing her forearms to his lips he kissed every one individually, starting from her wrist up to the crook of her elbow and onto the other arm and back down, Then running his hand up her back, he nestled his hand in her hair and gently pulled her to him, his lips gently ghosting over hers as his warm breath fanned across her face, sending shivers down her spine closing her eyes she inhaled deeply. Gently bringing his lips to hers it sent electric shocks through the both of them. Pulling apart for air they rested their foreheads together.   "Are you wearing my shirt" he chuckled pulling at the fabric covering her body. "Yes" she whispered. "I have been wearing your shirts since the day you left" she blushed a bright shade of red and hung her head in shame. "I couldn't bring myself to chuck anything, your room has stayed the same" she lightly laughed. "I've missed you so much" he spoke softly. "I thought about you everyday, every night, the thought of you comforted me through the hard times, I left because I fell in love with you and I've never felt this before, it frightened me to no end, I didn't know how to deal with it. So I decided it would be best for me to run, it wasn't the best idea but I never stopped loving you, it actually made it worse." He explained. "And i still love you, I have never stopped and never will stop, I don't care if I have to venture to the center of the earth, swim a thousand oceans, fly to Saturn's moons, if you will let me I will show you how much I need you. I will love you till the end of earth and more" he whispered huskily, his deep voice sending goosebumps across her body. "I love you too" she giggled as she rubbed her nose against his. "Why didn't you tell me that you silly marimo" she giggled again. "Because I was scared that you wouldn't feel the same and I didn't want to ruin our friendship" he nuzzled his face into her neck again.  "You wouldn't have ruined it.. I promise" Isla giggled. Gently massaging his scalp. She had just reminded herself that she had the broken beer bottle to clean up. Jumping up off of his lap she made her way back into the kitchen.   "Hey where are you going" Zoro called. "I'm sorry, I have to clean up the mess in the kitchen before it becomes sticky" she shouted back. Raising an eyebrow, Zoro got off the sofa and headed to the kitchen. He found Isla facing away from him, on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. Zoro let out a shaky breath as he watched the scene before him, his top had ridden up showing off her black lacy underwear, her huge round ass that was pushed up slightly because of the angle she was at and the natural curvature of her spin, her thighs were pushed together, it took the shape of a heart. Picking up the last bits of glass Isla stood and popped them in the bin, she turned to look at Zoro who was now crimson  In colour. "What..?" She said shrugging. Zoro approached her slowly, his gaze darkened as a devilish smirk pulled at the corner of his lips. Isla stepped back warily, her back hit the counter and she had no way of escape as Zoro continued to stalk towards her. Closing the distance between them he captured her between him and the counter, placing his arms either side pinning her in, he loomed over her small frame, bringing his lips to her ear. "You think you are fat and ugly don't you" he asked as his deep voice rumbled through her. Isla just stared at him, eyes wide as saucers and she nodded slightly. "Well I think you are extremely attractive" he whispered to her, running one hand very lightly up her outer thigh. Isla took a sharp intake of breath and held it as his hand grazed the top of her thigh and gently slid underneath the band of her underwear.  Suddenly he grabbed ahold on the back of her thighs, hauling her up to sit on the counter. Spreading her legs apart he nestled himself between them.  "Everything about you is alluring, your tiny feet and toes, your calfs, your thighs, your derrière" running his hands up her legs softly and proceeded to make their way up under her shirt. "Your hips, the curve of your waist" his hands slid higher. Isla wasn't going to stop him because his warm calloused hands felt like fire, she was blushing hard as a warm tingly sensation flooded her skin, and a knot started to build in her lower abdomen. "Your rack" he snickered as he gently groped at her bust, feeling her nipples harden underneath his hand. Her head fell back and her jaw slacked as she let out a soft moan. She felt her skin prickle at the new sensation, slight throbbing between her legs. Zoro growled softly as he leant down and bit into the junction between her neck and shoulder, a louder moan erupted from her throat. Feeling his own need rising, it pressed into her thigh.  "Oh the things I want to do to you kitten, things that would make dear Christian Grey blush" he breathed huskily into her ear. "Shall we take this upstairs" he whispered.
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